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  1. I got the "bring a friend for free" flyer in the mail & took advantage for my uncle visiting from NYC...we plan to visit this Saturday...maybe I can get him to buy me dinner now! Something not totally clear on the flyer or the site, it IS one ticket per household...my mom wanted two (thinking my mom & dad's seperate Gold passes would garner one each) but no dice. Just a friendly 'heads up'.
  2. Living in Tampa, home park Busch Gardens...having worked there as a team {popcorn technician..lol), as well as during Howl-O-Scream the last few years, there is little "thrill" left whenever I visit...if it wasn't for my kids always wanting to go there, I'd probably cancel my Annual Pass. it happens.
  3. Not for nothing, but I frequent several music, movie & horror sites & I have NEVER seen a group of picky, over-dissecting group of forum members then the ones on TPR...a shame because as a Floridian around several theme parks (I also work at Howl-O-Scream seasonally just for kicks), I like to frequent these boards to see the latest & greatest...stuff like this is a BIG time turnoff...I often wonder why I bother posting at all! I'm expecting some "don't let the door hit you on the way out" comments...it seems that is the general attitude around these boards. I didn't realize I
  4. It is common sense that you should clean up your writing when defending your alma mater. Wow...you must be some special breed of JERK! There's nothing wrong with what I wrote, I simply offered opinion to the OP on the area since I flippin' LIVE here & attended said school. Strike out at the pick-up bar last night?...take it out on someone else pal!
  5. WTF?!? Is that some kind of RAG on what I wrote? Didn't realize I was getting GRADED on proper grammar & spelling teach!
  6. I live in Tampa & also attended USF for 2 years (got a A.A. degree at Hillsborough Community College & finished up at USF)...if you are STAYING on campus, I can safely say you can WALK to Busch Gardens...it'll be a LONG walk, but it IS indeed walking distance. Others have said not to base your decision based on the proximity of the U to the park...I'm SURE that is NOT what you are doing as your education should of course, come first. The negative talk about USF is because they are ALWAYS in the news locally (duh!)...state cuts, job losses, not accepting new students due to shortag
  7. ^I guess my point was there are booby grabbing, booty pinching ma$$h0les EVERYWHERE...yes, even at DisneyLand...I'm sure there's another thread specializing in bad theme park experiences & how a "guest" made a scene, fought, etc. Some of you (not YOU personally) go as far as wanting to have this guys ballz cut off?!?! Geez, a little steep on a mere b00by grab! We all would react differently...putting myself in her shoes & MY wife was groped on the tower of terror...my wife would promptly tell me about it & being the New Yorker that I am, I'd promptly get myself kicked out of
  8. Say what?? Why does Robb need to come "clean up"? No one is cursing or offending? We ARE still talking about a mere b00b grab here right? Any of you ever go to a dance club? Given the "high morals" lot here, clubbing is probably "the devil"...simply walking up to the bar at a crowded club can get your booty pinched (among other things)...some things need to simply be written off! I'll still stick by my thoughts that this lady is making a mountain out of a mole hill (no pun intended). As for the "rapist"...the guy HAD to be a local..possibly an annual passholder, simply because h
  9. Seriously, I LAUGHED really hard upon reading the article. some of you REALLY need to lighten up! She looks kinda-sorta cute in that pic..not that I'd cop a feel when the lights would go dark..after all, when you exit the ride, don't you come out in rows? If anything she should have grabbed hold of the guy & told the ride op right then & there on the way out. let's see if due to this incident, this means the ride won't go completely dark anymore (that would stink)
  10. I'm sure I'm gonna HEAR it from people on this site, but I HAVE snuck on my child on a ride he was too short on....he's a big SPIDER-MAN fan & was about an inch too short to ride the 3D ride at Islands of Adventure (40" minimum)...so I simply stuffed his sneakers with his socks at the heel (he only walked on it for a few minutes)...so he was almost tip-toed...got on & rode just fine...and he LOVED it! of course, it doesn't go upside down like the Hulk...I'd never dream of doing THAT! Open to flaming now!
  11. Hi all, I plan to visit Seaworld Orlando on the 19th...I wanted to go earlier, but this December has been INSANE on my schedule (I'm only an hour away in Tampa)....I anticipate higher then usual crowds only 6 days before Christmas (ugh!) where is the ice skate show located anyway??? it looks indoors.
  12. I'd say my worst to date was just this September when I was at World Disney World for 3 days...my sandwich day was at Disney Hollywood Studios and it was indeed my worst theme park day on record... After a magical, fun-filled (& exhausting) day at Magic Kingdom the day before, we visit Disney Hollywood on a Sunday...I think my 5-year old was still exhausted from the previous day's "fun" because she not only had 1, but TWO massive temper tantrums! She hadn't had a tantrum in almost 2 years...and we thought she was over that phase, but I reckon not. She had one in the morning & one
  13. Thanks for posting...I was planning on going this year but some things came up that made money a little tight...so had to sacrifice my yearly visit to HHN...breaks the heart but sacrifices had to be made...always nice to see these pics, makes me feel like I was there!
  14. Sorry to call you out, but your post is ALL wrong. Dreamworks was purchased & is being distributed by PARAMOUNT..not Disney! (it'd be weird to have both Pixar AND Dreamworks Animation films distributed by Disney wouldn't it?) And Catwoman is not even a Marvel character...its DC, screwed up by Warner Bros. I think it was smart of Disney to buy Marvel...I don't like the "team up" personally, but from a business standpoint, its win-win, mainly for Disney! As for Universal, I think they are royally SCREWED! Being that the Universal Orlando Resort is the MAIN competitor for walt D
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