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  1. Don't worry, you're not going mad - the photos were infact taken in May and it reopened in June. Did you enjoy?... People occasionally say that the track that passes closely over the lift is gradually getting lower - what these people (who are young) fail to realise is that they are simply growing taller. I mustn't have grown much in recent years, as it's always been the same height for me.
  2. Hey - you forgot to mention that the hand and camera in the last photo belong to me! The light grey the structure was painted, was chosen because it's similar to Amanda's dog, Paris I think, the dalmation. I've not met Amanda but I've met Paris (a long story involving a day at Geoffrey's miniature railway). The Mouse is certainly still wild. Long may it continue!
  3. Nice report and great photos. A couple of points - South entrance is not open this year and may not open again (however you can still exit here). PB are moving more toward the themepark regime, hence the payed admission from next year. Times are changing and they need to move with them. Unlike many, I feel it's for the best - but unlike may I also think outside the box, see the bigger picture and don't think totally as an enthusiast even though I clearly am one, and love the place. Also, Grand National has recently been having some lifthill problems - the top bullwheel (return wheel)
  4. Not that I'm in any way an SFMM regular or know anything much about the situation (I live in England and visited the park once in 2005), but I too have wondered about the codes thing since it was posted. Is Alton Towers' monorail the same model/built by the same company? - this operates fine but ofcourse various regulations and codes are different in different countries, and different states in USA's case. Seems a little odd, but not knowing the intricacies of the situation none of us can really talk I suppose. All I know is that some rides and attractions in operation today do not meet so
  5. Wow, fantastic pics - you lucky sucker! Vettel made perfect use of the terrain there, quite Miller-esque. A unique ride of its time, with separations and fan turns, not forgetting the turntable too. Something you never get on new coasters is the station atmosphere of the old ones. The typical shed station of modern wood coasters may suit the whole wood theme - which I suppose is a trend these days (almost like it's a cliche, special thing to have an 'old' style coaster in your park because it's made from wood, so wood becomes its theme) - but the old deco stations really set the ride
  6. Fantastic video - this is what coasters are all about to me. Good old shake, rattle & roll. What you tend to get on modern equivalents are relatively dull hills, too many turns and lots of spine hammering from ledger over-saturation... lol. I suppose the world having to be super safe these days is the culprit there. Track doesn't flex quite enough as it needs to, to dampen vibration these days (except at Blackpool where my favourite woodies are made from rubber ). I've devised a simple way to give the track all the support it needs while allowing it to flex right, but having no engineerin
  7. That post is pure bliss - your own photos especially. I didn't realize the trains had been altered so much (though opening in 1964, I should've known it had Flyers). I actually prefer the garish colours too, it's almost magical... yes I'm odd. I'm yet to get to Mexico myself and while I know that CCI did some work on the coaster, it doesn't seem too altered from the photos and video I've seen (including one of those "World's Greatest Rollercoaster Thrills in 3D" DVDs). I can see the check brake before the second turnaround, but the profile seems to remain original - the same straight lines
  8. I know it doesn't quite add up, but it's just the way the world is these days. Safety authorities and insurers make some strange demands today. Sadly it's the way our cultures have become. As for the kidney punches, I agree. It's a facet of wood coasters today that I really don't like, but I accept that it's the way things are. Things are done with structural design that are a bad move to me, the increased number of ledgers placed beneath the track lead to a rough ride. It's done to require less track maintenance as the laminate isn't allowed to flex so much. However, you then feel every v
  9. ^The footage looks more like Cine to me. But what great footage it is! I love stuff like this, thanks for showing it. I keep checking back for more...
  10. You're really THAT bothered by the change in direction of a coaster train? Christ man it's just a coaster. And yes, I love them too...
  11. Simple answer - nobody. Rides are built with a safety envelope these days. The kinematic envelope of the car has riders and their arms (and legs for suspended coasters) added to it, and the structure is built to clear this envelope. If any part of structure encroaches on this safety envelope, it must be modified before operating. Older rides however, frequently flout it which is quite funny. It's a case of new things having to conform to modern regulations, and old things being allowed to stay as they are in a lot of cases. Silly, but true. Allen and Cobb coasters with the taller handrails
  12. Wow, you can tell this is a coaster site - nothing but moaning about just about everything. I remember both sides of KI's Racer being very rough, but it's nothing to do with the direction you face. It's simply due to the oversupported nature of most wood coasters these days. John Allen built a typical 9' spaced structure, but over time the maintenance people decided there needed to be a few more bents put in to lower track maintenance and hey presto, a spine jarring ride. It's a common trait with the corporate parks, CF is no exception - and apart from this issue, I've enjoyed their park
  13. One of the videos loaded straight away (the front POV) and the other will supposedly take several hours. I'm using RealPlayer's new flash download feature (great for saving YouTube vids, too!). What a fantastic structure! I prefer the simpler, circular geometry of older coasters, I don't like slpine curves and high banking much - but I do love Balder, and I can't deny that I love the structure of these modern Intamin woodies. They're very precisely designed, yet look more random than most vintage coaster structures. It's certainly never going to be a bad thing having another of these in th
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