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  1. I’m hoping I can get down there this summer, it’s been too long. He food looks great, as always.
  2. We are headed to SFGA in a couple of weeks and had a quick question about Gold vs. Platinum Flash Pass. I know how they work, and the time differences, but how are the merge points there? I've been to some parks where the merge point was very close to the loading area so it was virtually walk ons all day. I've also been to some parks that the merge points were further back and it would still take 20-30 minutes, so the platinum didn't really make a difference since you could just reserve the next ride after the merge and 20-30 minutes later your gold pass ride would be ready.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. We're going next week, we won't expect much now.
  4. Amazingly, I still play it. I had no idea there was a max level or dollar amount. I'm at level 751, and have 1.1 billion.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/lagoonpark/posts/10157246760607823 Wow, it looks like Lagoon is opening tomorrow! That is a nice surprise.
  6. Yeah, it's insane that they canceled so many sailings. But, they had to due to financial reasons. Of course, they are saying it's for the health and safety of the guests, but they had two outbreaks on their ships so the public was probably dropping Princess cruises like crazy. They would have lost so much money if they kept the cruises going.
  7. I went a couple of weeks ago for Holiday in the Park. It's going in where the elephants used to be.
  8. It's amazing, but not the least been surprising that they will continue cruises!
  9. I totally agree! I've only ridden Kawasemi, but I would absolutely love to have one here. With its height restrictions, I think SFDK would be a perfect location for one!
  10. It's been a while since I got to SFDK, so I'm going to definitely be making a trip for the holiday event. I'm glad the parking lot is finally completed, it's been a nightmare parking there this past summer.
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