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  1. I thought the idea was crazy as well but I've come around. Looking forward to seeing the final plans and all the details.
  2. Hole behind Dragster now. People seem to think it may be the beginning of the spike.
  3. Just seems strange to add them a year later. Was it running during that year? Doesn't matter to me just seemed strange and over the top. I'm curious WHY it's there now. Where the decision came from. Maybe Texas inspectors? The ride manufacturer of the Orlando ride didn't add these to their drop tower. So, just a little curious why they were added a year later here. Good chance no one here knows why and that's fine.
  4. New body seatbelt has been added to Superman now. Anyone been on it since? Seems pointless. What's the story?
  5. That line was great for me. I often just visit for a couple hours in the mornings. They were usually great about basically let me walk through.
  6. Fury has run 2 trains recently. No idea how that decision is made. Many assumed it would be 2 train ops going forward but it was back to one today.
  7. Strong line-up for early entry this year. Hit it out of the park here. GateKeeper Wild Mouse Atomic Scrambler Matterhorn Calypso Dodgem Kiddy Kingdom (select rides) https://www.cedarpoint.com/early-entry
  8. No bids yet and they have now reduced the initial bids from $2K/$1K to $500/$250. I was 50/50 on attending opening day but I think I'm out now. I'll be in the area a couple weeks later and check it out then.
  9. Their awesome beer festival returns in September. https://facebook.com/events/s/hops-coaster-drops-2023/633806251140622/
  10. Deconstruction has begun on the drop tower. Top is off. Cranes now starting to bring down the pieces.
  11. Pass holder time is 12-4. Still some tickets for the 9:30 vip grand opening event available, as well (free; https://bit.ly/AF1-SP-RSVP).
  12. Email from the park. No idea who was emailed but I am a season pass holder.
  13. Auction now up and running for first public train. Seats start at $1K ($2k for front row). https://bramsey.hibid.com/catalog/438320/first-arieforce-one-roller-coaster-ride/
  14. More reports of them gone now. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cpf15Akv7nt/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D Would be great if they took them off others in the chain.
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