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  1. Just needed to point out that the second arrow down says “Mystery Line.” Purely a mistake, or an intentional combination of Mystery Mine and Drop Line? The world may never know...
  2. A new coaster in a box at a park I’ve always wanted to visit?!? Take my money!!!!
  3. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but Columbus Day Weekend is typically one of, if not THE most crowded weekends of the year. So just try to mentally prepare yourself for that. Lol Maybe things will be different this year since they’re not having a true “Halloweekends,” but we’re still in the era of the Gold Pass palooza, so...I doubt it.
  4. ^Good news: they’re not trims! Lol With a combo of impressive stats, extensive theming, a super unique layout, and Intamin’s super comfy new restraints, this thing looks to be not only the best coaster in Orlando, but one of the best in the world. I really can’t believe Universal is building it—but I’m sure glad they are! Also: 6-car trains?! A full size launched coaster with a top hat and 24-passenger trains...just awesome.
  5. While those are some super fun themed snacks, they definitely don’t look...appetizing. Lol
  6. My recent trip to SDC/Mystic River Falls experience has convinced me to get some Chacos before heading to Orlando next month. They’re supposed to be really comfy and only somewhat ugly.
  7. My roommate got an email yesterday offering a free upgrade to Platinum through the end of 2022 if he doesn’t pause, plus a free extension of the membership for every month the park has been closed. Dang.
  8. Add me to the list of people who are ready for something to be done with Lightning Rod. 7 visits, 1 ride. And it’s still all over their ads, which I find especially annoying.
  9. When I rode there were 4 of us and we all got absolutely soaked. Water *aggressively* pours over the side of the boat with every rapid. There were definitely points when I thought we might sink and drown. Super fun though! Lol
  10. It’s funny, a couple years ago, I couldn’t care much less about GCI’s. Now, after Mystic Timbers, Prowler, and their refurb of Ghostrider, I’m all about them. Texas Stingray looks like the best of the bunch and I can’t wait to get out there soon!
  11. I really like this park but most of this “refreshening” feels like a cheap downgrade. All the well-crafted (if not unique) theming elements of the area have been replaced with gaudy carnival-like facades and paint jobs. But yes, I am happy Mindbender is getting some love and that its future is secure.
  12. ^Of course the Lightning Rod crew is friendly—they only have to work twice a week!
  13. ^Right, that’s my biggest issue with the virtual queue. People don’t cancel their reservations which leads to mostly empty trains being sent out while the app still lists a 30+ minute wait.
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