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  1. Mikey over here acting like Chang was better than Lightning Run or Storm Chaser.
  2. It's a damn shame, really. It was my favorite flat at Great Adventure in the short time it spent there, I rode it every chance I got (still wasn't super reliable even then) and even got a few different cycle programs so I was able to see what it was capable of rather than the typical Six Flags-ing of flats where they run the pansy programs. It would stall at the top and everyone would be facing inwards at each other, sometimes it would just spin in place on top or at the bottom, sometimes it would spin faster, slower, etc. The ride was a beast. RIP. Speaking of ride programs, being the op on the top spin was really fun. Management was pretty specific about what program we ran with guests but we'd go buckwild in the morning when we were testing it before the park opened. One program had over 10 flips, IIRC, and the only thing that's come close to matching those wacky programs is Talocan at Phantasialand.
  3. As someone who used to work as a ride op on the parachute drop... Standalone drop tower, please. Oh no, wait, someone resurrect the Topple Tower but make it 200 feet tall!
  4. That video brings back memories of the POV option in RCT. Still, though, it looks pretty wacky and I can appreciate that!
  5. I remember hearing murmurings about a shuttle woodie or a Hangtime semi-clone a few months ago. Either option would be a huge deal for Dorney.
  6. There's plenty of jokes to be made about a friggin Hasbro-themed amusement park, but I'd be lying if I said I'm not interested in a Beyblade ride. Dueling Mack Spinner, please.
  7. Holy crapsnacks, lap bar restraints?! Gimme summadat Gerstlauer insanity!!!!
  8. With the kind of gangbusters business Comcast has seen from Universal Park & Resorts recently, I'm guessing they're looking to expand on the cheap. Buying Port Aventura has to be cheaper than building Universo ├ępico or whatever.
  9. How hard would it be to move this bad boy to another park? I never got the chance to ride but I've heard nothing but raves about it. I have to imagine the structure is partially incorporated into the building itself, though, right? If it's actually a standalone coaster maybe we can convince Indiana Beach to grow their garden, so to speak.
  10. ^ Mikey doesn't realize M&Ms are owned by Mars, not Hershey.
  11. You know as well as I do (and the rest of the y'all wackadoos here) that the turntable will be used for the first year until they take one boat into permanent "maintenance" (read - parts bitch) and they're stuck with one boat that still needs to be spun around every single cycle, resulting in even longer cycle times and lower capacity. It's the Six Flags Way*. That being said, we also all know that when your ride is complete you're still going to be sitting in the boat for five minutes until they finally check and clear the second boat to rotate you back into the station. It's the Six Flags Way*. * - Does not apply to SFFT.
  12. Hershey's whip was terrible. I'm certain the antique cars were faster and pulled more Gs.
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