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  1. I wonder if it will be themed with construction debris like every other ride at the park.
  2. Banning smoking at parks is a terrible idea. A lot of stubborn people would not take their families/children which would lose the parks a lot of money. Its really not hard to stay away from smoking areas if the thought of it horrifies you so much. I agree people should not smoke in lines, I've never actually seen it happen.
  3. Yesssssssss! And you can always put it in a Big Gulp cup to avoid corkage and still look fancy!
  4. Am I missing something or are these not childrens toys?
  5. I hope it is a Walking Dead clue seeing as I keep hearing that the park will no longer be using the licence from the show and having a generic zombie house.
  6. They do something a *little* like that in England except its only 3 hours and in an abandoned mall. I have a booking there a little later in the summer, get excited! http://wish.co.uk/zombie-shopping-mall/
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