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  1. The Talking Dead just announced the new year-round Walking Dead walk through.
  2. Random question, but has there been any talk or rumors of a 24 hour event this year?
  3. They would probably hold off as long as they could on removing the dorms as there are employees currently living there. They usually close the dorms around labor day every year.
  4. Interesting this is directly infront of BttF. I think it is even more obvious what will replace BttF when they decide to pull the plug.
  5. The show is well underway now, we had tour down to Talon Falls Scream Park on Wednesday and a behind the scenes tour of the darkness today. Here are a few teaser pics, I didn't get a chance to get any pictures of the show as I actually had work to do today but those pics will come.
  6. The show is starting to take shape! Photos from the official Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show page.
  7. Transworld kicks off the 2015 show tommorow and I will be heading out once again. I am Looking forward to sharing this awesome event with you guys again. In the mean time here is a preview from Inside The Haunt Industry. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  8. This is from Rainbow Magicland in Italy. I would love to see these in US park's parking lots. It would also help keep your car cool on those hot summer days.
  9. I know it's last minute but with Saturday being valentines day over 50 haunts across the country will be opening there doors for special events. You can see if your local haunt will be open here. designingfear.com
  10. I also had a pretty good experience when I rode it back in November. I'm glad I got to ride it because it was very unique but I was expecting it to be on the way out soon. Hopefully this does end up being a dry version of Aquatopia, if it is than I may have to get back out to DCA. Does anyone know if there are any documentaries or construction photos of the ride? It would be interesting to see what is under the floor.
  11. ^^ Was just confused as I didn't see the $99 on the website either. Smart move by the park to extend it as I'm sure them might have gotten quite a few unhappy people wanting season passes. But who knows maybe with the extension more people could end up getting passes they otherwise might not of so it's a win win for the park.
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