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  1. I do miss the collection of coasters --- and if people have a bad experience on the site they have every right to criticize it, especially if their work has been judged harshly. If you give it, you better be willing to take it. Something tells me Hansixx was being called out? No? Incredible coasters, but I think he did make fun of people for using 3DS. I didn't upload anything because I didn't have any good tools. Still would like to invest in them. Oh well -- MY beef with the site was that my login wouldn't work, they wouldn't answer back -- it was a very oversensitive login proc
  2. Yaaay! This is how I feel too. MIB is nice, but this is so much better.
  3. Robb, Please, please don't compare this to Monster's Inc.! I have my beef with Disney, I think there is really no decent leadership at the company, but its a step above monster's inc. it really is. I went in thinking this ride was going to suuuuuuck. I'm surprised at how addictive it is. I can't wait for it to soft open and hit the single rider queue. Will I loose interest? Of course. Its like a video game. Eventually, you need to buy/play new ones. Of course, because its a competitive game, it should attract a certain ilk. I guess I've resolved myself not to expect to
  4. ^Anything funded by the OLC probably will kick arse (although our tower is awesome-r!!!) As the videographer of this youtube video, and having ridden it half a dozen times, let me just say this: its addicting. And believe me, I have problems with the ride, but it ain't in where most people are complaining oddly enough. Robb, you are right, it is something you can play with a Wii. And as a huge fan of Wii Sports, I can definitely say that its very much like the shooting range game. That said, the graphics and design are very 'pixar' in quality (read: good) and have a degree of inter
  5. HD footage of the fire and the podcast version is up. Subscribe for the fun kids (file too large for this site). edit: use www link below
  6. ^^Not even worth a thread? Hmm....first major fire on Disney Property ever, and during a drought and it isn't contained. If its not worth a thread, its not worth a reply then is it? p.s. regarding the poll: not everything is serious, gawd forbid.
  7. And Its not like people at Epcot couldn't see this: From the parking lot:
  8. Keep in mind this was started an hour before park close -- so I'm sure they weren't too worried. Tropical storms do create wind.
  9. Major fire started by a car fire north of Epcot's parking lot and monorail line this evening at 8:00. This is not the fire at the intersection of 192 and the new toll road which has affected AK for a few days now. Some say there was also lightning involved (?!) Pics: View from Contemporary. View from Swan View from Dolphin For more images go to: Disney Fire Fotos I have footage from Contemporary, Swan and Dolphin coming up on my podcast soon.
  10. Alright, bandwidth back on, downloading is available again -- Also, re encoded the Splash Mountain HD video -- the file size is just a little smaller, but it runs a LOT more smoothly on a slower CPU. J. DisneyHD
  11. ahhh, that might explain an added surge in activity. Thanks for the compliments. Might have to libsyn soon.
  12. I DID get hit! My glasses were totally wet, I had to aim the lens down -- the rest of the camera got nice and wet! My first Splash was Disneyland -- right when they added the seperators (not when they widened the back). Both are great rides.
  13. Thanks very much for the compliments Paul -- if its any consolation -- Disneyland's is a bit different?
  14. Glad you liked it. Expect something once a month, and next year more from Disney resorts around the world. J.
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