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  1. Modern Treated Coaster wood doesn't rot nor does anything eat it, My local miniature railroad club has been making railroad ties out of Texas cyclone and Magic mountains Psyclone for years now slowly whittling down the piles. Contains All sorts of nasty poisons and preservatives.
  2. I have always loved going to schlitterbahn since I was little, because they have some really unique rides and play areas and always win best lazy rivers and not so lazy river contests. Correct me if I'm wrong but they pretty much invented the uphill water coaster. But it seems in this case that they answered the question; what if the old Action park had a billion dollar budget? One cannot build extreme things with out extreme mathematics and a good bit of engineers skepticism. Normal Accidents are generally unavoidable and are the result of Incredibly complex systems operating in unpredictable patterns. This doesn't seem like a Normal Accident because you can attribute this death to one obvious cause; Overloading the of raft. To all involved and the public, overloading of the raft had very obvious consequences and the lack of control to prevent the most obvious failure to ride safety is most likely going to result at the minimum of a guilty of negligence verdict.
  3. As for superman tower of power, It used to have a lot more power to the launch, A former mechanic at the park "retired" and good personal freind told me after I asked him the year it changed "2012 - 2013 i think" why it had lost its pop that they were no longer running the full allotment of air compressors to operate the ride to save on energy costs and dropped the operating PSI to match the reduced generating capacity. As for the Texas giant the no single rider in the back policy was instated after the indecent in which a woman fell from the ride. Yosemite Sam on the other hand has that policy to dissuade goofy teens from exiting the boats and vandalizing up the animations.
  4. Can we just get a Alan Schilke thread going? He is slowly becoming my roller coaster god. who would have ever though one man and once company combined could change the industry so much. Who cares if it is a clone, You can never have too much RMC in one park.
  5. The live leak comments section is not the place to go for insight or discussion, it is generally just a bunch anonymous of trolls trying to one up each other with more shocking and distasteful posts than the last. But live leak for what they lack in civilized community is a good place to find raw unedited video of events.
  6. Looks like it is time to invest in the magniflux testing industry since a whole lot of KMG rides are most likely going to be getting a very through inspection. It is a quite a un fortunate accident and my prayers or with those affected. By the looks of the break in the picture on page 5, I cannot see anything that looks like tearing or bending along the break which also leads me to think that it is going to be a fatigue related failure. Merely speculation since, but often times rides like these are powder coated; powder coating creates a hard shell which can hide stress marks and fissures from the basic visual inspection. It would require Xray or ultrasound to reveal what the steel is like under the powder coat. I would be doubtful if many states require that level of inspection.
  7. "inferior" huh, guess titan doesn't bring in the crowds. What did all of you spend your millions on in the parks you own?
  8. pfft, the cinnamon bread is a ride, golden ticket award 2017 for best coaster is Cinnamon bread.
  9. I am of the opinion that anyone who posts a picture of SDC cinnamon bread should be required to buy and ship a loaf of cinnamon bread to all TPR forum members.
  10. I foresee quite a few complaints on Shockwave if the VR doesn't give some sort of a heads up before the loops, they can be quite a surprise and cause some pretty good whiplash if you are not paying attention and holding your head back when the train pulls up into the first loop. I have had a few friends ride shock wave as their first looping coaster and get their head snapped forward to much discomfort.
  11. the judge was is serious need of some rehab, my back is still a bit sore from a trip to the park last month.
  12. In regards to the Water Bottle question, I have been told before at the gate not to bring one in. I'm not sure if it is park policy or not. But you can get free Ice water at any concision stand or restaurant just ask for a cup of water "don't let them sell you a bottle of water". Another good tip is to get a souvenir bottle with free refills for the day, then use the water cups to share the free refills among your friends.
  13. Something about RMC and fast construction makes me really happy, also that first drop looks like a maneuver you would pull in a dog fighter.
  14. Now for a Flat ride I'd have to go with a zipper. But for a Coaster id take Shock wave at SFOT.
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