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  1. Of the coasters i've been on... Some of the best would be S:RoS @ SFNE, Goliath @ SFOG, and Magnum XL200.
  2. Besides Superman The Escape, which was easily the most dissapointing, X was a close second. ...wait, what's that? SFMM sucks? What?
  3. I've been on the following Hyper Coasters... Goliath @ SFMM Magnum XL200 Apollos Chariot S:ROS @ SFNE Nitro Goliath @ SFOG Heres the order of my favorites to give you an idea... 1. S:ROS @ SFNE 2. Goliath @ SFOG 3. Magnum XL 200 4. Goliath @SFMM 5. Nitro 6. Apollos Chariot SFOG's Goliath truely surprised me, it's absolutely incredible. The ending bunny hops provide some nearly ejector air time.
  4. Heres a reverse POV on some front seat riders... http://wm.gannett.speedera.net/wm.gannett/wxia/rollercoaster330.wmv
  5. Heh...this is about 20 minutes away from me. I'll admit, I make frequent trips.
  6. But then again, Magic Mountains Goliath only sits two across. So at most, SFOG's will probably increase three to four mph.
  7. Yeah, on Sunday with the test dummies, it was running way above the speed you saw in the previous videos.
  8. Yeah, Douglas is a cheep ass. Haha, kidding buddy. He and I were supposed to drive down to the park the last two days to get the video, but we didn't because I was low on gas... Doesn't really matter though, because according to a few people, it tested neither of those afternoons/nights. Oh well, only two weeks until media day! Holy Jesus I am excited! Doug and I will be there in our evening attire, equipped with a boom mic and a nice video camera. Hola. I may even take a (insert three letters) video....Or not....who knows. Ahem.
  9. Doug Stanton and I went to the park today, and heard from a couple people that it had tested earlier that morning. So, after the park closed, we stuck around for another hour or so to see if they'd test it again. Sure enough, they did. All I can say is wow. The train goes through it's course at least twice as fast as in the animation (no exaggeration). It was absolutely amazing. I've ridden over 170 different coasters, and I can safely say that if it continues to operate like it did today, it will easily rank as one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, coasters ever built.
  10. Neither of the three Final Destinations are "good films", but they're quite entertaining. The rollercoaster part gave me the willies... :-\
  11. Heres a collection of some pictures taken from this past year.
  12. I was at the park today, and they added the bottom-out track section after the third drop. The helix should be going up VERY fast....It looked like they had all of the supports on the grounf ready to go. Also, there were two track sections lying near bye.
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