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  1. This brings me back to the topic that I created which is now closed down. I really think the D.C/Baltimore Northern VA region could use a new theme park since SFA has not really been a success.
  2. So we will see international countries overseas continue to build newer theme parks while our country will probably take about 10-15 more years or too some of you think we will probably not get any newer type of theme parks based on film companies. I'm talking Warner Bros, Lionsgate, Sony, 20th Century Fox which just got the new deal done with Disney, New Line Cinema, etc. Movie styles theme parks I am talking about actually.
  3. Mostly I am curious as to why we are seeing newer theme parks being built overseas now as to why we really aren't seeing too many new theme parks built I our country? My only question is it probably because of our terrible economy or is it something else? Eventually when will we see like a Warner bros movieworld over in the US and a 20th Century Fox World, a lionsgate theme park, we already have universal and Disney here in the states so why not have other movie companies expand their film theme parks in our country if they are doing well in international countries?
  4. No I am not 12 I just want to see six flags america have a Great future ahead of them going forward into the next decade 2020's. Yes their are plenty of other things to do in the DC area I know. Just fixing up and improving the drier side and leaving hurricane harbor alone for now. I miss Skull Mountain BTW.
  5. Thats what I mean have a new park in the dc area if six flags america cannot get Any better. I would think like I said if the economy can get better I was thinking maybe six flags america ca n look into expanding the dry side of the park. Look their are new dc comic movies coming out now with the new dc cinematic universe with superman, Batman, aquaman, flash, wonder woman. Not to mention Six flags fiesta Texas in San Antonio is getting a wonder woman roller coaster next year why can't six flags america get a roller coaster like this from scratch instead of having a roller coaster relocated to the park like apocalypse-the last stand which came from Six Flags great america just outside of Chicago. I personally think in a big city a theme park should be no less than an hour at least 30 minutes to going too in the summer time with good rides, shows, games, etc. Rides that are well maintained and don't break down that often. To kings dominion I just looked up the driving time from DC to Doswell va where the park is located and its about a 2 hour 18 minute drive depending on where you a living in the DC metro area. Thats a pretty far drive to an amusement park. Once six flags america America was built I am wondering why couldn't they invest more in building top of the line attractions like Magic Mountain, Great Adventure, Great America, even a cedar fair park like Cedar Point I am serious laugh at me if you want of me saying this but visitors want something thats a thrill not something thats an average height average speed type of ride. Yes their are no rides at six flags america that break 80mph or as tall as 315ft range like Millenium Falcon like Cedar point. Just think of SFA had a roller coaster like that. Building a new theme park is alot to ask for obviously but 9 times out of 10 people wanting to go to a amusement park for a day shouldn't have to to out of their way to burn up gas for a 2 hour 18 minute drive to kings dominion even though the park is better. An hour like i said is more like it or 30 minutes. Does the dc area not have the infrastructure to build a good size world class theme park it's never going to happen your saying?
  6. Well Thanks for telling me that....i am still a bit surprised as to why the grim reaper went around various locations at six flags America to unveil it s New attraction for 2018 which ended up being at Hurricane Harbor Wahoo River. I am a bit confused why the reaper if you saw the six flags announcements at the end of this past summer revealed every New attraction for all six flags parks decided to stop at roar, penguins blizzard river, and the Gotham city area, could this point to signs of new attractions coming here in 2019, 2020, 2021? I dunno. But I am saying the drier side of six flags america is long overdue for an expansion IMO.
  7. Do you think maybe if the economy gets better we ca n possibly see a new theme park in the DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia area? Or the best this region ca n do now if you do not want to drive an hour and a half to KD or drive to Hersheypark or drive a few hours to Williamsburg to go the BTW perhaps expand on the drier driver side of SFA to bring in New attractions from scratch instead of beinging in relocated attractions like SFA has done in the past? And BTW in terms of the rides breaking down sometimes at SFA why does this happen more often at this six flags park compared to other SF parks around the states? And make this park safer.
  8. Six Flags America located in Upper Marlboro,MD is a park in the Washington DC area I thought would be pretty decent to visit but over the years I have heard some not very good stories of this theme park and I am wondering why no one will do anything about it to make the theme park better going forward in the near future. I understand not to get really touchy on this subject but their have been reports of gangs coming to the park, stabbing incidents, I am not sure about any shooting I have'nt heard of any, rides breaking down constantly not sure why they would'nt keep some of those attractions in good enough condition. I am trying my very best not to call this park a dump because I've noticed some people that have visited this small six flags park they actually like it alot. So I don't know if it depends on the day when visitors visit this theme park and they have a good experience and on the other hand another day a visitor gets a pretty bad experience. I am hoping that Washington D.C/Maryland, Northern Virginia are can get a really good theme park one day since Six Flags America looks like it's not really turning things around for the better. I was hoping that a huge expansion on the drier side of the park could help bring more visitiors to the park, the water park seems to be fine but they are adding Wahoo River in 2018 maybe that'sa a good move for the park. Strangely I saw the grim reaper appear around the park to see what the big surprise was going to be announced of what's to come to Six Flags America in 2018 alot of people were disappointed because the grim reaper stopped at Roar, Gotham City section, and the Penguins Blizzard River, and one last stop at Hurricane Harbor...the end result well it ended up being the new Wahoo River that's going into the water park like I was saying earlier above next year. So I don't know what Six Flags America future looks like ahead for the next decade come 2020 but I really do hope people that live in D.C, Maryland, Northern Virginia area can have a great all around world class theme park like Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA which is a pretty far drive from D.C just to go to a theme park yes like an hour and a half. Their needs to be some serious discussion as to why Six Flags America has not been a success in the last few years what it needs to do to improve. If it's hiring new employees, making the maintainence better, cleaner park, no gangs, no stabbings, none of what I just mentioned yes shootings of course not should'nt be in any theme park at all. So better security to make the park safe I should say. This is a really long post but a much needed one of this theme park which has gotten alot of negative reviews for awhile. I am trying my best not to say too the park's location is in Prince George's County not to talk about race but the park is located in a predominately african american region. I happen to be black yes and I don't think this park should get criticism because the park is in PG County no no no. Their must be another reason as to why the park has not lived up to it's expectations. Please read this throughly and I mean no harm to bring up race in this topic because we are hear to talk about theme parks but the location of this six flags park to you guys is it a cause of concern why this park cannot succeed because it is in a black area? It is a sensitive question I know but any way this park can be considered as one of the top parks in the country going forward for years and years to come. I hope their is a piece to the puzzle and a great solution to fix up Six Flags America. Don't tear down the park and start from scratch. A new theme park in the DC area if SFA does fail I think is the right call if it ever happens in my opinion. Disney's America in Northern Virginia if any of you remember that one rumor was going to happen getting built in Arlington,VA I believe but never took off. It had to do with American History.
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