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  1. I'm going to visit BGW on a Friday with a 10pm closing in the coming weeks. Do you guys have suggestions for the best night rides in the park? My immediate thoughts were Apollo's Chariot and Verbolten. Due to reduced park hours across the country, these will likely be my only "night rides" of the trip...so I'd like to make the most of them! Also, does BGW close queues early?
  2. When I was at CP near the end of June, there were still lots of orange survey flags scattered throughout the Antique Cars area. I personally think a giant Gerstlauer with 15 inversions would totally ruin the nicest area of the park... but who knows. Maybe the project was cancelled.
  3. Shew, those coasters sure look dilapidated... Hope I can get on both of them next month! lol Can adults ride/credit whore the kiddie coaster?
  4. Dorney's line-up is unfortunate because it's full of solid supporting coasters, but doesn't have a single stand-out attraction (though I'm sure in the late 90's/early 2000's, Steel Force seemed pretty spectacular to the community). It has the exact opposite problem of Carowinds and Canada's Wonderland. I'd still place Steel Force as my favorite coaster at Dorney, but I also think Talon and Hydra are quite fun. They both have unique layouts, but are relatively forceless (aside from Talon's finale).
  5. Time Traveler totally blew me away and this one looks even better. Can Cedar Point or Kings Island get one soon, plz?
  6. I was there last Monday and the Flash's train wasn't even on the track. (It was the same situation when I visited in Fall of 2018.)
  7. Looking at this photo again, not buying the "blown wheel" theory. There's not 8" of polyurethane on the wheels. It's nice to be optimistic though.
  8. Also glad no one was hurt. It would be utterly terrifying to experience one of the most insane roller coasters in the world in a partially derailed car. But yeah. This is my favorite coaster and I’m visiting for the first time in 5 years at the beginning of August and I’m really really hoping the park realizes the value in this ride and does everything they can to fix it quickly. I can’t think of any similar incidents on a coaster of this scale, though. I have a sickening feeling it will be down for a long, long time.
  9. A B&M hyper would be the perfect fit for Knott's (and the SoCal coaster market, in general). My fingers are so crossed they might snap.
  10. I swore I would never return to Movie Park Germany after my godawful 2 hours there in 2018... but this just might make me reconsider. I know it's just a well-dressed family coaster, but the execution looks SO well done. And the theme is right up my alley.
  11. Is headbanging a problem on any B&M invert? (besides that one wicked slam on Alpengeist which kind of makes the ride)
  12. Oh, trust me, FireChaser Express is one of my highlights at Dollywood, too. But I prefer when parks add coasters that bring a new experience to their collection, rather than something similar to what guests can experience right down the midway. (See my ramblings about how Orion is a fine ride but would've been a better addition to nearly any other park than Kings Island) Additionally, between FireChaser, Dragonflier, Whistle Punk Chaser, and Blazing Fury, it’s not like the park is exactly hurting for family coasters.
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