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  1. The Scooters are my favorite thing at Knoebels (and I love just about everything at Knoebels). As someone who has been involved in two vehicle-totalling car accidents, I'm somewhat certain that neither were able to accurately capture the bone jarring violence of a near head-on collision between a pair of those tanks (err...scooters?). I once rode five consecutive times and had bruises all over my body. It was glorious. Nice TR, as per usual! A quick question about Skyhawk, as I've never ridden it. Consensus seems to suggest that it's an elite flat ride, even above the level of other Scream
  2. The stationary camera through the barrel roll drop is one of the coolest shots I've seen. I feel like Twisted Timbers was a big deal back in March when it opened, but has since been overshadowed by the other RMCs to open later in the spring/summer (even the Raptors). This is unfortunate, because Twisted Timbers is an incredible ride and has only gotten better as it has warmed up during the summer months. But I guess that this is what happens when Steel Vengeance was built only seven hours away...
  3. Have you ridden Twisted Cyclone? Sure, it may not be as good as Steel Vengeance, but it's damn close.
  4. I used to be very much against the idea of gong to an amusement park alone, as I've always believed that part of the fun of a park is sharing the experience with others (friends, family, etc.). That said, I've experienced a recent conversion. Last year, in the course of travel, I was literally passing directly by Canada's Wonderland. Was I alone in the car? Yes. Was I about to blissfully pass by a freaking giga coaster that I've never ridden just because I was alone? Not on your life! The day was a little bit painful at times (70 minutes for Leviathan without anybody to talk to was a bit r
  5. Nice! A coaster themed to Northwestern Canadians protesting substandard working environments. I don't personally get excited by these big, floaty-looking B&M's, but hey, Valravn is fun enough so I'm sure this will be enjoyable as well. If nothing else, I think that the helix over the pathway at the end looks awesome. I'm always a proponent of some good ride/path interaction, and I'm sure the guests will eat it up. My only real critique is with the tunnel. I know that an animation is an animation, but I think CW can do something to make it look a little less...Anaconda-esque? In ot
  6. Nice trip report! You write very well for someone who wasn't even 54 inches tall until 2011... I'm happy to see that you (more or less) enjoyed your visit to SFA, which unfortunately was my home park from 2015-July 2018. I'd say that your assessment is correct: it's not really the absolute dumpster fire that people make it out to be. It's more like a smaller, more manageable garbage can fire. But hey, kudos to you for approaching it with an open disposition. There's certainly some redeeming stuff there (i.e. Super Man, Wonder Woman, Joker's Jinx, Wild One), even though the majority of the
  7. Very late to the party here, but awesome Cedar Point TR! As a huge fan of Magnum XL 200, I must admit with embarrassment that I had never heard of this supposed "kill seat." But, after reading your TR, I decided to give it a try. I was flying solo for the day (yesterday), so I knew that in the even that it was a little too much to handle, the only person who would have to suffer would be me. I must be honest, I was skeptical that one seat could (allegedly) be that much more nuts than the rest of the train but, hoo boy, the accounts are very true. I never thought I'd say this, but I was pra
  8. ^From one trip, so take with a grain of salt... On my visit, every major ride in the park shut down in the afternoon simply due to the threat of storms. There had been no lightning visible, and the rain didn't begin for well over an hour later. Nothing ever reopened, and the park shut down at 7:00 PM (I assume that, up until then, shops and restaurants were open). So yeah, if you have thunder and lightning in the forecast, be prepared for the possibility of a near-total shutdown. As for light rain, I cannot speak to that. My experience with Fury was that the front was far-and-away the
  9. As someone who has spent over six years living in western Pennsylvania (with some of that time being in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh), I can affirm that the Steelers are not merely a sports team, but rather a semi-deity which envelopes and informs the entirety of the region's culture. As much as I cannot stand the Steelers, I have to say with complete objectivity that no other city has a sports team that means more to its residents than the Steelers do to the city of Pittsburgh. I went through college with Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow played incessantly throughout my dorm bui
  10. Excellent report, and so glad to hear that RFII is still running well. It was one of my top wooden coasters when I first rode it in 2010, but after hearing how poorly some other GG woodies have held up with age, I was becoming skeptical that it was still worth anything apart from the great view. Would love to get back up to Erie sometime to give it another ride. Also, totally agree with you about Comet. I know my good memories of it must be greatly exaggerated, but I swear I remember it feeling more akin to Phoenix than to something like Woodstock Express/Ghoster Coaster/etc.
  11. I am overjoyed to see these Giant Discoveries becoming household rides across the SF chain. I've only ever been on Black Widow at Kennywood, and it's probably my second favorite ride in the entire park. When you think of the specs, though (170 foot max swing, 75 mph) it totally makes sense that these things would have the capability of being marquis attractions. In many cases, they're more impressive than some coaster-types.
  12. In regards to Twisted Timbers, I know we were all kind of speculating a month+ ago about "what this thing will be like when it's 90 degrees out." I'm happy to say that I got to ride it a handful of times today (in the midst of a nice heatwave here in the DMV) and it totally exceeded anything I really thought possible based upon my first ride back in March. I used to be one of those people who secretly judged anyone who ever complained that [N] coaster was too intense or had too much airtime or the restraints were too hard or whatever. But five TT rides and two bruised thighs later, I'm finally
  13. I feel oddly satisfied to see Time Warp listed as the worst steel coaster on earth. Generally, I can ride just about anything and have a good time (for reference, I rode Flight Deck, which is also a bottom ten ride, and thought it was a blast in a weird way). But when I got off Time Warp, although by myself, I actually verbalized the words: That was the worst roller coaster I've ever been on. Glad I'm not alone in this sentiment. The poll was fantastic and gave a real solid representation of what I expected to be the most-enjoyed coasters on earth. Hope this becomes a yearly staple.
  14. Regarding Intimidator305... Let me preface this by saying that I really do love this ride and would place it high among the "elite" coasters I've ridden. It's wildly intense, super fast, and has some of the most mind-numbingly awesome transitions outside of Maverick. That said, I guess I still just don't "get it" the way some people seem to--especially those who refer to it as perfect. I've probably ridden it upwards of fifteen times in all different types of weather and in all different seats and rows, and I still can't shake the feeling that the first drop is a bit of a letdown. Don't get m
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