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  1. Six Flages New England. Back in 1998, went there for a day. When we bought an ice cream at 11am, the cost was $2. We hand the cashier a 20 and she proceeds to give us 18 ones!! We were probably her first customer, but GEEZ! Iguess they never heards of 5's or 10's. Also, LOVED how all of the coasters ran just one train even with the big crowds. So, 1 to 1 1/2 hour waits for everything. Luckily, left there and went to Lake Quassy for a FUN afternoon and then Lake Compounce for a GREAT evening. It made up for the lame time at SFNE.
  2. Yes, if you stay at any Disney resort from the budget All Star and Pop Century to the pricey Grand Floridian and Wilderness Lodge, you get the same on site privileges. As a cast member, I will echo the sentiment that Spring Break time is the most busy time next to the week between Christmas and New Year's EPCOT on Tuesday had 100 minute waits for Test Track with all fast passes gone by 11am. If you can swing it, the best time is May, October, and the weeks between Thanksgiving and a week before Christmas.
  3. Went to the 1984 ACE Convention at Crystal Beach. Got to ride the Comet about 50 times.
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