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  1. Gold is still there. You select it after selecting a pass. No idea why they changed the way it's sold and made it more like an add-on.
  2. I would have to think it's like Dollywood and SEAS where you could also print it and just use that. You can also have CS at these parks print one off for you. Hope it goes chain wide soon. Would be nice for sure.
  3. New rumors suggest Flash Pass is moving to cellphones very soon. That's one way to fix the 1.5 hour lines to get the device and no risk of losing the device, etc. Good move. Will be interesting to see how parks that are hard on bags and lockers try to accomplish this.
  4. And $228 for up to 5 people isn't that expensive. Also nets you 30% off park merch. Gold pass would take care of your group.
  5. It was testing last week but has not opened yet. Probably any day now.
  6. Word is water dummies are now on the Storm Runner trains. That's about it so far.
  7. Tickets are generally $80+ for the big Orlando parks. They do run sales periodically. Buying an annual pass sometimes makes things cheaper for group with the included free tickets. No reason to buy tickets any time soon. And you can buy QQ at the park if needed. No need to worry about that now.
  8. Sure about that? IL has had more cases daily the last few weeks than they did from May to Sept last year. In no way saying they shouldn't open, just pointing out they probably could have opened last year without issue....like so many other states/parks.
  9. Will probably be a Six Flags version of what you saw at Busch. Probably not as nice but sounds like it could be worth checking for sure.
  10. Seems to be moving along. Every indication so far is still 2021. I think it'll be early June.
  11. Buy at the right time and they can get even cheaper. I paid $150 beginning of Feb during one of their sales.
  12. We went to SeaWorld Orlando on SWSA platinum passes last week. No issues at all. Preferred parking and in park discounts included in stores. Encounters are not discounted.
  13. Fast Track at Hershey isn't my favorite of the skip line systems. It's great for Fahrenheit and Great Bear. Many of the others sort of depend on the groupers and where they stop people. Preview night and a full day is probably enough to knock everything out and get a good number re-rides. Laugh Trak and Fahrenheit hold the worst lines typically. Knock those out first. Skyrush and the woodies are often station waits or better the last hour of the day.
  14. Breakers is great and all, location wise. I get the pros. But for plenty of people like myself, driving over in the morning and driving back after close is worth the $200/night savings. Just thought someone should defend the money savings side. And last year they gave bracelets at Express. You were able to drive over before anyone else, walk down the boardwalk and enter next to Magnum. They also said this wouldn't be possible last year and it was. Guess we'll see this year.
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