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  1. Lots of new things coming to the park which is awesome. Never liked the entry way so the redesign should be cool.
  2. Are you serious? Pretty soon we will be able to stay at home and just watch everything from our TV and a spray bottle for effect!
  3. There are at least 3 resorts I know of that are still open out here in California They still have a massive base of snow. They are talking being open until July 4th.
  4. This country has lost the ability to discuss issues. They are unwilling to listen to opposing views and engage in a productive discussion. They resort to yelling and name calling and in some cases destruction of property. As for what to do about attendance? Maybe $28.00 for two hot dogs, two bags of chips and two sodas is a bit much?
  5. Any one know what kind of surgery Bill Paxton had that caused the complications leading to his death?
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