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  1. 3 days at Dollywood and 2 in the area? Oh my. Think I'd rather hit Carowinds or KI one of those days instead. If Lake Winnie is open, it can be a fun couple of hours on your way down to Atlanta.
  2. 2021 Season begins March 6th. Not sure if Mindbender will be open. Looks like pieces are back on site ready to be installed.
  3. Not sure if I'll actually make it here this year, but I bought a pass anyway to help out Gene and Co. I'd really like to ride all their coasters.
  4. Pro tip, set your barcode as your lock screen background when at the park. I do agree, though.
  5. Process at any park that's open. Six Flags and SEAS force you to do an activation at the park you buy from.
  6. Go to CW site. Click to buy something like a season pass. You'll see it in the popup transaction window. Under 2021 Season Pass -> 2021 Add Ons.
  7. Sure you can. Also true for dining, pix, plat passes, etc.
  8. From what I understand, it was the new President that took over a couple months ago that made the call. Not sure if he just gets the credit, or if he really did have a hand in it. Either way, great news for sure.
  9. They are year round. Just a bonus event inside the park. SFoT and SFFT are both working their asses off putting together events and keeping their parks going strong. Also, they confirmed at Winterfest they are adding the turn table and extra boat for Aquaman this year.
  10. They did eventually put plastic on at least some of the trams (maybe just the long ones). I do the same as you; I always walk to the park and back from my car. Good way to get some steps and I find it relaxing at the end of the evening when the lots are mostly empty.
  11. Didn't get to Dollywood til November and December. Masks on guests inside the park was probably one of the worst I've seen on some days, better on others. I hit about a dozen parks this year. No one cares about 6 feet inside Dollywood. Walk, don't take the tram at the end of the night. It's a cluster over there and not worth the time. Lines are healthy on busy days. It wasn't easy to find low attendance days to have some marathons like normal years after August.
  12. June 11-13: Coaster Rodeo Multi-day enthusiast event featuring full park ERT, behind the scenes tours, etc. Sounds fun!
  13. I would imagine he has pull but I'm not 100% sure what all he does. Seems when SFoT got a new President this year he started improving things. They have different events. Same for SFFT. Other Six Flags parks seem to try much harder. SFoG continually has the worst employee attitudes across the board and the park isn't run very well. I think new blood would help it. The place is deserted in December because people in Atlanta don't even know it's open. And if they did, why go? It's nothing new. Same lights every year and the same crappy chicken tenders and fries they always have.
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