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  1. I'm gonna put the odds at about 15% that this 500 foot monstrosity ever gets built, and even lower odds that it ever operates successfully over an extended period of time.
  2. If I remember correctly from the other day, I think I've been on 56.
  3. I wouldn't say I hate it, but Nitro is VASTLY overrated. And I can say with 100% accuracy that I hate Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit, and a lot of people seem to like that ride for some extremely odd reason.
  4. Whoever the Knoebels webmaster is, they are my new hero. They're laying the smackdown on the morons commenting on that video. Pretty hilarious.
  5. Holding off on my opinion of this one until I actually get to ride it. New B&M's don't warrant much excitement anymore.
  6. I feel like Six Flags kills so many people that there should be Vegas odds as to the next time it happens. Put me down for $100 in June 2014.
  7. Yeah I don't know if I completely believe that either. You don't exactly have a good view of anyone else's restraint on the ride, and to say you were a couple rows back and somehow noticed a lapbar popping up seems to be a stretch. Not to mention those lapbars are freakin' hard to push down, and I dunno if the force from the ride alone would be enough to push it back down had it indeed released. So you're trying to tell me that being two rows back, as the train is ascending a hill, you wouldn't be able to see a restraint pop up? That's the story you're rolling with?
  8. Wasn't he like 2 rows back? Would he have actually been able to see it and if so how did he know to look? I am calling BS on his tweets. The fact that he called it a "restraint" and the fact that he actually sounded like a somewhat intelligent human being gives me a little faith in his story. Much more faith than the click lady. Just because he was two rows back doesn't mean he wouldn't or couldn't have seen exactly what happened.
  9. The restraint being down when the train came back doesn't necessarily mean it was down the whole ride. If the guy on the train who tweeted he saw the restraint pop up before she fell out is correct, then it's entirely possible the lapbar just went back down and relocked during the rest of the ride.
  10. ^I think that's just the boat creaking at the top of the lift hill.
  11. Honestly, guests say this to operators dozens of times a day. As a Skycoaster operator, I probably heard it every other flight for four years.
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