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  1. It was all too real when hotel staff saw that one of the sharks from the famous resort aquarium had somehow jumped out of its tank and onto a nearby water slide -- where it managed to slide down into the pool. It all went down before the pool opened Tuesday -- so nobody was in the water -- but here's where it gets tragic: A rep for the Atlantis tells TMZ the shark died a short time after swimming in the chlorinated water. Here's the heartbreaking statement: "Yesterday morning at around 9:30 AM, prior to the resort's waterscape opening to guests, a 12+-year-old female reef shark jumped over an 18 inch wide and 1 foot high sustaining structure into the resort's Leap of Faith water slide. The Atlantis Aquarists believe the shark was startled by an unusual circumstance that we have no way of defining completely. In the over ten years guests have experienced the Leap of Faith, the reef shark itself, harmless to humans as it is fed regularly by our staff, had shown no previous incidences of leaping out of the water in the marine habitat ... ... The habitat itself is part of the resort's open system which filters water from the Atlantic Ocean and is completely separated from the chlorinated water system on the slides. Once the shark fell onto the slide and into the chlorinated water, it was in significant distress. The Marine Aquarium Operations team responded immediately and was able to retrieve the animal at the bottom of the slide and return the animal to the main marine habitat in an attempt to resuscitate her. Despite the team's best efforts to recover the animal, it died shortly after the occurrence. There was no danger to our guests or staff, both of whom interact with these sharks daily in our various interactive programs (we have guests enter the shark habitat to swim and interact with the sharks in bathing attire only). In fact, our concern was for the animal itself who defied nature to take this leap. The entire team at Atlantis is truly saddened by the loss of this animal who had resided in the Atlantis marine habitat for over ten years." Pictures: http://www.tmz.com/2008/12/18/shark-commits-suicide-on-waterslide/
  2. The Florida Hurricane coaster at Boardwalk & Baseball - Circus World looks a very good layout with loads of on the hills.
  3. Theres a few stories that place the names for the mice and even more with conflicting dates for when they were named, surfice to say it opened with 10 mice in 1955 un named, but by the time it was modified to a three tier coaster the names appeared. 1 : Fergie 2 : Libby 3 : Trixie 4 : Louise 5 : Mousey 6 : Pinky 7 : Miffy 8 : Gazza 9 : Jerry 10 : Squeeky
  4. Clearance of the fire-damaged parts of the Scenic Railway will commence soon. Nick Dermott of Thanet District Council met with Peter Beck of MTCRC, together with representatives of Downfast Demolition and Bob Williamson of Jacobs Manchester (representing MTCRC), at the Scenic Railway yesterday morning. The object of meeting was to agree the extent of the 'emergency' demolitions and clearance after the fire. Nick told the Save Dreamland campaign: "What was agreed was as follows: - - The four burnt 'ends' of the ride would be cut back to the first non-charred frame in each instance, ie about 3 charred frames would be removed in each case. Before any demolition took place, the burnt parts would be photographed and heights, measured with a laser level, marked on the photographs to the approval of TDC. Any pulleys etc in these areas would also be photographed and measured and then stored. - The most damaged parts of the station platform and roof - at the northern end - would be removed after being photographed. The switch track to the former workshop would be left in-situ. - The charred debris in the centre would be sifted through. All pieces that are evidence, wheels, pulleys etc would be shown to English Heritage and placed in agreed secure storage. Ditto signage. The rest, together with the blockwork asbestos clad and roofed shed would be cleared away."
  5. Alton Towers applies for permit to replace the Corkscrew... http://tinyurl.com/6m4bkg
  6. Hey everybody! This thread is simple! Rather than having a million little threads about everything that goes on at Tivoli Gardens, this thread is designed to consolidate it all into one user-friendly thread. Feel free to use it to post updates, trip reports, questions, comments, and of course, general discussion. For pictures and videos of the park as well as past updates, see TPR's Park Index Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli Gardens Official Website Below are some links to past updates from the park, you may be interested in. Enjoy! --Robb _____________________________________________________ 2008 December 11th, 2008 - Tivoli Garden's adds family coaster exclusively for the Holidays (SEE BELOW). 2009 January 23rd, 2009 - Park to add Technical's Park Flying Fury prototype (Vertigo) 2010 January 10, 2012 - Park announces new kid's themed area Ptezi's World 2012 November 5th, 2012 - Tivoli announces 2013 addition including a Zamperla Air Race 2013 November 7th, 2013 - Tivoli Gardens to reinstall iconic mountain peaks on Rutschebanen 2014 October 30th, 2014 - Permits have been filed that could lead to an redesign of the park's historic entrance 2015 October 1st, 2015 - Fatamorgana announced, Flat ride from Huss, evolution of the Condor 2018 January 27th, 2018 - Tik Tak (a Mondial Shake R5) will replace Snurretoppen (Huss Breakdance) 2019 January 8th, 2019 - new rides announced for 2019. Two smallest coasters to be replaced and FataMorgana to get a transformation June 21st, 2019 - H.C. Anderson hotel is being planned --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rocket Reindeers, is a mini coaster for family with 5 cars moving alone on a 70 meter rail track (length and layout adjustable) Featuring 20 seats and adjustable speed it is a beautiful family ride operating as an open mini coaster or indoor across themed tunnels because each car is equipped with transmission to overcome variable hills. The car theme is a rocket reindeer with head turning by stripes and sleights propelled by a flashing rocket on the back of the car. The car has steel lap bar made soft by a layer of foamed polyurethane restrain to avoid people stand up and is TUV Munich approved. Operations are automatic. The ride is the Christmas ride winter 2008 at TIVOLI Copenhagen. http://www.technicalpark.com/rocket_reindeers.htm
  7. 2 recent pic's taken from above link Even the local deer want to try out the new woodie
  8. http://www.angelfire.com/nj/wwbysea/HUNT/goldennugget.html A great shame to lose such a unique ride and it was the only made by PTC. So painful to know the discovery of asbestos in the building. http://www.coastergallery.com/2007/Dinosaur03.html Hope the announcement isn't "let's tear down the GN building, and stuff and mount the props somewhere". I hope it's more like "let's see if we can fix the thing or at least find a way to preserve it". Bud Hunt (and I'm sure John Allen, Bill Tracy, Bill C. Hunt and Guy Hunt, too) would roll over in his grave if the Nugget was torn down. PTC is still in business, wouldn't they have the ability to repair it and possibly build new trains if necessary? And, just seal all the asbestos in, don't attempt to remove or disturb it. In their plans for the new coaster they showed the Nugget in the plans with the coaster coexisting with it. The proposed years for that plan would be 2010-2012. Which led me to believe they were going to save it. The picture is below, See the Nugget there? The coaster wasn't supposed to be built for a few years, yet they included the Nugget in the plans. What does that mean? http://www.amusementpics.com/Wildwood/WWCBO08/071208-185.jpg If possible can someone post some recent pictures of the cars, ride layout before it comes down early next year. New plans which were draw up for the pier View in the 60's of people Q'ing for the ride
  9. http://www.siliconvalley.com/opinion/ci_11176068?nclick_check=1 Karl Bacon was a quiet guy who never wanted much of a fuss. So when he died last month at 98, he almost slipped away from us without being noticed. And that just wouldn't have been right. Bacon was a Silicon Valley inventor who did as much for the business of laughs, squeals and butterflies in the stomach as Bill Hewlett and David Packard did for the test instrument business, or Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore did for the business of computerizing almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Like what? Like building with his partner Danny the Dragon at San Jose's Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, among other things — which I'll get to. In 1946, Bacon and partner Ed Morgan opened the Arrow Development Co. in Mountain View. The two were a tight team who started out doing some machine work for HP and just about anything else that would bring cash through the door. Bacon was the math mind, a self-taught engineer who tended to figure out what needed to be made while Morgan concentrated on how to manufacture it. Then Morgan got the idea that they could build a merry-go-round for the city of San Jose, which they did. Soon a man named Walt Disney was talking to them about coming up with some rides for a new park he was opening in Anaheim. They did that, too. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Mad Tea Party, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, It's a Small World, Alice in Wonderland, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and more. "They did most of the rides in Fantasyland," says Jane Bacon, 87, Karl's wife of 67 years. "They really didn't know what they were getting into." She was speaking specifically of the flying Dumbos, which had a way of leaking hydraulic fluid in the early days, but she could have been talking about Bacon and Morgan's career in general. Because in the end what the two did was nothing less than revolutionize the amusement park business. Bacon and Morgan left the imagineering to Disney. The theme park would come up with the story lines and animatronic figures for the rides and the two men would figure out how to propel cars, boats and flying objects through the fantasies conceived by the Anaheim brain trust. The engineering feats pulled off by Bacon and Morgan were revolutionary. They were the first to design a tubular steel rollercoaster (the Matterhorn), which led to their corkscrew designs (including what is now the Demon at Great America in Santa Clara) and ever more terrifying coasters. They invented the first high-speed flume ride. They devised the single-rail guidance system for car-based rides like Autopia. They designed Danny the Dragon, the beloved train ride at Happy Hollow. And they went on to build and sell rides across the country and around the world. "They made a lot of major, and major is the right word, major contributions to the amusement industry," says Paul Ruben, North American editor of trade magazine Park World. The accomplishments of Morgan and Bacon embody the sort of innovation that can get lost in Silicon Valley, with its focus on the future. The men are from a time when inventors let their work speak for itself. But it would be a shame not to mark Bacon's death with a tribute to his legacy. He shared with all great innovators the drive to do something that no one has done before. Think about the millions of people whose lives Bacon's work has touched. The generations of kids lined up for the Matterhorn. The piles of family memories of trips to Disneyland. I ask Jane Bacon about that legacy as she sits in her Los Altos home surrounded by sympathy cards. She says that's not something Karl Bacon thought a lot about. "They were really dedicated to the machine," she says. "And they really wanted them to work. I don't think they really thought about who was going to ride it.'' Of course, Bacon didn't touch any lives more profoundly than those of his friends and family. A few of them gathered three weeks ago at the Los Altos home Jane and Karl Bacon shared for 61 years. It was a small group, the way Karl Bacon wanted it. Morgan, 93, was there, and he wept. He wasn't available to talk to me for this column, but he responded to my questions in a note he dictated to a relative. "The most important factor is that Karl was a genius,'' Morgan said of the origin of Bacon's innovative drive. "Karl and I had an incredible respect for each other both personally and for each other's abilities." Naturally, Jane Bacon wept at the ceremony, too. There were so many memories. The humble beginnings. The trial and error. The success. And Karl Bacon's last trip to Disneyland eight or nine years ago. Karl had had a stroke and was in a wheelchair that day, Jane Bacon tells me later at her home. "He just sat there and enjoyed looking at it, listening to it,'' she says. "He said, 'It all still works.'"‰" Yes it does. Karl Bacon and Ed Morgan worked together on Disneyland rides back in the 1940s in the Bay area and remain good friends. Ed visited Karl in the rest home today, Thursday, May 12, 2005. This is for a Disneyland 50TH anniversary story, This is Karl Bacon as he talks about his role in engineering the rides.
  10. Yesterday I caught the train to London and visited the world famous Camden Market for a few hours as I had not been there for 6 months, it was very busy (seemed like ½ of London was crammed down the walkways), and good to see all the different cultures of people enjoying themselves. http://www.camdenmarkets.org/id2.html A map of the markets: http://www.camdenmarkets.org/id1.html After buying a few Xmas presents I caught the tube to Harrods to buy my family’s presents, after I’d finished it was 5pm and off to the main event of the afternoon / evening. http://www.hydeparkwinterwonderland.com/ All the ride had tokens and each token cost £1, the large rides were 4 x tokens which = £4 a go each person, A bit steep in price but that's the cost of London. Started with the Haunted Mansion, which was excellent, it promises to offer even more frights than last year, or whizz down the 60m Giant Toboggan Snow Slide - there is even a ski pulley to take you up to the top again! 2008 sees the introduction of the Ice Palace Mirror Maze - which has never before been seen in the UK, the attraction that promises to both puzzle and amaze! Or take a jaunt on the Sleigh Ride or Christmas Coaster (a very fast and nicely painted “Dutch” owned S.D.C / Galaxi) to really put you in the Christmassy mood. Back by popular demand the Snow Ball Bungee Dome where daredevils take the opportunity to show off their acrobatic skills under the igloo canopy whilst others look on with amazement. Along with the Wave Swinger, themed simulators, adult carousel, skill games is the event, which will surely fill you with festive joy! Some pictures of the afternoon / evening, no pic's of the market though and sorry for the out of focus ones, still adjusting to my new camera phone. Flat powered walkway which a tech guy sped up for the older guests Inside the Crazy House, the outside of the drum spins and the walkway rocked from side to side. Made your head spin. Other end of the Haunted Mansion The Haunted Mansion, seemed like a small hanging coaster Middle of coaster, there was some "Airtime" on the 2 drops Nice lights One of the best examples of an S.D.C / Galaxi I've ridden Lovely looking Slide Harrods at night Lovely painted Trains / cars Butt View - 4 sets of cars running at once
  11. June 2008 pic's of how the "Cyclone" looks at Williams Grove: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brachphotography/page2/ Some if not most of you will be happy to see this coaster finally die.
  12. http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/1162262,ferris091308ferris.article Officials at Navy Pier want a bigger, better and warmer Ferris wheel. And they want someone other than taxpayers to fund it. On Monday, the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, McPier, will ask developers to send in proposals for a huge new year-round Ferris wheel. On Monday, the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, McPier, will ask developers to send in proposals for a huge new year-round Ferris wheel. The final product could be at least twice as tall as the existing 150-foot Navy Pier Ferris wheel that debuted in 1995 and has attracted more than 10 million riders. The new wheel could be built by 2010 and possibly replace the existing one, which cost $3.2 million to build. But no decision on where to place the new attraction has been made, said McPier board chairman Ted Tetzlaff. “We’re always trying to improve the experience people have down there,” Tetzlaff said. The current ride was modeled after the world’s first Ferris wheel, a 264-foot-high marvel built for the 1893 World’s Fair. The new wheel “must be worthy to inherit the traditions of the original Ferris wheel built by George Washington Ferris,” according to McPier’s bid document. No cost estimates have been released. McPier is looking for a developer to pay for construction without tax dollars and then share in the revenue it produces, Tetzlaff said. McPier wants the proposals to include heated and air-conditioned gondolas that can hold 25 to 30 people. The existing wheel has 40 caged, open-air gondolas that hold six people. Officials said the new wheel could hold 1,000 or more people at a time. But, Tetzlaff said, “the emphasis is on unique, innovative, creative and different — a new chapter in the life of the Ferris wheel with less emphasis on size.” Proposals are due back by the end of the year, or early next. Tetzlaff said McPier will take into consideration any concerns of its Lake Point Tower neighbors. Lake Point Tower condo association president Pat Spear said the association expects to be consulted as the proposal proceeds, but that building residents will likely be divided, with majority opinin depending “on where it’s placed.” “Some people will like the idea, because they like the tradition. After all, the ferris wheel was invented here,” Spear said. “And some people will hate it, because they don't want to look at it outside their window, and if it attracts as many people as the pier hopes, won't necessarily want that many people coming to the building.” But resident Bud Islinger, a former officer with the condo association, said the lights on the current wheel are a nuisance and he’s “absolutely” against a larger one. The original lights “have been toned down,” said Islinger, whose condo faces the pier. “If the new one is like it was [initially], Heaven help us.”
  13. Video shows the Big Wheel and a couple of the shops on the Boardwalk. No shots of the "Bullet"... Yet GG built the "Bullet" to withstand 130mph winds, it just passed http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/?rn=4226712&cl=9739717&src=news
  14. The Wild Mouse at Blackpool beats any of it's spinning cousins by miles, 90 degree corners into a double bunny hop.
  15. A closer look at the damage of the Boardwalk, but no close up pictures of the "Bullet": http://www.click2houston.com/slideshow/news/17474487/detail.html
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