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  1. Depending on where you live, it may be cheaper to fly into Richmond. The closest airport to Busch is actually Newport News, but it's a smaller airport. I know JetBlue flies to Richmond, and it's usually pretty cheap.
  2. I have been obsessed with DISCO by Kylie Minogue. I found it amazing that she not only recorded the entire project during lockdown, but she also taught herself how to engineer her own vocals and did so at her home studio. As a musician, I know how difficult it can be in the studio, so I applaud her for not only taking the initiative but also succeeding so well. And she did a live concert of most of the music from a studio in London. It streamed twice online, and the 2nd time they had a documentary about the making of the special. All of the dancers were kept 6 feet apart unless they were already living together as couples. They ended up having about 12 dancers, 6 of which were couples (male/female, male/male and female/female). It was so cool! Really hoping for a tour when all of this is over!
  3. I think they just need to change people's mindsets about visiting parks in the off season. When I lived and worked in Japan, most parks were open year round. I remember riding coasters at Expoland on my birthday (Jan 14th) with snow on the ground! And Knotts did show everyone how to run successful events with just food and shopping. Hoping for success and a brighter future for all of us!
  4. Hmmm. As someone who worked full time at the park 1994-97, this seems strange. The weather in Virginia in Jan-March can be iffy. Kids are in school. People just don't travel during those months for vacation. And we had a really hard time getting casts for our shows in the early part of the season. I know a lot has changed since my days working there, and I wish them the best. Just not sure how successful they will be in getting a crowd for those cold dreary winter days.
  5. I saw it yesterday during the daytime and night. It is beautiful and gives me hope for the future of Epcot. If they continue to "plus" the park with nods to the past, the park will be great all around. Next stop: Journey Into Imagination! I can dream, can't I?
  6. Well....first I am hoping and praying to return to my dream job of playing piano at WDW, a job I held for 21+ years. If that happens (hopefully spring-ish), here are my plans: IDEAL: CoasterStock at KI in May. I planned on going last year but...well...you know. CoasterMania! at Cedar Point in early June. Already booked my Breaker's Hotel room! Fingers crossed Denver in mid June to graduate with my master's degree from Univ. of Denver. And since I'm there, Lakeside, Elitchs (if it's still open) and MAYBE a trip up to Lagoon before flying back home. Virginia maybe July-ish. Need to get to BGW and KD to ride their new stuff! Cleveland in August for my nephew's wedding. Which means more CP (I do have a Platinum Pass!) October Knott's Scary Farm/Disneyland REALITY Putting it out there for the universe to hear me! Make it happen! AND WEAR A F*CKING MASK!!!!!!!!
  7. Interesting how Cedar Point has so many on site hotels to encourage guests to extend their vacations, and yet Kings Island closed their own hotel years ago. Why won't they build another one? Knotts has a hotel, and even Carowinds built a new one a few years back. It just makes no sense why they would not want to capitalize on their guests. These cabins are a nice start, but they really need a full hotel with on site restaurants.
  8. NOTE: you cannot get ROTR reservations unless DHS is the primary/first park you visit when park hopping. Not sure if this is new, but Disney did clarify this. Makes sense. And I assume there will be a 2pm exodus from DHS if you don't get in the 2nd group of riders for the day.
  9. Glad we got a video, but I have a pet peeve. It's 2020. This footage should be in 4K or at the least 1080p. OR....they should have hired Robb to shoot it!
  10. From Busch Gardens twitter feed The POV of Iron Gwazi: The people have spoken. It’s coming................. soon.
  11. After 21 years as a musician, I was also terminated via email. Not sure how much a difference it will make, but if you miss LIVE entertainment, feel free to email WDW at wdw.guest.communications@disneyworld.com guest.services@disneyworld.com
  12. Weekdays in the fall are usually good. Avoid the parks during the holidays, especially Christmas week. Also, winter tends to be not too bad but make sure it's not a holiday weekend (MLK day, etc)
  13. Looks awesome! Thanks Robb for what was surely a monumental and thankless job! I thank you!
  14. Was the line really this long or is it a mistake on the board? I don't think I've seen a line number that long since USJ's Flying Dinosaur. No. That was just a test of the monitor. It never had the time listed. I think it said "At Capacity" or "By Reservation Only."
  15. I went on Friday for Premier Passholder preview day. Had 2pm reservations. Waited about 45 minutes for Tooth Fairy since they stopped the line for about 20-25 minutes for a cast changeover. Since this was the first day, I imagine they will figure out a better way to keep the attraction open and the line moving. The whole house felt like a typical HHN house with sets, sound, lights, and scare-actors. The only differences were the plexiglass dividers in front of each scene and the attendants with their red wands insuring people keeping their distance. I really like this house and its concept. Got out of the house at 2:55pm and ran to Bride of Frankenstein. Another 45 minute wait with about 15 minutes of not moving. This queue is brutal since it's on the Hollywood Bowl lawn with zero shade. People are asking for shade, but I don't know how they will accomplish this over such a huge area. The house itself was good, very gothic. Lots of monsters from the Universal era which was also a nice nod to the past. Overall it felt like a solid attempt at doing a house in these "unprecedented" times. A few other observations: The Scarecrow Stalk was GREAT! A really nice color map of the park with 13 locations, very easy to find. And the various skeletons and scarecrows were awesome and fit into the theme of the shop in which they resided. AND you get a bag of candy at the end! A few food trucks set up selling Twisted Taters and other typical HHN fare. I am assuming they will extend it since both parks closed to capacity this weekend, and the houses were all full by the first hour on the virtual queue system. The tribute store is awesome. Such a nice level of detail was created, and the bonus rooms make you wonder how much space they have in some of these fake store fronts! Enjoy the pics! The Spongebob Skeleton Men in Black Fast and Furious The Mummy Some cool shots of HRRR can be had from the Tooth Fairy queue Backstage shot of Hogwarts Express Brutally HOT!
  16. I've been to the park a few times since COVID 19 and it was NEVER this crowded. I think a couple of factors came together: 1) Orange County schools starting on Monday 2) Perfect weather (although HOT but no rain) 3) People just tired of staying at home 4) Disney parks severely limiting attendance 5) New pay one day get the rest of year free pass 6) All Premier passholders can bring a friend for free AND express pass after 2pm 7) No reservations needed so no cap on amount of people in parks 8) Several BIG rides not running (Hagrids, Gringotts) and more closed (Fast & Furious, spinners at both parks) Put it all together and you get a clusterf*ck!
  17. Sorry for the double post! Tried to delete but no luck! Enjoy the REAL post below!
  18. If they need any help in selling out Howl-O-Scream, just add Iron Gwazi as only available during the event nights. I know tons of people who would gladly pay $24 for a chance to ride it!
  19. Quick trip report Went today, Saturday August 15, 2020, and the place was MOBBED. I realize there is limited capacity, but I have not seen the park this crowded since the holidays. Lines for everything averaged 60+ minutes, and both Hagrids and Gringotts were down. Add onto that the temporary closures of Fast and Furious, Poseidon, and some other rides, and you got limited options. I did a quick loop and left without riding anything. Yeah. And this was at about 1pm. Representing CP at UO! See? Check out those wait times Yikes HARD pass When have you seen an 80 minute wait for the train?
  20. I only rode Skyrush once its opening year. Painful. Beyond painful since I have big quads. The sitting on the brake run at the end was pretty much the worst moment I have ever had on a coaster. I could feel the blood clots starting. Why oh why did they design these lap bars so horribly? I've been on tons of other Intamins with no problems whatsoever. Has it gotten any better? I really will probably never ride it again if they haven't modified their restraints.
  21. I hope for the best, but after visiting this park a few weeks ago and seeing the majority of people not wearing masks, I have my concerns. Not to mention it will be at night and there will be no way for team members to enforce the mask policy. Again...hoping for the best, but people have shown how selfish and stupid they can be and continue to be.
  22. So, it's kind of impossible to shoot a POV on a ride that has not even opened.
  23. Hmm...I am sure to cause some controversy, but here's my list purely based on re-rideability: 1) Steel Vengeance 2) Millenium Force 3) Dragster 4) Gemini (it's just fun!) 5) Valravn 6) Mine Ride 7) Gatekeeper 8) Maverick (sue me) 9) Corkscrew 10) Wicked Twister 11) Blue Streak 12) Corkscrew 13) Iron Dragon 14) Rogarou 15) Raptor
  24. From the SFGADv Website: Jersey Devil Coaster to Debut in 2021 The world’s tallest, fastest and longest single rail coaster, Jersey Devil Coaster, will not open this year. Due to the pandemic, most construction projects were delayed or halted all together. For this reason, Six Flags is making plans to debut Jersey Devil Coaster in 2021. We look forward to sharing more construction updates as we complete this record-breaking scream machine.
  25. I've been to Universal twice and both times everyone wore a mask. There are signs everywhere, and people just seem more willing to obey the rules. My one visit to Sea World last week was a different story. Saw a few groups of people either wearing it wrong or just taking it off completely since they felt they were away from people. So selfish and stupid.
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