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  1. Artist: Madonna Song: Best Night Album: Rebel Heart [Deluxe] (2015)
  2. You could probably find it cheap on amazon.con lol, That's where I bought mine when the original disc broke http://www.amazon.com/RollerCoaster-Tycoon-Wacky-Worlds-Expansion-Pack/dp/B000089SOW/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427435649&sr=8-1-fkmr1&keywords=rct+2+wack+worlds
  3. Yes sir, of course we don't have a Six Flags park in Pennsylvania so, that is how this creation came to be. I thought, if Pittsburgh were to have a Six Flags park, this is how I'd like it to be lol.
  4. Pretty nice so far, looking forward to it's full development! Just a suggestion, I hope you incorporate a little more color in the park along the way...nice job!
  5. Thank you much...I tried to make sure there was a variety of coasters to choose from Why, thank you much, glad you liked the coasters! Thank you much, glad you enjoyed them!
  6. Hello all! It's been a few years since I've uploaded anything coaster related so I felt like sharing this park. I actually started the park about 5 years ago and for whatever reason, I never finished it. So, over the last month; I've added new coasters/rides, removed a few old coasters & rides, added more land, more shops and some themeing. I've only used the Wacky Worlds & Time Twister expansion packs and I believe there are 13 coasters crammed into the park: 1. Diablo- Purple/Yellow B&M floorless coasters 2&3. Batman vs Superman - Two Intamin Hyper Coaster (initially was to be dueling coasters but I couldn't get the timing down so they ended up as two coasters enter-twinning with different layouts.) 4. Mistique - White/Purple B&M inverted coaster 5. Riser - Green/Yellow Intamin Twisted Impulse Coaster 6. Biohazard - Brown/Green Woodie 7. Blackout - Black/Red Intamin mega-lite 8. Chokehold - Sangria/Grey B&M dive coaster 9. RuKhan - Blue/Sky Blue Vekoma giant inverted boomerang 10. Amazonia - Green/Purple B&M Sit down (NOTE: I didn't realize I built this coaster using the wrong style...was supposed to be a B&M Hyper but I accidentally used the sit-down twister style...though the layout is still a hyper coaster) 11. Maraj - Tan/Grey Out & back Woodie with a twist. 12. Nitro - Black/Purple Intamin reverse freefall coaster 13. Cobalt - Black/Blue/Red Intamin Sarajevo Bobsled coaster Take a gander & hope you enjoy! Screenshot w/cartoon filter Original Screenshot Six Flags Steel City.zip Saved Game zip file
  7. Cool P:TR, I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures! Chimelong Paradise is a pretty nice looking park...glad you had fun, thanks for the report!
  8. I think I'll just stick to Rct 2...You'd think they would have learned their lesson with the release of the abysmal Rct 3.
  9. I do indeed like the bright orange and blue of Goliath.... speaking of Goliath.... Intamin's version, I like the purple and lime green color combo
  10. Both equally stunning parks, but Silver Dollar City is my pick because of Wlidfire, among other things!
  11. Central Florida... I need Busch Gardens, Universal / Islands of Adventure & Sea World!
  12. Phantom's Revenge @ Kennywood Park always seemed to have a weird second half, but that could just be attributed to the hilly terrain...I can't say that the ride isn't a kick-@$$ Air-time machine!!
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