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  1. So this is the first time I've posted for over a year, so a good way to get into the flow again! By posting a PTR of my epic trip to Yarmouth! The pics are bad quality because Facebook compressed them to bad levels. So the journey started around quarter past 7 when I walked to the bus stop in Trent Park to find that the bus didn't come until 8am. So had to walk Snakes Lane which is a pain, but good wake up call! Headed into Tesco Express got some money and some bits and headed for the station. So I was heading to Cockfosters which is where I was being picked up, it takes 20 mins to walk to, but getting the Tube took 4 mins, so I think being lazy was definatley the best idea! So after arriving and tapping out I went into the car park and saw Jordan and off we went! Journey was largely uneventful, except the large amount of roadkill, must of seen around 15 rabbits, 2 deer's, 5 foxes, 10 pheasants, or something like that! But we arrived in Great Yarmouth around half 10, so got there in just over 2 hours, which isn't too bad. So after we payed our parking ticket off we went to Pleasure Beach! Which was a good walk away. So we took in the sights of Yarmouth on the way. Wow never knew the Moulin Rouge was here! Well it was a indoor golf course we found out later, which played Crazy Frog. If your a Lizard/Reptile lover you can go to the Jungle Cafe and this place! Kinda over shadowed by the Sea Life Centre next door which we cited to visit because its on the 'ol Anal Pass! Next door to it is this nightclub (or what looked like) Looked like an old Aviary to me. Walking further down the promenade was the Model Village, I nearly died in excitment! Logo looks similar to PWH. So we arrived at Pleasure Beach, greeted by the lovely Log Flume Clever little structure, holding up all three lifts. So we walked up to the gates which were closed, and saw it opened at 12, so a bit deflated we walked back towards the Sea Life Centre as we think that could waste a bit of time. Hai Sara! So arriving at the Sea Life Centre we showed our Passes, and were greeted with a lovely 2 for 1 for Pleasurewood Hills voucher each (so if anyone wants one PM me). Off we went, we lol'd for ages over this fish, it kept coming to the surface! OMM NOMM NOMM!! Moving on into the next room we walked up onto the platform above and saw something exclusive!!!! OMFGZ Stingray the ride!!! Well we stood at this height for safety, didn't want to annoy it and end up like some Aussie. Then after going down the stairs was this beast! Which is a Japanese Spider Crab, which can grow to HUGE sizes. The tank was fun, it was so hot inside it you had to wipe the glass down to see inside. We then watched a fun demonstration about Crabs and how to hold them and crabs fighting, and the guy who did the talk had a joke which went down well with a chuckle and sigh. Moving on was a OCTOPUS, which was amazing, didn't get a picture as I was in awe! Moved onto the shark tank, which they had a Nurse sharks which were massive! Into the tunnel of making your eyes go funny. Boobs and Sharks, what more can go wrong!? Medusa statue was really good. Reminds me of a joke... "Sheila can you do conditioner?" "Not on your life!" *spot the reference* Kinda got boring after this, except for the rip-off Nemo tank which was kinda funny! The weird turtle that was trying to hard to get out the tank. OMG they had Axolotl!! I was amazed! Saw some scary looking Eels including a Moray Eel which frighten me! Then we got like attacked by these women selling us photos, which we refused but they went for the throat with it, by printing it off before we got to them! Scary! Then Jordan was amazed by the Octopus toys, but I couldn't help wonder why the animals looked so dozed and stoned So after letting our eyes burn after walking into the bright sunshine we walked up towards Joyland to see if luck was on our side and it opened earlier. But no, 12 was the opening time, so had around 40 mins to kill. We walked up the pier which was there. Yarmouth beach, suprisingly sandy, and Joyland in the distance. DONKEH!! Which was really sweet I think. After walking to the ghetto end of the pier with the most bizzare Kiddie Log Flume ride we went and sat down nearby and had a breather. After talking about South Park and The Apprentice we moved on to Joyland. Got in, paid £3 for 3 tokens as thats all we'd need for the rides. First up is the Snails Ride! Its definatley a credit in my view! It coasts downhill! Moving around is the big coaster in the park! I think its really well built into the themeing! Had a bit of faff in the station. Jordan looks ever so excited! Its a credit! Woooo, shameful but fun! Only ones on the ride and off we go! Whooosh on our second go, and wondering what that operator is doing.... Moving around to Tyrolean Tub-Twisters! Which is an awesome name if you ask me! Paid our token and hopped into the tub, had a little RCT tribute to the ride, being a Virginia Wheel. It was rough yet amazing fun! We laughed so much. Us laughing after the horrible corners! [/img]http://photos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2677/174/111/560120380/n560120380_6781905_6255347.jpg[/img] What a great name! So after taking 20 minutes to do that park we headed for Pleasure Beach to round up the last 2 coasters. Strolling back down the promenade we commented on how many skinny men were with large ladies. Arriving back at Pleasure Beach, dominating the skyline was the Yarmouth Wheel of Great Ripoff! Log Flume still had water which looks like what Jack Nicholson fell in during Batman. horrid looking water. Not long after this picture was taken I walked up onto the high bit on the right to get better shots of the Log Flume after Ian said get shots of the Pleasure Beach for CF. This boy was told by his sister to stand in the middle of the wet zone and he won't get wet. He did so, the flume came down the drop, the sister ran away to safety, boy not realising got hit by the biggest wave, and was soaked head to toe, I instantly burst into laughter, I couldn't help it, the kid started crying! Just after that picture I believe! So after I walked off laughing my arse off and the mothers eyes piercing my back we went into Pleasure Beach! Some generic rides there like a Disk'O, some Yo-Yo Ride, Pirate Ship you've seen it all before! They had a lovely Disney rip-off! But who actually watched Mulan and enjoyed it? Got our 5 tokens and headed for Roller Coaster first. Took some more pictures of the rides, including the Dodgems with dodgy Simpson drawings on the safety instructions. Then we saw the EPIC ghetto pikey game! What makes me laugh is the woman lying nearly legs akimbo on the front of the thing, she was a few months pregnant as well, just calm as you like. They had an Evolution which is quite coool. [imghttp://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2677/174/111/560120380/n560120380_6782139_4431469.jpg[/img] Following on to Roller Coaster, which was loading at the time, took our seats about midway on the ride, since we had not much choice. Waited ages to be dispatched, an old couple got on which was really cool, as it was a real mix of ages on it. We left with a full train and showed how people still love these kind of rides. Hard to get pictures of this ride I found. Roller Coaster was a great ride I thought, the classic feel is still there, and it had some good pops of airtime for a ride of that age, kinda got shocked by the drop as I wasn't paying attention. This was cool in a bizzare way. But again Roller Coaster being hard to photo! The time had come for the shameful credit! Off we trot, which was only 1 token we found out! Yeah we pretended not to know each other, I sat at the front, like some peado. Im actualling wetting myself with excitment To top the shamefulness, it went round 3 times, and none of the kids screamed, the guy kinda gave me a "why?" look when I got off. So off we trotted back to the car with 5 credits done in Yarmouth! O Rly? Danish flag! This then inspired me to buy a Danish flag, again. We checked out the little playpark thing next door to the Pleasure Beach, had some cool things. No joke, I laughed a lot, and saw them race. Moving on... CAMEL RIDE!!! WAIT FOR IT!!!! CAMEL-TOE!! Oh the mirth! I'm here all week! Then it appeared, the shadow. Can you see it yet? The grey round thing. Got told to take a picture. So as they walked by, I snapped this, to our horror. Ok...quite large Yes....if they woman in grey was on it they'd think a whale had beached. So after arriving back at the car park I went to get a drink and snapped the ghetto playpark on the beach. Bring your own trampolines as ours got nicked. Back into the car, input Pleasurewood Hills and off we go!! After 10 mins of driving I wondered why we went west, when we were meant to be going south. I checked the Satnav and somehow it got set to Jordan's home, so we went 9 miles out before I realised this, turned around off we trekked back, only went 10 mins out, so was at the park by 3pm! Some pics from the drive to Pleasurewood: Being clever with the wing mirror, or not. COME ON! "Dave your a arse for setting the Satnav to go back to mine and send us 9 miles in the wrong direction!" Swiftly on, we arrived! After parking we clearly saw it was dead and that Wipeout pretty muched dominated the skyline! After getting our wristbands and me leaving my wallet in the car and fetching it we were in! First up was Wipeout! So some pictures for yee! Wipeout was a lot better than I expected, it was smooth and enjoyable. I really liked the drop it was fast and smooth! Me and Jordan laughing almost hysterically going up the second lift waiting to go backwards was fun. But I felt so ill after it braked in the station, just owwww! I'd give it a good 8/10! Walking past Wipeout and not feeling sick, took in some sights! For a second you could be in Camelot, but I see no shitty spinning coaster! We moved onto the next coaster Snake in the Grass which was Treetops but minus a lot of trees, and a adding a tunnel. It was ok, shame my back ached going up that lift. Moving onto the chairlift aptly named As we were waiting to get on I snapped the lovely view of Wipeout from the lake. Very picteresque! Slow chairlift, if this was RCT I would've increased the speed to 9mph. From it we got a good view of Wipeout and got some action shots. A few here The park was very RCT, as Jordan pointed out, from this picture it does. Strange self operated kid ride in front, I swear we were being watched.... We then went to look for some food to eat, but everywhere was shut at around half 3. So we abandoned eating. Then went on some strange fairytale thing, and strangely had a rip-off Harry Potter theme and all the models were asian, weirdly. Saw the Log Flume being refurbished, which was a bit meh, looked a bit crap. Moved onto Enigma which is tucked away! Nicely placed as well. The ride ops were some nice eye candy! I must say, compared to the chisel faced ones in Yarmouth. no.81 and its a Schwarzkopf! This is the last picture of the trip, and it was a good one, Pleasurewood Hills is a cute little park, needs a big thrill ride I think, something that'll give it a identity and to supplement Wipeout. The staff were really good, they were really friendly and we had a good laugh with those on Wipeout. We were done nearly 3 hours after Joyland opened. Journey back I kinda fell asleep which I felt bad about, as I always sleep in Jordan's car! Its embaressing, but I did have 2 hours sleep prior to the trip. All in all it was a really fun trip and I think we've set a new record for the most credits in multiple parks. 3 Parks, 3 hours, 8 Coasters. Hope you enjoyed my mammoth of a trip report it took me about an hour to write this!
  2. Anyone think this is Alton's 'World First' in 2010? A Launched wooden coaster?
  3. What do you mean? I thought the fire at Thorpe Park was caused by cigarettes. I dunno about Thorpe, just was a bit fishy how a fire destroyed a section of the park just big enough for a B&M was a bit fishy. But anyway, the ride appears to have been destroyed by the fire.
  4. The fire surronding the roller coaster is very suspicious. Especially since the Historic Theme Park had just been approved to go there, which beat the plan to demolish the area for a residential development. Me thinks they are behind all this. If so its like what happened in Camden and Thorpe Park.
  5. Sad to see it go, but ZacSpin anyone Seems a good size footprint for one of the more insane layouts, plus it would look very abstract on the SFMM skyline.
  6. Well the Brer Rabbit ride could be up for refurbishment soon with the famous bunny mascot being axed. Could be replaced by the new mascot, Cyril The Squirell.
  7. Nice trip report, glad you liked Oakwood. What did you think of Megafobia (with an 'f'! ) The food in Oakwood is alright, its getting better, but its what you get in a theme park thats not well known.
  8. So its the start of the season and in my hometown i heard that there are two new rides at the pier. So after handing in a job application into the Spinnaker Tower I proceeded to head to Clarence Pier, a short 20 minute walk. For those who don't know the Spinnaker Tower, its a 550ft Observation Tower which gives great views over the solent and south downs area. Looks like this: The struts in the arch were manufactured by Intamin AG, so could that count as a credit? After the 20 minute walk, the almighty sign greeted me to tell me im at Clarence Pier Ah the paint is still flaking after all these years. But whats that! Something worse than a delapidated arcade! ZOMFG! An SDC Galaxi, pain on a fudging stick! I don't know why i like taking pictures of people on rides with fantastic expression, almost like a slightly sadistic. Prepare to meet your maker, or chiropractor, either way its going to be painful. Anyway moving on, didn't want to ride any of the attractions particularly as I know they don't excite me anymore, even my favourite ride there didn't excite me . I will ride you Disk'O, don't you worry. The park was heaving with invisible guests, as per usual. One of the invisible coaster enthusiasts came to my house the other day, i said "i can't see him!" (HAHAHA WEAK JOKE!) Anyway, moving onto the first new ride, its a Moser ride, one of those rides that look like it could kill you if it went wrong. May remember one from IAAPA: I was curious to ask what it did, i asked the operator: Me: Does your pedalling push it over Man who probably dosen't speak english well: mhm Me: Intresting Man who by now is thinking 'freak': *smiles* The other new ride was nearby, so i quickly ran to that, its a beast of a ride, taking up a lot of space where the old Moser Tower Death Ride used to be. Can anyone tell me who manufactures that ride, as i can't tell....I think its Moser but im not sure. So i decided i wanted to go on this ride after watching its cycle, thinking its not very intense. Still alright value for money in my opinion, biggest rides costing only £2. It was an enjoyable ride, with some nice lateral and positive forces, only problem was it slowed down too fast, causing a huge lateral push to the side, well on my seat section it was, kinda hurt. Also gave me pins and needles in my feet, didnt really like that. Anyway still a fun ride. So i stood by Cyclone the Moser Bike ride, waiting for someone to ride it, then i noticed strange and weird about the Merry Go Round Why is it anatomically correct, quite worried now...i wonder if anyone has ever stuck..not worth thinking of!... So eventually someone got on it, unlucky them. But it looked very interesting how it all worked. ^ refering to this picture for a while. The main tube across turned via a motor, and the gear box on the side is connected to the middle tube. The gear box engages as the rider pedals on the bike below. This then makes the bike move a lot faster and can push it over the top. Like so: Next time i shall ride this, with more bravery, as it swings freely when the program has timed out, eurgh, not for me. I leave you with the knowledge that i was hassled by my other work for a weird spare order, so fun for me on Sunday. Shall be heading back down Clarence Pier sometime in the near future to ride Cyclone.
  9. My first trip to a park for 2007, not the best of places to go but hey 4 credits, im not saying no, well i spose not when my g/f is taking me as well.....(she's in for a horrible time ) first time out with the 'ol Digital SLR in a theme park So headed down there with my g/f Jody, her mum and brother. Twas a fun trip up from Chelmsford with her brother enlightening us with tunes from Weebls Stuff which i taught him before we left, like the lovely tune of Mango's and Badgers. So arriving at Southend and Jody is really excited to get to the park. So after a 20 minute walk from the parking area to the park itself was fun as I saw Rage get closer and closer, the relief of seeing it work was fantastic . Getting into the park, got our wristbands and the first on my list was Rage, as that would make it my 30th credit. So headed over, took some pictures, like this lovely overly-exposed picture, dammit! Yeah it was very very sunny that day, using 1000th second shutter speeds at f/11 to keep it down. So went over to Rage, and apparently its closed for matinence for 20 minutes, so back to taking photographs... Took some nice ones in this time. Soon Rage opened again, queued up, for about 15 minutes, not too long of a wait. Got on back row, not the best of places. Rage is probably one of the best roller coasters i've been on recently, such a cute little ride, smooth transitions, the cutback has a slight knock to it. But the Loop was fun, helix was quite intense. Enjoyable ride. So here are some more whoring pics of Rage: As i took mainly just pictures of Rage, not much else, hehehe. So then moved onto the Green Scream, a Tivoli nightmare in the making by the looks of it, had a small queue and jumped into the back row, which i knew was a bad idea, but also a intresting one. So off it went, and bloody hell it was a bit fast at points, but it did hurt a bit...like my ankles still hurt. About a 5/10... Then moving onto the next coaster is Barnstormer, wow what a fun ride . That drop next to the station is quite intense for a little kiddie coaster, i was happy to have a second ride . 6/10 Mini Mighty Mega, just the sound of this Pinifari roller coaster makes my ribs groan in pain, as i've heard names like 'Pinifari Death Machine' been called of this ride, its sounds it, looks it, but it wasn't actually, it was that bad, shame about it being quite lacking in speed it wasn't that bad.... 4/10. Yeah did a few more rides after that, like Ramba Zamba, Helter Skelter and some more which i can't remember. So some more pictures for ya all How can i forget the crazy Archelon or whatever Bon Bon creation that thing is.... Fancy a kiss big boy? Yeah i didn't go on that, looked too insane for me..maybe with other enthusiasts... ^ me looking nuts. Rage me you fucking bitch And as we went to get on it for the second time it broke down, cunt. Was so unlucky...The guy next to us bet his daughter £10 that she wouldn't get on the ride, so she technically did, but because it didn't go round it dosen't count, poor girl Prepare your sick buckets Yeah its a bit lovey-dovey, but hey why not, its probably the best non-drunk picture of us. Anyway was a fun day out, was great to come out with my g/f to a park for the first itme, so she's had a taste of my geekiness.
  10. I would love to come to the Spain trip, i would be able to confirm when there is prices up. As then i can save torwards if need be. As i think around then im going to Donnington. Edit: I'm 18 in October so should be allowed
  11. Yes i think that would be a fantastic addition as its below the tree tops. I've heard recently what the park is adding in the coming years, and it won't dissapoint, as the marketing team say "you'll find unique rides in this park" and its true, all their rides are rare to find elsewhere in the UK. Like Kontiki, its a Zierer product. I've credited Paultons many times for having brilliant staff and brilliant rides. Shall have to drop me a line when you come down, as its not too far away from me to go.
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