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  1. The last one, thats the kind of stuff that cracks me up. who actually does that? My dad loves to point out all the stupid things that happen in infomercials. Used be a perk of living at home back in the day. But also, why do I need to put my hand directly onto a burner? I get it, its pretty fire resistent. Show me a real life application, lol.
  2. Oh wow, thought he was a solid actor. 54 is too young, especially because he looked like he had continued to keep himself in great shape.
  3. Park was empty today! Great day. Bringing home two loaves of cinnamon bread. Great day i must say.
  4. Quick question because i don't remember. Backpacks, does dollywood have a bin for each ride? I remember that TT does but cant remember if TH does and does Wild Eagle have a place as well?
  5. Thank ya much. Hitting that up then heading to Myrtle Beach for R & R. And some golf. And probably tomfoolery on the strip.
  6. And as inexpensive as QBots are at Dollywood, it's never a waste of money. I expected it to be more, but that is actually a great idea. And just so Im ready for exactly how it works since Im only used to Disneys FastPass and CF's FastLane... I assume it has multiple uses. Queues us for later in the day, all 3-4 of us depending which one we get. Do we get to choose our row/seats? Or is there some designated row we use? And the Advert on the side of my screen is from Cars.com telling me there is a Porsche Carrera GT for the low price of only 375,000. Or a Mayback Type 62 for 349,995. Interesting.
  7. Heading to Dollywood this Saturday. Any idea what kind of crowds to expect? Has school started to hopefully keep some of them home? Would Q2Q be advantageous this time of year? Or waste of money?
  8. Few shots from the Pirelli World Challenge at Mid Ohio Sportscar Course. They ran the same weekend as the American LeMans series that I went to go watch. These guys are always entertaining to watch.
  9. I really think this will be one of my favourite rides in the park. Im going to Dollywood here end of the month so Ill have something to look forward to. I really only go for Maverick, Raptor, Magnum and some of the flats. Im sure Maverick will always have a big line, its a fan favourite when I ask random people after the ride. Despite it being "Rough", people still love its intensity. I think the wingrider sensation coupled with the decent ride time and double keyhole elements will keep this one popular. I also think itll provide a very fun experience. I am eagerly awaiting this ride. Cedar Point needed something solid and reliable. This should fit that billing. And it also happens to be absolutely gorgeous as well, which always make viewing that much better.
  10. You are correct. Yea, I liked that too. But im an aquarium nut anyways.
  11. Yea, the placement of it is entirely due to timing. Theres a formula when it comes to determining optimal placement with regards to dispatch, how long it takes to get up the lift and how long it takes to traverse that first part of the track. Would it be better with a longer ending? Sure. I could re-arrange Voyage which I feel personally is almost perfect and add something to it. But for what it is, I think its going to be great. It will be INSANELY photogenic with that scheme. I cannot wait to get my camera to feast its lens on it.
  12. It doesnt go over the parking lot. Only the supports do. Its not a parking lot coaster if its all over grass, unless there will be parking there. Frontier Trail needs Mean Streak to be destroyed and GCI/TGG to be installed or RMC'd. Until then, not even Maverick can haul in enough people back there. Everyone congregates there and swiftly moves back to the middle/front of the park. Im sure in due time (next capital investment) will be back there. Maybe (hopefully) dealing with that waste of space called Mean Streak. Terrible ridership anyways. ^ Track does NOT go over the lot. Goes over a path connecting the lot to the park. Of which Im sure will be employee only or will be more covered. If thats your definition of parking lot coaster you are reaching really far for that.
  13. 170 sounds about right. It looks pretty close to Wicked Twister. You do know that WT is 215ft tall right? Not sure what 170 would have to do with WT... Oh, this looks FANTASTIC. What another GREAT centerpiece for the parks entrance. Raptor and Gatekeeper. I might just go back and forth between the two.
  14. So, kinda fun. This photo below which I posted on the last page, I posted to Canon's Facebook page just to show it off, I thought it was a pretty stellar shot myself. Well, Canon on Friday posted it on their main wall for all to see as the "Fan Photo of the Week". I was at the Mid Ohio American LeMans race Fri-Sun and I was super stoked the whole weekend because of it. Just a little bit of bragging. Its really cool when you get noticed on a decently sized stage.
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