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  1. What's the grand opening celebration gonna be? Rocking chairs on a porch? Honestly that'd be more thrilling.
  2. Electric Eel. Journey To Atlantis (San Diego). Steel Eel. Great White. Texas Stingray. Ice Breaker. All of these are coasters plopped onto dirt, grass, or gravel. I think you're nostalgic for late-90s/early-00s Orlando SeaWorld. That's when the original JTA and Kraken showed up and they're easily the most heavily-themed SeaWorld coasters chain-wide.
  3. HHN Hollywood is not worth the money they charge. They like to think they're Orlando but they're not. If you're lucky you'll get one soundstage haunt, the rest are in existing queues or tents. The budget is simply not there, either. Endless empty black hallways with occasional lightweight sets and the only scares are sudden loud noises, possibly accompanied with an actor or dummy and flashing lights. Scary Farm is the clear winner between these two options. You'll have much more fun at Knott's and they have almost every ride open for the event. HHN has maybe four rides operational if you're lucky.
  4. Are wasps protected in Florida or something? They're wasps. Kill them all. They bring nothing to the world except hatred and pain.
  5. No but making three posts back to back to back within a few minutes of each other is pretty dumb, yeah?
  6. ^ You know you're allowed to reply to more than one thing at a time, right?
  7. Can we take a moment to talk about the graphic design team at this park?
  8. Has anyone heard if there's going to be a "Boarding Group" style situation with Guardians this summer? I only ask because I can get an absolutely killer price for a 5-day trip at the end of the month, opening weekend, and I'm extremely tempted to book it. If I have to fight with everyone for a lottery to get the privilege to ride, though, I'll just wait a while until the demand dies down. Edit - I should note that I will certainly add Genie to the tickets, but I've heard horror stories about attractions losing timeslots faster than RotR when it was doing the boarding groups.
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