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  1. I'm weird but this thing was legitimately my #1 draw to Gardaland. I'm sure it was painful, etc, but it looked so quirky and diving 180* over those drops had to be a uniquely thrilling sensation. I'm sad I'll never get to experience it now. But alas!
  2. Lol. Yup. I'm just now realizing that the pictures of the train in the station among the construction photos on this page are just concept art.
  3. I'm confused. In some pictures the track is red and in others the track is blue. But there are no pictures that show both red track AND blue track! What kind of mindgames is Tusenfryd playing on me right now?!
  4. I went last weekend and was really pleasantly surprised! The area is larger, better themed, and more immersive than I expected. It does admittedly feel like something is "missing" with the lack of the Yoshi omnimover ride, but everything it does have (the ride, mini games, animatronics, restaurant) is a lot of fun. I was worried the ride system chosen for the Mario Kart ride would make it seem slow and boring, but I didn't feel that way at all while riding. Overall, a great addition to Universal Studios Hollywood, and if the rumors are true with a Donkey Kong coaster expansion, that will really make it feel complete.
  5. What a fun surprise announcement! Kings Island could use a modern thrilling flat. Glad they went with the larger model!
  6. If they're not going to build an indoor ride, this is easily the second-best addition I can think of for this park! And it looks gorgeous.
  7. I knew moving 2 blocks from USH would pay off if I could just hold out for 10 years!!! Actually, though, this is really exciting. Universal Hollywood is really lacking in attractions compared to its competitors and this will be a huge draw for it. I also don't really see the need for the capacity-reducing "drifting" cars, but I'll take it whatever we get. BRING ON THE INTAMIN!!!!
  8. An understandable decision. I'm a hardcore drop tower fan and I would have ridden it if it had reopened...but I definitely would've had a weird feeling about it, too. I'm sure it will be relocated. It's a brand new tower.
  9. And I never quite figured out which character Arthur was, but I miss him already!
  10. Rulantica has one of these and it was probably my favorite slide in the park! Great addition for Water Country.
  11. A 460 foot backwards spike (that the train doesn't even make it all the way up) is one way to claim the title of "World's Tallest Coaster." Just saying.
  12. Fingers crossed we get a 20 foot animatronic black bear in the finale!
  13. I had two burgers/sandwiches at Uhrwerk and they were both ridiculously delicious. The Navigator (chicken) and The Captain (steak), I believe.
  14. I'm younger than you and I think Shockwave and Mindbender are the second best coasters in their respective parks. So I guess opinions exist or something?
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