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  1. So is this the new Glenwood Caverns coaster with some bullshit record breaking stat?
  2. Wheel fell off from everything I've seen. It appears they have also grounded Jersey Devil for now, too. Hope they aren't down long.
  3. Talk about lesser known DC characters. I think this one qualifies. Looks like a great addition for the park. I look forward to riding it next year or two.
  4. They will be on sale before Halloween. You can process your purchase at any park or online. Enjoy.
  5. You make it sound like renting a car would be more expensive. Probably not at that distance. And you have a car at your disposal if you need anything.
  6. Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg is nice. Cades Cove is a nice drive. Plenty of good hikes in the mountains if you're into that. Dinner shows around the area. Hatfield and McCoys is typically the best food at those places from what I've heard.
  7. If people are going to CP for Halloween there are some decent deals now. You can get a room at Breakers for 4 nights with 2 2022 gold passes for under $900 plus taxes for Oct 7-11.
  8. Also, if you want to see wait times recently, you can check any day you want here: dollywoodwaittimes.com Can also use queue-times.com which is quicker and easier than using park apps. Link above for DW makes looking at historical much easier and quicker.
  9. The post above was right. Big Top Terror indoor FF house will be open July 31 - Sept 8. I would assume it will also be open for the actual FF. Love this. Fiesta had a couple houses open this summer for an event and it was great. They also did one in the spring. More parks should get with this trend. Love haunted houses and walk throughs any time of the year.
  10. Get there before gates open and you can get all coasters in a couple hours most days. I'd personally hit Lightning Rod, then go back across the entrance for Thunderhead, Dragonflier, MM, Firechaser, Eagle, TT, Blazing Fury. It's just a big circle. Firechaser is normally the longest line in the park. LR next. Single rider line can quick. Can't stress enough getting there early, but that's the same for any park. Bins at all rides. Ride ops normally will grab your stuff and put it away for you. They are very nice about this. LR has been running well lately. Odds are good (knock on wood) you'll get on it.
  11. Pathing does make sense. Didn't even think of that. Probably keeps the crowd down a bit as well.
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