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  1. No wonder that off-season maintenance took a little longer than expected!!
  2. Went yesterday (Monday). Arrived around 1pm. Parking attendant scanned our pass for parking and scanned our reservation but the time was irrelevant. Took about 20 minutes to get parked in the very back overflow lot (because most of the regular lot is still being used for vaccination distribution). After the 5-7,000 step walk to the front gate, we got in fairly easily. Love the new metal detectors that allow you to keep everything in your pockets. Park was super crowded. 1-2 hour lines for everything. Multiple trains running on all the coasters but skipping rows and sanitizing between ever
  3. I also found Great White to be quite a bit less intense than Goliath (SFFT). You'd think it would be the opposite with a longer/heavier train on Great White.
  4. Looks like there will be a great whip effect in the back going down the first drop! Also love that it immediately hops up into a zero-g roll. Can't wait!
  5. I'll definitely second Drake's! The food is totally delicious (and my face is on all the promos). Bardstown Road is also full of fun bars and restaurants. Hammerheads comes to mind.
  6. The idea of you waiting out a tornado in a porta-potty makes me really, really happy. Also, Balder in a Box would be the best roller coaster in the world. Just sayin'.
  7. I love how Cedar Fair has been incorporating story lines with their new attractions. The "radio station" playing "local commercials" sounds totally brilliant and so much fun.
  8. One of the SNL writers must be from Kansas City. Got a few good laughs from this skit:
  9. Wholeheartedly agree about "extremely intense." Wholeheartedly disagree about "comfortable."
  10. Glad you stuck it out and got to ride Runaway Mountain! It's legitimately my favorite coaster in the park. I admittedly have an affinity for coasters-in-a-box, but in my opinion, this is the best one.
  11. Dollywood just posted these photos of Mystery Mine. I’m honestly shocked. They’ve removed my favorite part of the ride (insane drop off the trestle). This would be like Great Adventure removing El Toro’s Rolling Thunder hill or Cedar Point removing Maverick’s Stengel dive. Hopefully the change comes with a retrofit of lap bars to the trains...but that’s not sounding likely.
  12. Hey, I ended up at SFFT this weekend, too! Stopped in for a few hours both Saturday and Sunday. I also indulged in the Hurricanes-on-the-rocks, which were better on Saturday than Sunday because Saturday's (unintentionally hilarious) bartender was pouring Southern Comfort on top of all the drinks because she didn't think there was enough liquor in the pre-mixed cocktail. Amazing. Poltergeist was down both days so that makes 3 visits to SFFT where this credit has eluded me. I have a better track record with Lightning Rod... I was also queuing for the Pirate ride around 4:30pm Saturday
  13. Just curious, how were these results generated? Because I see in the overall poll that Millennium Force and Superman ranked above Goliath, but here, those two are missing from the list. I'm guessing these results only take into account how the coasters by each manufacturer compared to each other? Not sure how much work this would require, but it would be super cool if you added a "filter" feature on the CoasterPoll website so we could see rankings by manufacturer, park, country, ride type, etc.
  14. One could only hope. Kentucky Kingdom's lineup would be drastically improved by replacing T3 with a similar-sized custom B&M invert. With that said...Herschend already has another Vekoma SLC in the chain. So I won't get my hopes up.
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