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  1. If you really don't see a problem with that, then maybe you shouldn't be driving.... "Tonight at 8: Roller Coaster nerd kills family of 5 on highway after geeking out over track delivery. Police believe the man had a massive orgasm moments before the crash."
  2. Jersey Devil looks ridiculously good. Very cool theme for a coaster too. With El Toro and now this, Great Adventure is definitely near the top of my “must visit” list
  3. Really happy to see Hurricane Harbor get something new after a 9 year drought. This thing sounds awesome!
  4. Glad you enjoyed your visit! I'm sure the heat today scared many people away from coming to the park (at least the dry side of it). Maxx Force really is spectacular Ah yes, this screen:
  5. 115 seconds is the cool-down time for the LIMs (At least it is for SFGAm's V2, not sure about the others) Once that time has passed they are able to dispatch the train
  6. You're right that they're probably not going to do anything about it, but they seemed to be strongly discouraging it, telling people to keep their hands down on the launch while coming by to check restraints. On the cycle right before mine, a dude put his hands up a few seconds before the launch and an op went on the microphone telling him to put them down. He seemed to have gotten away with it though as they launched the train. Who knows, maybe they are only saying it in case the fingerprint scanner lady comes back to the park and decides to file a lawsuit because her son hurt his arms on the launch
  7. I was fortunate enough to grab a ride on Maxx Force today as well. I waited about 2 and 1/2 hours (Still 2 hours shorter than my first wait for Goliath) and have no regrets. The ride was amazing! Yes, it's short, but it packs in so much in such a short amount of time. Like most, the launch is my favorite part of the ride. I feel like people have always claimed that while SFGAm has a fairly well-rounded line-up, the park lacks in intense coasters. It's safe to say that is no longer the case. I would love to ride this thing over and over if the line wouldn't be so long. I will say though, for a coaster with not very good capacity the line seemed to move at an acceptable pace once in the switchbacks. My only gripe with the ride is that you're not allowed to put your hands up on the launch. Also, I love the huge boom the air compressors make, it really adds to the excitement while waiting in line. I know most people find the alarm before the launch a little annoying, but I actually like it. This might sound dumb but I feel like it gives the coaster kind of a "sketchy" feel since the same alarm plays on the air launch coasters in China with the really funky banked turns and such. Super happy to have this ride at my homepark. I can't wait to ride again!
  8. For what it's worth, I've visited the park on July 5th the past 3 seasons straight and crowds have been fairly light each time. (Probably due to everyone requesting off the day before). I've heard mixed reports that the 4th of July is either extremely crowded or really dead, but I've never been on that date myself so can't comment. The 6th and 7th are on the weekend and seem to have the better forecasts as of now, so keep that in mind Maxx Force is opening on July 4th so if you want to ride it and not wait 4 hours I'd recommend getting to the park before opening and running to it as soon as you get in the park. You will probably encounter some less than desirable enthusiasts, just be aware This is assuming you aren't getting a flash pass of course, which I believe you can get one ride on Maxx with a platinum level pass. They're closing the line at 8PM for the member preview on the 3rd so don't be surprised if they do the same on the official opening. Going on the first few days of Maxx Force's opening might actually work in your favor. I went to the park the day after Goliath opened and all other rides had significantly shorter lines than usual so maybe the same thing will happen here? As for seat recommendations, ride Demon in the back car. The first drop is surprisingly great back there
  9. It looks like the ride was located at Holnemvolt Park in Hungary On what I think is the park's Wikipedia page, it states that the ride was called "Kanyargó" which google translate refers to as "The Winding". If this is the ride you are referring to, it sounds like it was demolished and the roof structure was repurposed before being removed as well. It doesn't sound like the ride was relocated to another park Yes, I was extremely bored
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