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  1. They were testing TT2 for several hours last night. Even had water dummies on one of the trains. Might be opening sometime real soon.
  2. Good news for your visit. Beast is testing today. It's been down a week or two waiting on parts.
  3. thrill-data.net, queue-times, and other similar sites have historical data you can view. Just go see what those weeks were like the last couple years.
  4. Free double sided lockers for El Toro opening soon. Could be this week. Strange move for a Six Flags park but I hope they keep them coming.
  5. Should give them time to install free lockers, right? /s
  6. T3 has now been taken down. I also feel the future of this park doesn't look all that bright.
  7. Steel Curtain down for 2024. https://www.wpxi.com/news/local/flagship-kennywood-roller-coaster-will-not-open-this-season/K7UHT6YEURB7RCKZ7AK5LNQ33U/
  8. Great news for the kids. Iron Menace is only a 48" height requirement.
  9. I went for the first time last year. Had after 4pm tickets and it started raining off and on as soon as we walked in. Park kept everything but Zinger open and we had a blast. I couldn't get enough of Mamba. I got a solid 45 minutes of rides on Prowler at night. They still ran the Carnival parade even with off and on rain. Can't wait to get back to this park. I could ride Mamba and Prowler all day long and be happy. I really liked Timber Wolf, too.
  10. There is no Platinum pass anymore. Need a goldpass + all parks addon, prestige pass, or hotel stay for early entry currently.
  11. Yes. They might be even cheaper at Canada's Wonderland. The $100 all park addon will be.
  12. Upcoming plans leaked. "... include a "Racin Railway" rollercoaster, a rapids splash battle, relocated train ride, a meet and greet area, and a new splash pad." Appears to be a clone of the snoopy coaster at CW. https://www.reddit.com/r/Carowinds/comments/1bk8j6q/carowinds_project_sparrow_plans_revealed/
  13. Concerts back at the amphitheater this year. https://www.carowinds.com/events/summer-music-fest
  14. Thanks for the info. I still had not heard what that building was for. I agree on the lift hill. People were still having a blast on it. People still loved it. Guy I rode with had never been on it and loved it. I heard lots of people around the park talking about how good it was.
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