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  1. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2022/may/brady-bunch-actor-barry-williams-to-narrate-the-story-of-kings-islands-first-50-years-during-parks-brand-new-nighttime-finale "The 14-minute show is four times longer than Kings Island’s traditional evening finale with the immersive experience featuring fireworks, 200 synchronized drones, fire bursts, laser projections on International Street and an all-new song created just for the celebration."
  2. I'll be there. They seem to indicate it would be limited to 500 or so this year. Lines for Voyage last couple of HWNs was fairly long so hopefully it's quicker this year. Also walking all the way back on Voyage to the spaghetti bowl again this year. Obv a lot of hate for the lottery, so no telling how they handle it next year. It's just too popular right now. They also made it 2 days with no option of only Fri night and Sat. Made the price this year $125 which is a big higher than before, too.
  3. It's June 3 weekend. Had to enter and get selected in a lottery earlier this year.
  4. Perhaps a little roof on the top like Lighting Rod is the answer. Also agree that the show Yellowjackets is good stuff.
  5. The Boofet with early access to Ghostrider was excellent. I did Scary Farm in 2019 and HHN (Orlando) last year. Wife and I both enjoyed Scary Farm better. The puppet show is excellent and not something I thought I'd enjoy. The Hanging, if it returns, was pretty cool even if I didn't know half the jokes. I'm hoping to make the last day of Scary Farm this year and then spend the next day or two at Knotts and MM. In 2019, the were absolutely dead both days. Sat on Xcelerator for 7 or 8 laps without leaving the station.
  6. Park is going to building a new RMC single rail currently set to open March 30, 2024.
  7. Had no idea they were doing that. Beats my old homecoming dances for sure. Good use of the space.
  8. It's still the same. Just pizza and beer. Sorry about that. Still has a coming soon on the restaurant.
  9. Giraffe bar is now open. Everything else was running last weekend outside of Falcons. Pres said Falcon started having problems after some storms about a week ago. Been trying to get it back up quickly but I guess they need another week or so. Park is still not running 100% with several food stalls still closed. Pretzel place next to Falcon was open and smelled great.
  10. Coasters only? Most likely plenty of time with 3.5 hrs and you can probably sit on them for a couple laps. Middle of the park is a sizable water park but I've never done it, so can't comment on that. $5 bucks would pretty much guarantee you can wrap up things in the mornings if needed before going to HW. You pick up an hour between parks. Doubtful you'd need it, but for $5 it's not a bad move, right?
  11. Beware...No diet Dr. Pepper right now in the park. If the park is open after dark I can't recommend it enough. Voyage at night puts everything else to shame. Everything else above is solid advice as well. Enjoy your visit to this wonderful park.
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