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  1. This should have been placed in the Theme Parks/Roller Coasters/Donkeys forum. I have no clue what went wrong. Please move it to there.
  2. May 6, 2020: Wanzhuyuan (Jieyang, Guangdong, China) There is life after Covid-19. Today I visited Wanzhuyuan in Jieyang city in Guangdong, China. This park has been around for a while and added a bunch of new rides a few years ago. Wanzhuyuan is a very scenic park with a few lakes a lot of trees, water park and an area of amusement rides. Perhaps the most interesting ride here is Jungle Roller Coaster. It is a small family coaster with spinning cars. It is not very thrilling, but it still has some merit. It is located under a canopy and this provides relief from the hot sun. The other two
  3. I am aware that anniversaries sell themselves and CF has done it this way in the past, but look at CP this year. A new ride is being added and other things are being done. They are not just using the 150th anniversary of the park for marketing If the leaked drawings of the KD coaster were real, CF has probably already purchased one due to the amount of time it would take to plan and build a coaster. If this is the case and it is now not going to KD, then where will it go?
  4. Maybe the rumored wing coaster for KD has been moved to Kings Island as a replacement for Vortex. I know KD removed Volcano and a new coaster would be a likely candidate for them to get a new coaster as KI is getting Orion, but KI is now without a conventional sitdown looper and a wing coaster could fill that need (even though it is a little bit different from a sitdown looper). Another reason I think this is that the footprint of that rumored wing coaster would fit very well where Vortex was. I rode a version of this design at Colorful Yunnan Paradise and the station area, if this ride was bu
  5. It seems that the video has been removed. The ride basically looks like two giant um....dicks side by side and they move as though...uh....sexual intercourse is taking place. Riders sit on them without a seat belt and the object is not to fall off (the ride is pretty tame). It is at a carnival in Thailand. You do not get wet, unless the seeing this attraction makes you excited and you are a female. Seriously.....there is no other way to describe this attraction... I do not know what the name of the ride is. I came up with Erotica: The Ride on my own.
  6. There is only one way to describe this ride... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQcS6IrYmT0&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3TtTFlROjebvKoMSAO40Ih6cxOM7dj67DQWz7ptjjNEG0r6uPA5_6B_OQ&app=desktop
  7. With the removal of the rides, Ohio will be without a traditional amusement park that has a regular operating season and Stricker's Grove will be the last traditional park in Ohio. I have been to Coney several times. I have never went there for the pool. I went for a traditional amusement park experience in a park with a rich history. Once before, Coney removed the rides and focused only on the pool and not only did it return as an amusement park, Kings Island arose from the ashes.
  8. August 2019: Beijing Parks I spent a few days in Beijing a week ago and visited four parks there. The following is a rundown of each park. Sun Park-I visited this park the evening I arrived in Beijing. Most rides had closed for the day, but some family rides were still open and this included two coasters that had been added since my last visit. Jungle Block is a family coaster with spinning cars and is intense. It is the second coaster of this type that I have experienced. After this, I found Happy Journey Cars,which was not on RCDB at the time. It is a kiddie coaster with spinning car
  9. I visited three parks over the last five days. I would have visited four of them, but one park had been closed and the rides removed. Here is a rundown of the parks. Universal 100 Movie Theme Park: This is not owned by Universal, but it is a large park and very nice. It is nicely themed and has a lot of theater based attractions and shows. Rides are scattered throughout the park, including Mine Truck, which is a knockoff of a Vekoma Mine Train. It is an okay ride, but I think the park should have a more thrilling coaster and at least two large coasters. There is a flying theater ride and t
  10. Yes. There are a few good pops of airtime on this ride. I went in with low expectations for it and was pleasantly surprised. Airtime and inversions work well together on the same coaster.
  11. July 14th & 15th 2019 (Changsha, Hunan, China): I would visit three parks over the past couple of days and ride my 1200th coaster in the process. Yutan Park-This park is located about a 15 minute bus ride away from the newest Fantawild Park. I stopped in for a bit, rode the coaster and left. This is a common city park with a small area of rides. The jungle mouse here became my 1200th coaster to ride and Yutan Park became park #609 for me to visit. Oriental Heritage (Changsha)-This is Fantawild's newest park and it just opened a little over a week ago. It is park #610 for me to
  12. Garden Fantasy is a Beijing Shibaolai knock off. It is extremely slow, but it does pick up speed towards the end of the ride.
  13. There is no chain lift for this. It is a launched coaster. I thought the name was ironic. I am glad that the park the didn't screw up the whole experience with ridiculous rules. One bit of important information is that, while the park closes at 10:00pm some nights, the coasters close at 6pm. If you visit, forget about night rides or visiting later in the day.
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