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  1. Can't wait to get back to last day of Knotts Scary Farm and Six Flags during slow November. Fingers crossed the Raptor is running. (yeah, right)
  2. Asked for and scanned my reservation in early Feb. Have they ever 'sold out' of reservations? Worst case you fill out the form on your way to the park. I'd imagine this is only a problem on a few select days.
  3. Most days. Hit the menu button top left and select Hours and Calendar.
  4. They could technically be RMC'ing an RMC here as well. They did work on the final drops a few years back. I'm going to guess they are doing the bridge section this time. They have been testing LR a good bit. It'll be ready unless something crazy happens.
  5. We used our pdf receipt for the dining pass. You don't have to get a wristband or anything. Same for QQ. Print what they send you in email. Flash that to attendants when getting food or getting in line.
  6. You can make a reservation for every day of the season if you want. Don't show up? Don't sweat it. Many have done away with entry times.
  7. If you are flying Allegiant or Spirit and can buy at the airport, you'll save money. I bought 4 round trip tickets to Orlando on Allegiant today for middle of April. Was going to be $358. Decided to drive the 10 minutes over to the airport and try that. Got the same flights for $214. Their hours are usually short and sporadic, but it'll save save you some cash. Chops off the airline fees.
  8. They did away with that Gold upgrade stuff. Season passes have parking now. Mindbender will 99% be closed. On their FB page, their response to it being running opening day was simply, "Spring 2021." Pretty sure that's a nice way of saying no. Also, if you bought passes last year, they are still good this year. 'The username' mentioned having a streak going and then buying new passes. Letting him know just in case.
  9. Have fun. I've done that same trip a couple times since Nov. Never a problem falling asleep at the end of that day.
  10. Timesavers are digital this year on your phone. You can get a paper at the office it says. Cheaper options appears to be 8 rides with no restrictions. Lightning Rod is still missing from the web page (and thus, from TimeSaver) currently.
  11. With Banshee and Orion an hour away I'd say there is a chance B&M can't work with KK any time soon due to contracts.
  12. Mine Blower is great. I stayed in the Comfort Inn right behind it so I could close it down each night.
  13. If anyone reads this and ends up Old Town / Fun Spot Kissimmee, the magic shop there is great. They have some quality guys manning the shop and the shows are cheap and fun. BGT didn't impress me much in December. Some decent rides but nothing that really, really stands out in my opinion. I can't imagine being in that park in the heat of summer. I'll stick to winters. Exceptions will be made for Iron Gwazi.
  14. I had multiple days where I never saw anyone else in the fast lane line with me the whole day. It was special last year.
  15. I don't really see them spending that kind of money any time soon myself. Hope you are right.
  16. They took out and reprofiled the section just after the first brake and vertical drop on the trestle. Said it was a couple hundred feet. I think they extended it a bit further so that turnaround isn't so immediate.
  17. Get there before opening and you probably knock them all out in 2-3 hours. TC usually opens a half hour early. DDD should prob be done right at rope drop. DDD, Superman, and TC have the longest lines during the day, typically.
  18. Maybe this helps... (from coaster101). Their wooden coasters are built on stacks of wood. Conversions are all steel.
  19. KK had a pic of the room on Instagram this morning. No feed that I'm aware of (or expect).
  20. Wildfire and Lightning Rod (formerly) are layers of wood with topper track on top. Untamed is a steel track, like other conversions. Structure may be wood, but the entire track structure is steel.
  21. Stage is set up for the announcement today. It's going to happen. Fingers crossed this helps the park and employees in the long run.
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