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  1. So this is the first time I've posted for over a year, so a good way to get into the flow again! By posting a PTR of my epic trip to Yarmouth! The pics are bad quality because Facebook compressed them to bad levels. So the journey started around quarter past 7 when I walked to the bus stop in Trent Park to find that the bus didn't come until 8am. So had to walk Snakes Lane which is a pain, but good wake up call! Headed into Tesco Express got some money and some bits and headed for the station. So I was heading to Cockfosters which is where I was being picked up, it takes 20 mins
  2. Anyone think this is Alton's 'World First' in 2010? A Launched wooden coaster?
  3. What do you mean? I thought the fire at Thorpe Park was caused by cigarettes. I dunno about Thorpe, just was a bit fishy how a fire destroyed a section of the park just big enough for a B&M was a bit fishy. But anyway, the ride appears to have been destroyed by the fire.
  4. The fire surronding the roller coaster is very suspicious. Especially since the Historic Theme Park had just been approved to go there, which beat the plan to demolish the area for a residential development. Me thinks they are behind all this. If so its like what happened in Camden and Thorpe Park.
  5. Sad to see it go, but ZacSpin anyone Seems a good size footprint for one of the more insane layouts, plus it would look very abstract on the SFMM skyline.
  6. Well the Brer Rabbit ride could be up for refurbishment soon with the famous bunny mascot being axed. Could be replaced by the new mascot, Cyril The Squirell.
  7. Nice trip report, glad you liked Oakwood. What did you think of Megafobia (with an 'f'! ) The food in Oakwood is alright, its getting better, but its what you get in a theme park thats not well known.
  8. So its the start of the season and in my hometown i heard that there are two new rides at the pier. So after handing in a job application into the Spinnaker Tower I proceeded to head to Clarence Pier, a short 20 minute walk. For those who don't know the Spinnaker Tower, its a 550ft Observation Tower which gives great views over the solent and south downs area. Looks like this: The struts in the arch were manufactured by Intamin AG, so could that count as a credit? After the 20 minute walk, the almighty sign greeted me to tell me im at Clarence Pier Ah the paint is still flaking
  9. My first trip to a park for 2007, not the best of places to go but hey 4 credits, im not saying no, well i spose not when my g/f is taking me as well.....(she's in for a horrible time ) first time out with the 'ol Digital SLR in a theme park So headed down there with my g/f Jody, her mum and brother. Twas a fun trip up from Chelmsford with her brother enlightening us with tunes from Weebls Stuff which i taught him before we left, like the lovely tune of Mango's and Badgers. So arriving at Southend and Jody is really excited to get to the park. So after a 20 minute walk from the par
  10. I would love to come to the Spain trip, i would be able to confirm when there is prices up. As then i can save torwards if need be. As i think around then im going to Donnington. Edit: I'm 18 in October so should be allowed
  11. Yes i think that would be a fantastic addition as its below the tree tops. I've heard recently what the park is adding in the coming years, and it won't dissapoint, as the marketing team say "you'll find unique rides in this park" and its true, all their rides are rare to find elsewhere in the UK. Like Kontiki, its a Zierer product. I've credited Paultons many times for having brilliant staff and brilliant rides. Shall have to drop me a line when you come down, as its not too far away from me to go.
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