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  1. She wrote it to sensationalize the topic and draw attention to herself. That's the annoying part of it. Journalism isn't about presenting something that is correct or factual anymore, it's about how much attention can you draw to yourself so your editor will give you a raise. In a way, I'm upset with myself that I even posted a link to her article. All I did was give in to what she was looking to accomplish. *sigh*
  2. I couldn't get close enough !!! Miss Susan Glaser now complaining that signs are 2 far away ... she is on a mission !!!
  3. @Susanglaser ..... Signs are placed to be read !!! It's true, for people like you ......
  4. I do love Cedar Point ... but I do miss a descent wooden coaster !!! My last visit is about 3 years ago and that Meanstreak ... damned !!! Hopefully after the next steel coaster ....... What is your opinion my coasterfriends about only building steel after steel @ CP ???
  5. I totally agree with that, this is all about showing respect to the victim's family. A very respectful and professional decision from Cedar Fair !!!
  6. Robb those 4k onride video's, is that GoPro u used for them ?
  7. Sky Scream @ Holiday Park by Richard van Noord
  8. This is what they do @ Alton Towers ..... if they catch you on camera with cellphones and other film devices !!! Enjoy your ride ... HOME !!!
  9. This is what they do in Alton Towers Robb .... I've seen it 2 years ago @ the Oblivion coaster !! A guy was spotted on their camera system on the lifthill using his cellphone, they stopped the ride, 2 operators climbed the lifthill and take the guys cellphone ... ride continues and as soon the train arrived back in the station the person was handed over 2 the security and kicked out o.t. park !!!
  10. Like you say Robb .... Security @ the onride photo booth and kick those people out using their cellphone and other devices .... I am a gopro user and I am always asking permission if there is a possibillity 2 use my gear (go pro with chest mount) ... if not I leave my gear behind at the operators or lockers !!! Very sad 2 see that sometimes when they don't give me permission other people using their cellphones for selfies and onrides and going away with it ....
  11. https://youtu.be/vjEimSYimao Look at this guy .... how stupid can people be ....
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