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  1. Postcard from promoter FYF with hints for the FYF lineup. Edit: so far we have figured out (L to R) Top: ? Fucked Up King Khan & the Shrines ? ? Hot Snakes Wild Flag The Vaselines James Blake Joyce Manor Cloud Nothings ? HEALTH ? ? ? Future Islands ? American Nightmare Liars Tycho The Field Black Mountain ? Refused ? M83 Sleigh Bells ? Tanlines ? Nick Waterhouse Atlas Sound Bottom: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Fidlar ? ? ? ?
  2. Had a pretty enjoyable last weekend. Thursday night, headed out to the Troubadour to see Porcelain Raft and Youth Lagoon. Both were absolutely brilliant and I was shocked at how fantastic Youth Lagoon is live. The following morning, I woke up and drove straight to Indio for Coachella for the next three days which was great. It was my third year of Coachella and probably the best. Highlights: - Dead-center rail for WU LYF - Dancing onstage at Machinedrum's set - Grooving at an empty Modeselektor set to close out my weekend. Other notable acts indcluded: Jeff Mangum, Godspeed You! Bl
  3. Lotsa good releases as of late. I was too stoked to hear the new Shigeto effort, Lineage recently, this man is truly an inspiration and a total blast live. You can actually see my friend and I in the bottom right hand corner breaking it down ! I always love finding myself in gig videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ihc45xqbFoo
  4. Dubstep is not a new genre, it has been thriving (at least in the UK) since 2006. If anyone recommends you Skrillex or any other disposable act along those lines, it is understandable that you do not find it appealing as that is among the worst the genre has to offer. I suggest starting out with Mala or even Coki. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky5Mt2PLf9E
  5. Some of my earlier work on film. Shot with an Olympus OM-3.
  6. Ugh...I am so jealous of you. Been waiting for Machinedrum to make a non 18+ stop in LA for ages. That SBTRKT w/ Machinedrum tour is passing through San Diego, which I would totally drive there for, but I will be at the first day of Coachella that night. SBTRKT is playing a live set the Saturday of Coachella so I can only hope for a late Machinedrum add or a small club gig around that time. I've seen SBTRKT throw down a DJ set and it was ace, can't wait to see what a live set entails. Oh and New York gets Sepalcure as an opener, too unfair.
  7. I will never forget when Justice's debut † came out and they had SO much hype. That was a fun record, not really feeling the new effort, but I will maybe catch them at a festival or something.
  8. Yeah I feel you. I was too hard on Machinedrum I think, really a wonderful record, although repetitive in my opinion. I loved the Real Estate, but I enjoy the almost shoegaze-y feel of their debut more. Either way, it is nice to see someone on TPR with similar taste, hearing people talk about cheesy dubstep for half of the last year in this thread has killed me. I finally compiled a list of my gigs since the school year started, it has been a fun few months. Ignore the crappy Cali Christmas(worst night of my life.)+Blink-182+Deadmau5 stuff. long stories. FYF Fest @ LA Historic Park
  9. My year end list for 2011 (in order): 1) go tell fire to the mountain - wu lyf 2) the year of hibernation - youth lagoon 3) tomboy - panda bear 4) bodysongs - born gold 5) ravedeath, 1972 - tim hecker 6) s/t - sbtrkt 7) 936 - peaking lights 8) s/t - james blake 9) father, son, holy ghost - girls 10) thora vukk - robag wruhme 11) native speaker - braids 12) el camino - black keys 13) in light - givers 14) open season - yawn 15) room(s) - machinedrum 16) days - real estate 17) the english riviera - metronomy 18) s/t - azari
  10. At Coachella this year, they had RFID wristbands that were only used for entrance to the festival. As you got in line to enter, a security member would use a handheld scanner to scan the RFID tag and then, directly before you officially made it into the festival, you would tap your wrist against one of the many stationary scanners that were built into a row of plastic walls. It worked pretty well and I am hoping that I will soon be able use it to purchase items. This system would definitely work better at a Disney park rather than a massive music festival so I am excited to see this roll out i
  11. I've been to at least one show a week since school started and as my stint comes to a close, I think I will recap on the best. FYF Fest @LA Historic Park- Pretty good festival, was really excited to see Olivia Tremor Control and got to see Nosaj Thing for my third time. Broken Social Scene killed it and Simian Mobile Disco was a huge dance party. Reid Speed, Cyberoptics, and FS @Crest Theater- drove out to Fresno for this one and was well worth it. Got backstage with a friend of mine who has played gigs for these promoters. Loud, obnoxious unrelenting bass! Deadmau5, Excision @Hol
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