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  1. I just wish there were something more than food and retail. If there were shows or some other form of entertainment I might be enticed to make a trip from Vegas but as it stands that's not worth the 4-hour drive.
  2. It's a weird thing to break down because Disney is so wildly inconsistent with their theme park show quality. Some are incredible, some are good, and some downright suck, and what's funnier is that budget doesn't seem to come into effect for any of it. I honestly think they just throw everything at a wall and rather than seeing what sticks they just blindly grab at whatever is leftover and implement that. Now, I worked as Production Manager and Tech Director for a 500-seat professional theatre outside Philly a few years ago and we operated on very tight budgets as we were non-profit.
  3. ^ Ever since visiting Rainbow Magicland in Italy I've wondered why more places aren't investing in huge solar panel farms for their parking lots, ESPECIALLY here in Vegas. We have so many uncovered lots that result in your car baking at 150 degrees. Throw up some coverage, stick some panels on there, rake in the free electricity and happy customers.
  4. Hotel Matamba is the African-themed hotel and Nrthwnd is right, it's a lobby bar with a patio available. It's nice and the drinks are delicious but it's nothing compared to Dragon Bar. Really, is there ever a choice between "ground floor lobby bar" or "indoor/outdoor rooftop bar overlooking the park"?
  5. As a theatre industry professional (backstage, design, management), I'm gonna have to disagree with you there. Here's an non-exhaustive list of reasons why - Let's get this out of the way right out in front. Too many goddamn video/projection-based effects. This is a stage show, so use some stagecraft. The constant projections instead of the multitude of better, prettier illusions that could be used are a slap in the face to any stage tech worth their salt. Speaking of video and projection reliance, most of the "sets" are not sets at all, just a video with a large open stage.
  6. Holy crap, you just brought back 20-year-old memories! Back in 2000 my dad and I were in line and asked the guy assigning rows for the front row. He warned us about the bugs without even thinking about it, so we decided to sit in the back, haha.
  7. I really like the idea. With low-light recording becoming easier thanks to cell phones this is something that you haven't seen much, if at all. I'd certainly enjoy more!
  8. ^ Yeah, I saw that brought up earlier in the thread. It's a nice feature that I've seen used before in similar ways but my "muscle memory," so to speak, for the forum was looking at titles rather than symbols. I'll get used to it!
  9. ^ I'm curious if for the Christmas event, whatever it may be, they attempt some type of performance for guests. I know Snoopy On Ice is a tall order with the pandemic but a Christmas event without some kind of storytelling medium just seems empty.
  10. So with post titles we see bolded titles for threads with new posts and non-bolded for no new activity since last visit, same as the old forum. However, the old forum was a lot more noticeable, for some reason. Maybe it's the color, maybe it's a slight font size change, I dunno, but differentiating between threads with or without activity is a bit of a pain currently. Is there a way to change the color of threads with no new activity? Light blue to slightly darker blue or purple?
  11. ^ Hoooooooooo boy yeah they're gonna really have to give Newsom one hell of a blowjay for him to change his mind, haha.
  12. It's sounding like we have two casualties of the pandemic at DLR. Frozen Live and Mickey & The Magical Map are both dead for now according to some friends I have in the theatre world. In my opinion neither were very good but they were HUUUUUGE people-eaters for large chunks of the day. This will definitely have an impact on lines when the resort finally reopens. Here's hoping they take this opportunity to eviscerate everything from Frozen Live and install a short-form Newsies or Mary Poppins show. Frozen Live is horrible.
  13. Almost two weeks later and we know this was all bull. Apparently he's going to be "speaking with theme parks" sometime this week, but I'm not expecting anything special.
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