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  1. I always regarded the current StR as just a big kiddie ride, quite the snoozefest that ironically lacks any rapids to shoot. So I was surprised to learn that this ride was capable of injuring anyone.
  2. Can't say I have been on many of them. But I will always have fond memories of CP's trains which have always been real coal burning steam locomotives. Although the experience was somewhat better in its older days when the park had much more woodland, now mostly gone to make way for all the big modern rides. And the whistle heard throughout the park has become the park's signature sound.
  3. Well maybe I should have rephrased that. Putting the same new rides into two popular parks within the same state gives people in that state less reason to visit both parks to see the new ride. In Ohio, years ago when CP and KI were owned seperately, they would each get new big rides every year, or every other year. People here would visit both parks to primarily ride the new rides (along with the old ones the've already rode many times). No reason to visit both parks when the new rides are the same; unless you just want to go to ride all their old rides at both again. But new rides are typically what keeps the crowds coming to parks. Anyway, I was not trying to be an alarmist. Was just saying I do not want CF to make that a trend.
  4. Being in central Ohio, it was very obvious when the too biggest theme parks in the state got the same ride in the same year. Imagine if Cedar Fair continues doing stuff like that. What point would there be to visit both CP and KI when they would be essentially the same park. Yes I know the Space Spiral type towers were common decades ago. Although CP's was a bit taller than most others. But in terms of discussing an observation tower replacement, I would wish for something more unique.
  5. But Windseeker is too generic. Cedar Fair in all their wisdom thought it was a good idea to buy them in bulk and install them in all their parks. CP deserves features that are more unique.
  6. At first I was sad to see that Space Spiral is being removed. It has been part of the CP skyline for longer than I have been alive (trust me, that's a long time). But I came to realize that for awhile now it has been dwarfed by coasters and other rides taller than it for many years now. Although I wish CP would eventually replace it with a new observation tower that once again dominates its skyline. The peninsula craves for that. It would need to be at least 500 ft tall or else it would not be worth doing. Eh, it will never happen anyway. Good move getting rid of DT. Never did like that kiddie ride in disguise. It has been a waste of prime real estate ever since it began as Avalanche Run. Now if they only get rid of the biggest waste of space. . . Mean Streak. Or give it the Texas Giant treatment.
  7. Great pics, as always. I don't understand the point in the new Shoot the Rapids. Where are the rapids? I recall the original STR before it was replaced by the also retired White Water Landing (yes, I'm that old) and it actually had rapids to shoot in the flumes. This new STR looks basically the same concept of Snake River Falls only slightly longer with 2 lifts instead of 1.
  8. My first NL coaster was also called Stalker, but it was steel. Although it got slaughtered by the few who downloaded it from CS. It was a NL noob experience for me. Ah, the memories.
  9. Showing my age, I remember when CP had another sky ride to Frontiertown.
  10. Charles Trippy and Alli bring their vloggity vlog to CP with another one of his interactive videos. (For those who don't know, Trippy is one of YouTubes more popular vloggers.) He's captured some great PoVs. Good stuff here.
  11. But when you are forced to say at least a couple sentences about BT, A, and O with 20% (or whatever the exact policy was) of coasters you download, after awhile it got impossible to say anything original and meaningful. For BT, people just automatically thought "hmmm, now how can I sound technical. I know! Your coaster was pumpy. I'm such a helpful coaster genious!" Or with O "I've seen many wooden coasters here before, so it's not too original." WTF? Yet people were allowed to post that kind of crap all the time and get by with it. If you question it, the mods let it slide.
  12. At least NLDC had the courtesy of notifying people, unlike most other websites that go bust.
  13. Lots of balsa wood, some wood glue, and an infinite amount of patience. I once used tiny white cylinder plastic beads as footers, glued the balsa "timbers" to them, and they worked out perfectly. Never did finish the coaster, I got the lift hill complete and part of the second hill. I just didn't have the meticulous patience.
  14. It's really crappy how they don't even say it's closed on their official website. Is it really that hard for them to update it with a quick message saying "sorry folks, SOB is closed." Instead, people travel to the park and spend full price admission thinking they will get to ride it. I hope a bunch of people go all Griswald on the park.
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