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  1. Yeah, the Free for passholders is a no-brainer (unlike when they tried to charge passholders for the Coaster Power Hours last year), but the non-passholder price is flat out ridiculous. Elissa, I didn't see where the upcharge attractions were going to be free? If that is the case, then yeah the price makes sense.
  2. https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/events/scream-break It's $40+fees for night time only. Again, 3 HOURS. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah.
  3. Yeah. Though nothing has been announced, the prevailing theory (based on that site as well as the hours posted in the calendar) is that they're going to a "separately gated event" model like Carowinds or the Universal Parks.
  4. Okay. Pretty sure this could go in the SF Corporate Thread, if anywhere?
  5. Well, it was possibly the worst coaster I've ever ridden when I went on it last year, so any improvement is welcome. That said, wasn't it literally just closed for like five years for "complete retracking" in 2016/2017?
  6. If I had kids, I think I'd prefer this to the Skyline racing coasters going to the other parks. This does not leave me with any worries about consistent operations; those do.
  7. Hey now, the new restaurant on the beach could be really good? And they might announce something about Dragster during the season, you never know haha.
  8. @Haymaker You will have a PM in a few minutes demonstrating our point; not trying to clutter the thread with off-topic-ness. I expect a public apology to Bert and myself.
  9. I predict it will be "the carousel renovation completion has been pushed back to 2025."
  10. Maybe the Dragster renovations are why Forbidden Frontier had to close...thinking expansion of the layout. LOL. In all seriousness, if it means I don't have to walk longer to get to Blood on the Bayou than it took to walk through it, no complaints from me.
  11. My friend, it's 2023. Trying to defending bigots is not a good look for anyone.
  12. Disappointing, but anticipated given that all of the other CF parks have done away with their custom Mac-n-Cheese places. And good riddance to Hate Chicken.
  13. I would not describe the Vekoma vest restraints (which is what this is) as anything even close to "comfort collars." It's nearly identical to B&Ms vest system, so whatever your opinion of those is, you'll probably have the same opinion of these. Personally, I love them....especially on something like a boomerang where head-banging is normally the name of the game.
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