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  1. Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg is nice. Cades Cove is a nice drive. Plenty of good hikes in the mountains if you're into that. Dinner shows around the area. Hatfield and McCoys is typically the best food at those places from what I've heard.
  2. If people are going to CP for Halloween there are some decent deals now. You can get a room at Breakers for 4 nights with 2 2022 gold passes for under $900 plus taxes for Oct 7-11.
  3. Also, if you want to see wait times recently, you can check any day you want here: dollywoodwaittimes.com Can also use queue-times.com which is quicker and easier than using park apps. Link above for DW makes looking at historical much easier and quicker.
  4. The post above was right. Big Top Terror indoor FF house will be open July 31 - Sept 8. I would assume it will also be open for the actual FF. Love this. Fiesta had a couple houses open this summer for an event and it was great. They also did one in the spring. More parks should get with this trend. Love haunted houses and walk throughs any time of the year.
  5. Get there before gates open and you can get all coasters in a couple hours most days. I'd personally hit Lightning Rod, then go back across the entrance for Thunderhead, Dragonflier, MM, Firechaser, Eagle, TT, Blazing Fury. It's just a big circle. Firechaser is normally the longest line in the park. LR next. Single rider line can quick. Can't stress enough getting there early, but that's the same for any park. Bins at all rides. Ride ops normally will grab your stuff and put it away for you. They are very nice about this. LR has been running well lately. Odds are good (knock on wood) you'll get on it.
  6. Pathing does make sense. Didn't even think of that. Probably keeps the crowd down a bit as well.
  7. No Fury? Really? Hats of CF. Running the POS Nighthawk and not Fury seems awesome!
  8. Swamp Fox! Beware the back seats on that thing. They can do a number on your back. Family Kingdom also has Sally Corp's first ever shooting dark ride. It's great. I was down there a couple weeks ago.
  9. Beginning Thursday July 22, Great Adventure will stop Hurricane Harbor ticket sales. Only open to season passholders and members. Don't forget to make a reservation.
  10. People at other parks have been able to use their season flash pass on their phone. Must reserve it first by 8am or so. Often have to log out and back in of the FP website after reserving. Lots of people at Great America using season FP on their phones.
  11. On good days, SWO is one of my favorite parks. Some great rides, shows, and animals. I'll be honest, I changed my plans around for a PA trip this fall so I could make this event, BGT's event, and HHN for a night. Seaworld til 2am was actually the tipping point. Looking forward to it. Never been to Universal but we love Halloween events.
  12. The axis coaster just seems like a slightly updated version of their other model that didn't fare well. Think they have one of those trains in front of their offices. Not sure I completely understand it but I'm assuming they can make the car flip, etc like the first part of the test track. It just seems kind of like riding a gimble and you'd float around in relatively the same position. Almost like the horizontal locked videos that show up now days. Could be fun, though. Love to try it somewhere, some day.
  13. SBF Hamster wheel in Myrtle Beach. Truly awful. But I'll try most anything once.
  14. The video of this accident is just heart breaking. So sad.
  15. Yes. I don't think any park is purposely putting lives I jeopardy because eof staffing issues. If it's not to code and approved they won't open the ride. Just an opinion though. Not saying they can't be short staffed but the idea they let ride maintenance slip and still keep them open seems far fetched.
  16. You're suggesting parks are just letting life saving maintenance slip due to staffing? Seems more like bad luck than anything else to me. If it's signing off on bad maintenance, that's a very serious, life threatening problem.
  17. Add SDC's new raft ride. Boat nearly flipped recently. Now construction walls around the attraction. Hate to see all these things happen and people getting hurt.
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