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  1. Skipping^ because the image does not display Responding to ^^
  2. Off of coasters I've ridden: Kumba - Busch Gardens Tampa Maverick - Cedar Point Voyage - Holiday World Cyclops - Mt. Olympus ( only good thing about that place) Cheetah Hunt - Busch Gardens Tampa All these rides with awesome theming and a few epic flats would be my dream park EDIT: apparently I could only choose 5. Done.
  3. Updated: Cedar Fair: Raptor Disney: Space Mountain MK Six Flags: Batman SFGAm SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment: Kumba Independent: Voyage
  4. One time I lost a bet nd I had to ride Mean Streak 10 times in a row (and this was before the retracking mind you)
  5. 1. Kumba (new cred for 2014) 2. Montu (new cred for 2014) 3. Raptor CP 4. Voyage 5. Maverick 6. Legend 7. Blue Streak CP 8. Batman SFGAm 9. Viper 10. Cheetah Hunt (new cred for 2014)
  6. Disney: Epcot Cedar Fair: Cedar Point Six Flags: Six Flags Great America SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment: Busch Gardens Tampa Independent: Holiday World
  7. 1998 baby! Ok I haven't ridden any significant coasters from 1998, but I think these could be the top 3 3. Shivering Timbers 2. Great Bear 1. Volcano: The Blast coaster Honorable mentions: Mamba, Journey to Atlantis SWO, and the Mr. Freeze clones.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there are already a thread for this?
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