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  1. FIFA 08 for the Wii totally effing rocks!!! Beautiful game!!!
  2. Flew into Columbus yesterday for the LA Galaxy match. Picked up a 4-Pack of Dogfish 90 Minute IPA. I really don't see what's so great about it. Maybe I got a bad batch.
  3. Sweet!!! We've got see some after pics of those beautiful choppers!!! Not that you weren't beautiful to begin with.
  4. So I got suspended from work again. But just for the day because I broke something that cost like $12K. So I'm sitting around drinking Leffe and playing poker. Thought I'd post a pic that way you guys remember what I look like.
  5. ^Ahh... good old Dundee's!!! AKA Genesee Brewing Co. The Black and Tan is one of my favs. It's a cheap brand made by the same folks that make Honey Brown. Not bad, if you want to get your buzz on and not looking for taste characteristics. Can't wait to head back to Ohio in a few weeks and get ONE Honey Brown for old time sake.
  6. I don't get on TPR as much as I used to. Oh well... looks like you guys had fun. Maybe next time.
  7. The most messed up coaster I've ever been on. Seriously... WTF?! How did you guys like flying United? Looking into options for my next trip. Have fun!!!
  8. Derek was in the Bay Area just a few miles away from me. I'm really hurt for not getting a phone call. Anyway... be drinking A LOT of Leffe lately.
  9. How did I never post on this topic? Kona's Longboard Lager (Dortmunder)
  10. This has been posted before... long ago. Still very funny!!!
  11. I thought the Navy was safe from stuff like this. Good luck Chris and take care... if you go
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