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  1. ^ For that matter, there's another prime example already in AND out of SFOG. (opinions of "world class" differ, but still..)
  2. Wouldn't it be 3.5 water parks now?? Lake Lanier Islands water park and Lake Winnie too?? Love Whitewater and it's surroundings. But I do agree with you Robb, I think they will all do well! viva la water parks! I wouldn't add Lake Winnie into the discussion. Sure, it's only an hour and a half north, but it's a completely different target market that probably won't suffer from anything SFOG adds. If anything, I suspect Lake Lanier would hurt the most from this. We visited that quirky little aging park a couple years ago, and I'm surprised it continues to hang on. Truth is though, you could put a few puddles and slides anywhere in a warm climate and people will find their way to it.
  3. Love this addition, but like everyone else, I'm anxious to see more details. Really looking forward to next year now!
  4. You're giving Dollywood's general clientele way too much credit there. Let's be honest, waving the stars and stripes, building monuments to heroes, and playing Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be a 'Murican" is the only recipe you need to succeed in the south....and the sappier the better. Yeah, the video was over-dramatically lame, but that's the point.
  5. It's just a shame they had to lose the other "nice filler" they had. That still boggles the mind.
  6. ^ They have a Shake Shack at Nationals Park in DC, which would've been my first visit to one, but I couldn't justify standing in a 20 minute line (much longer than pictured) while the game was going on.
  7. When you sit back in a recliner in front of the TV, do you stare at the ceiling?
  8. Would it be fair to say the Arrow suspendeds are the only sort of exception to this? They seem to be the only type consistently referred to as a nightmare to maintain.
  9. Somehow I doubt there were a ton of people clamoring to lock down the name "Firechaser Express" for, well...anything. I'm pretty sure they could've waited until the eleventh hour if they really wanted.
  10. I did a trademark search and came up with the name Firechaser Express. Sounds like a roller coaster to me. A simple trademark search comes up with the name Firechaser Express. Sounds like a big roller coaster of perhaps a water ride. So you're saying you did a trademark search?
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