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  1. You're an idiot. Please leave our forums so it can be made smarter for the rest of us. Thanks. Okay Robb. You run a good site and it's yours. I apologize that I didn't see the April fools angle to that video.
  2. The video didn't really say enough to be an April fools joke. In 5 months when they announce are they going to say, "We said 'they' but it was April 1st and it didn't mean anything?" I don't get it. And I'm a little smart. I've been tested. I still think this is the start of a series of teasers and clues till the announcement like Holiday World did with the journal.
  3. The dueling music and showdown statement were from August. The clues are real but don't necessarily mean a dueling coaster.
  4. "They're coming." "Duel at High Noon" music. "Mean Streak loses showdown." I think the hints show this coaster will duel with itself or will be two coasters. I'd like two please. One with a lift and airtime and the other with a launch and inversions. We could find out once and for all which is more popular. I guess this all could mean there is something plural in the name and theming but today I'm feeling like a glass is half full kind of guy. I would expect this is the start of a series of teasing clues leading to the announcement like Holiday World did.
  5. They do not expect it to be a secret in that sense. The timing of the announcement influences sales for this and next season. They will announce when it benefits them. Also details are not known. Delaying announcing the stats gives other parks less time to one up them. If they had announced already then it is possible whatever records are included would be broken a year sooner.
  6. If that is Tony posting a pic of a forum I think there is some irony in that I would get if I were smarter.
  7. Maverick was not that awesome anyway. Something more like Stormrunner would be better. And I don't think they are polling enthusiasts without a budget for a decent custom steel. Stop underestimating this park.
  8. Valleyfair! became Valleyfair. Camp Snoopy at MOA became Nickelodeon Universe. Actually it was Knotts Camp Snoopy, then Camp Snoopy, then Park at MOA, then Nickelodeon Universe.
  9. I think some people here are selling HW short in assuming the ride must be tame or small. If you honestly think that is all that is appropriate for the park then recommend that, but don't assume you have to pull your punches because HW cannot handle the rides you really like. They were pretty clear that they intend to grow the park considerably and that would intail more than just a family coaster, although one could be included. I think a launched looping headbanger is not the best choice for a first steel. If it is looping, a B&M invert is the best choice. However an Intamin airtime machine in the 140-210 foot range is probably the best choice. (While I am sure the park could go higher, additional resourses should be put to the layout.) They will build it like other American parks will not, which is what makes the place unique. HW has sustained a very good growth rate by sticking to the model of instead of giving the GP what they think they want that only drives guests one year, they give quality that turns guests in press agents and drives repeat business.
  10. If they are going to go looping, then Intamin is not a bad choice, lift hill or launch. They would have to give up hopes of a number one steel if they went that route. In my opinion it is possible to get to number one with over the shoulder restraints, but you have to have at least double the budget, and know what you are doing, and even then there are no gurantees. However, if they can go launch, then maybe they can just afford an Intamin Hyper straight up. Bizzaro keeps its number one ranking not because its layout is so great that its unbeatable, but they are just not building anymore like it. It should not be hard to beat it even if you did not go as high and fast. This kind of ride is more unique, better quality, and the route to the top of the charts.
  11. While the GP has a wider range of what appeals to them, it's not like they would dislike an Intamin hyper or megalite. In addition to what enthusiasts want and what the GP wants is what HW wants. I asked Leah during ERT what the goals were but she was not answering that one. So I said there were several routes they could go if they wanted a family coaster, however if they wanted to top the charts, there was pretty much one option. HW has shown in the past that they want top rated coasters, and if that is the case now, we can help them get there. If they want a looper, we can give them tips on that too. It's not like the GP is going to complain if they get an Intamin hyper over a B&M invert. They'll line up for either, but they will talk about the one that is advertised as number 1 in the world.
  12. For those who attended HWN this year, you know that HW is looking for suggestions on what to build for a steel coaster. What did you fill out on your surveys? I recommended an Intamin airtime machine.
  13. I'm pretty sure the best airtime moment is on that hill between Tell City and Santa Claus depending on who is driving. However they were reprofiling that so it may be done now. One of the best airtime moments is not discussed enough, I think due to a tunnel. Magnum's third hill in the ejector seat (1-3) is amazing. Other OMG airtime moments include a few hills on Shivering Timbers, the drop on Cyclops, Raven's 5th if you know when to ride, Superman: Ride of Steel (America) on the return hill after the helix, and back seat of Voyage first drop (hands up, look up, and it feels like you just jumped off a cliff). For overall airtime, I would have to give the nod to Hell Cat. Every hill on that rides does what you want. A few pages back someone mentioned Wild One. While an out and back needs a few more airtime spots to get more attention, this ride does have its moments. Back in the buzz bar days, I was riding with my father and we both got launched into the bar on a hill on the return run. We hit it so hard the bar popped open. Both of quickly brought our hands back down and slammed the bar shut. It locked so we figured we fixed it and got back in line for another ride.
  14. My favorite invert isn't even a B&M... ...sooo honorable mention to Volcano 1. Raptor 2. the Batmen clones--these are seriously great rides, i'll lump them together to keep them from taking up my entire list 3. Montu 4. Fire Dragon 5. Ice Dragon Talon and Patriot are also decent rides. Alpie is forceless. And I keep forgetting that I rode Great Bear. Must say something about the ride.
  15. Hope its not too late to kick this thread up and join the discussion. These past two days I read through the Mitch Hawker poll threads for 2009 and 2010. There was so much in both about Voyage. Voyage is my favorite coaster--by far. In fact, I would find it hard to believe someone out there is a bigger fan of the ride than me. I have not been on a pre-fab, but they look awesome, and I am sure I would love them. I do understand why some don't like Voyage. What I don't get is why those who do not like Voyage cannot believe that people who like it, actually do. It is not fanboyism. It's not the park it's in. If we happened to get better rides at HWN; that's because we know what we like and how to get it. I have been on Voyage every year its been open except 2008 and this season (will be at HWN next week). Of the years I have gone, I have been to HWN each year, but I have also had 2 trips there that were not an event. I did not go while it was being trimmed. I get that Voyage is too much coaster for many people. It's often interesting to me how it affects people because I will see harden enthusiasts sitting out complaining about it, and small girls just tall enough to ride laughing the whole way the same day. I don't mean this as a dig against people who cannot enjoy the ride. It is just evidence to me that the ride negatively affects a certain type of person. I have had the pleasure of taking several coaster novices to HW to ride Voyage and some loved it, one only loved it after taking some left over pain meds she had, and some cannot handle it. If you are prone to headaches from jostling, this ride is not for you. I know several people like that, can empathize without experiencing what they are going through, and thankfully I do not share their pain. Last year I dated the girl I took to HWN for about 2 months after. In our last fight she was still screaming at me for taking her in the back seat of Voyage for her first ride! So the question is how can I like a ride that is so painful? First off, it does not hurt me even though I 100% believe that it hurts those who claim it does. I don't believe however the trouble it that it is a bad ride. It is one thing for an over-breaked Mean Streak to bounce around like a jack hammer while going 15 miles per hour, and quite another for a ride to toss you around like a rag doll because it is going faster than most coasters would over the track it has (takes the elements much faster than you would expect it to). A term I coined to describe Voyage when it first opened was "violently aggressive". That is much different to me than just rough. There is nothing aggressive about Mean Streak or Son of Beast. They are just terrible rides. There were times where part of the ride were somewhat rough as well when I rode it. The bunny hop at the end of the turnarond was a brace yourself moment till they fixed it, as was the hop before the final 90 degree turn. I have been there when there was some extra rattling at the bottom of the big hills too. It was not really that bad to me, but I will concede it may have been worse when I was not there. I don't think this is the main problem with the ride for most people however. The turnaround on this ride is insane, and the return trip after the first cross-under takes you into a world never before seen in the coaster community. These parts are too much for many people, and they are also exactly why I love the Voyage. Sure Voyage has a lot of air. So do many coasters. What sets it apart is the insanity that most coasters don't even hint at, but Voyage supplies with an excessive helping. The last part of Raven after drop 5 is insane as well, but so little in comparison with Voyage. If Phoenix was a by-the-book well measured mixed drink, Voyage would be a glass of Captain with a shot of Coke. If Thunderhead was sex, Voyage would be great rough sex. After riding it, all other coasters seem so vanilla. Please keep in mind there is something a little wrong with people who crave the ridiculously strong drink or rough sex, but they really do like it. You don't have to question them on that. Somewhere in this thread, the question was asked if Voyage would be ranked so high if it were in a Six Flags park. The obvious answer is no because Six Flags would not repair the track like HW does, they would trim the fun out of it, and they may even reprofile parts. If Six Flags hypothetically forgot all their normal behavious and kept the ride just like HW does, I think it would rank about as high. Some people would not go back as much due to the park, but the ride would still stand on its own merit. This is not shot at just Six Flags. In my opinion, Voyage is too much for corporate parks, and most private parks too. At the beginning of this post, I pretty much claimed to be the biggest fan of Voyage. This ride completely changed me. Before Voyage was built, I was going out and riding new rides all the time. Now I keep going back to HW. I even stopped buying season passes to my homepark. The Voyage was so good that it somewhat ruined other rides for me. It took me forever to get to Cedar Point to ride Maverick, but I finally did. There are so many other rides that I really have to get to. Now I want to get back to riding more things even though I do have a HWN trip next week. I've a lot of catching up to do. I do understand why some people don't like it. If it gives you headaches or makes your body sore, I get that. Also, when someone tells me that being stapled on El Toro hurts them due to their body dimensions, I get that too even if I don't think I would have the same opinion. I can understand why some people would rate pretty much every coaster low for one reason or another. Claims of "rigged ballots" just due to an unpopular vote do not meet my standards for agreement. What I do not understand is questioning a high rank as misguided or deluded. If I am only kidding myself that I like Voyage because it is in HW, maybe you are kidding yourself that a ride with a midcouse 15 seconds after the first drop is all that because it is in a location only cool people can make it to. Both arguments are equally nonsensical to me. When I read through these threads, some of the negative comments of Voyage went a bit too far. Some of the positive ones did too. I like to read differing opinions without feeling like those who disagree with me think I'm a fool. Sometimes it is an intellectual exercise. Sometimes you take a little of what you hear. Sometimes you may even do a 180 eventually...but only if you get the message in a respectful way. Will the new trains fix Voyage? Yes and no. It will probably and hopefully mean less track work for HW. Hopefully the intensity of the ride will not be reduced. It will not help those who rank it ninety-something because it will still be designed to throw you around like a rag doll. If one lap on the Voyage gives you a migraine and ruins your day, please by all means rank it last on your ballots each year or wherever you think it deserves to be. The polls are an average of opinions and experiences and yours are just as valid as mine. However, when I tell you that I can ride it 20 times in a row without a bruise, headache, or soreness today or tomorrow; please do not suggest that I or people like me are deluded and really in a lot of pain. I am not that dumb. If I have to go to the hospital after Voyage ERT, it is because my you know what lasted longer than 4 hours.
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