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  1. Many Six Flags parks have demo'ed old ticket booths. SFoT, Fiesta, Georgia, MM
  2. Not advertised. But it's there and will appear on mobile ordering for verification. I was sort of surprised it didn't appear at other parks. I am not talking about membership dining plans. This is for 2024 diamomd season passes and dining plans purchased since August. Not a huge deal but I thought it was interesting.
  3. Heads up, the new dining plans include a snack currently when visiting Over Georgia. Only park I'm aware of that gives you a snack credit for the day with the new plans. I thought it would have been quickly updated but still going since August when they were released.
  4. I think people are more surprised that Six Flags has the most expensive food in the industry now.
  5. Starting today, SFoG, Great Adventure, and probably more, have added a $0.99 surcharge to all transactions in the park "due to increase labor and supply costs." Signs include the poor grammar.
  6. IB posted footage on FB. Triple Looper has begun testing.
  7. Here we go again. https://www.reuters.com/markets/deals/cedar-fair-explores-merger-with-six-flags-sources-2023-11-01/
  8. Visit queue-times.com and look at December weekends the last 2 years.
  9. 2024 Calendar now posted. Opening day is March 9. RIP Jan/Feb weekends here and at KD. https://www.carowinds.com/calendar-and-hours
  10. Screamscape, FWIW, is suggesting the log flume addition/refresh has been cancelled. Engineering costs seem to be the problem. Funds for the project are staying at the park according to rumors.
  11. It's been leaked for awhile now. Some track is also on site and construction is moving along. This is the first word from the park, though. Sounds like a cool family ride.
  12. You may want to take Bonine/Dramamine the night before and day of. Or some scopolamine. Might help with nausea and head aches. I used to ride all day without issue. Now I need medication if I'm riding more than a few things.
  13. Thanks for the reminder on this. Keep forgetting to swing by there. Sucks they didn't warn you about the Fright Fest 2 hour no entry policy. I didn't realize they did until I saw a discussion about it this weekend. Otherwise, seems like you had pretty good day.
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