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  1. You absolutely do not need two days at Knott's.
  2. The one at Tivoli is a lot of fun, especially the outward-facing seat option.
  3. I went my entire day at SFGAm recently without food because even with the 20% pass discount it's not worth the absurd prices. I went to a taco joint a mile from the entrance instead when I left.
  4. ^ It's actually going to be a new stunt show arena where the cast just rides T3 over and over for twenty minutes seven or eight times a day. Real dangerous stuff, I'm surprised OSHA is allowing it.
  5. I mean it could be an RMC dive machine for all we know. Not that I'm trying to influence anyone that may be reading this... Seriously, though, I'm kinda hoping they go for a Guardians-style rebuild to differentiate themselves from Disneyland. AFAIK every other Space Mountain is it's own thing and only Tokyo and DL are the same layout.
  6. Maybe they'll send CGA's double decker once that park actually closes.
  7. At this point just remove Xcelerator and put a modern version of Monty in it's place. Give it a beefy launch, huge vertical loop, and 200ft (or more) spike. I was seriously considering a trip to SoCal for Scary Farm's 50th this year, but with two great coasters DOA and the park charging absurd amounts for the haunt I couldn't justify the cost.
  8. About dang time. I'm surprised it's taken this long to swap to a chain or cable lift. They knew from the first signs of trouble that the launch motors kept shifting with the structure but they insisted on keeping it for some reason. All that to say, I got to ride this bad boy in it's second year and it was wacky, especially the night rides. There's nothing but inky blackness on the far side of the hill.
  9. Lucky. I was just there a few days ago and the lines were short but operations were a damn joke. Green Lantern was through the switchbacks at the bottom of the station stairs, should be a 10-15 minute wait with two-train ops, yet they were stacking every single time. It took me nearly an hour to get on. Batman stacked. Ka stacked. Medusa stacked. Nitro stacked. Supes stacked. Even friggin Justice League stacked. It was horrendous. El Toro, meanwhile, was a walk-on and they were pumping trains through. Same for Jersey Devil. They have the capability to run things efficiently, they just don't.
  10. The POV of the one in China (?) looks like a fun ride, I'm just a little disappointed it needs so many booster launches throughout the course. Swing launch (3 boosts), a boost before the airtime hill, then another boost before the twist and spike. Call me old-fashioned, but not relying on boosters throughout the course is more impressive to me. Can't wait to try it, though! The hangtime looks great! The safari resort sure sounds fun, as well as the log flume and big wheel refurbs.
  11. Having just ridden Wonder Woman at Great Adventure a few days ago, this is a great addition. My only complaint is the hard plastic molded seats that are not nice to my butt. Once it gets moving, though, it isn't a problem. They're tons of fun and pull some nice Gs at the base, plus the floater air is incredible once it gets to height.
  12. Yup, it's a sneaky one. You'll be dry until halfway through the splashdown when suddenly you get a wave in your face, chest, lap, etc. Keep your shoes as well-hidden on the sides of the log as possible to avoid squishy socks.
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