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  1. I wonder if it will be themed with construction debris like every other ride at the park.
  2. Banning smoking at parks is a terrible idea. A lot of stubborn people would not take their families/children which would lose the parks a lot of money. Its really not hard to stay away from smoking areas if the thought of it horrifies you so much. I agree people should not smoke in lines, I've never actually seen it happen.
  3. Yesssssssss! And you can always put it in a Big Gulp cup to avoid corkage and still look fancy!
  4. Am I missing something or are these not childrens toys?
  5. I hope it is a Walking Dead clue seeing as I keep hearing that the park will no longer be using the licence from the show and having a generic zombie house.
  6. They do something a *little* like that in England except its only 3 hours and in an abandoned mall. I have a booking there a little later in the summer, get excited! http://wish.co.uk/zombie-shopping-mall/
  7. I don't now if I am missing something but after reading everyones comments I felt pretty underwhelmed when I looked at the pictures.
  8. ^Yeah, its normally like a conga line through the mazes, they do try to pulse the lines during quieter times but you always catch up with the group ahead of you after about two scenes.
  9. It was so cute when Elissa pretended to not hate the beach!
  10. I do not understand how you can hit a crack pipe 'too hard'?
  11. The event is not recommended for anyone under the age of 13. Its also always full of drunk (me), people smoking pot and lots of pushing and shoving, there is no way I would take a child let alone a new born baby.
  12. They usually offer an upgrade from your day ticket for around $35 I think.
  13. Yeah, theres pictures floating around and its very obvious its going to be a barn, should be a fun house, this is my favourite house location outside of the sound stages.
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