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  1. Saw these today at Steel Vengeance, dont know if they are new or old but that pallet was not there yesterday. Also as we were leaving today driving on the outer road from hotel Breakers at around 2:15 there were a bunch of work trucks outside of Steel Vengeance by the lift hill and i saw 5 people, 3 with faded dayglo green Rocky Mountain shirts and the other 2 had blue Cedar Point shirts. Hopefully this means 3 train operation for the holiday weekend.
  2. Glad to hear it's as easy as turning on my phone, that makes it convenient for a non technology person like me. I have noticed that since I finally paid for ExpressVPN it keeps turning itself off and on but I will play with it to figure it out, I still have 5 days to figure it out. Thanx for the info.
  3. I just signed up with ExpressVPN for my trip to China next week and the only problem is they really do not say how to use it. To those of you who use one when traveling my question is when I get off the plane in China do I just turn on the phone and the VPN and that is it or do I need to buy a China Mobile SIM card like usual? And I guess the second part to that question would be do I need to change my phones setting to GSM or leave it on America's setting. Thank you in advance for any help.
  4. Robb, for some reason I cannot vote above but I definitely WOULD be interested in a Roller coasters in the Raw HD Blu Ray. I am a fan of physical media and already have volumes 1 through 5. So put me down as a yes.
  5. Great trip report so far, you are making me miss the park so much. The crowds were crazy while you were there, I went on a Saturday during a typhoon and the crowds were still really bad... 90 minutes for both Soarin' and the rapids ride, 60 minutes for seven dwarves mine train and ropes course although Tron and Pirates were walk on all day. For me the standouts were of course Pirates (in my opinion the best dark ride ever created) and Tron, Buzz lightyear has super large and easy targets so I really liked that and Peter Pan with the new animatronics being used. Overall a really nice park that
  6. I have never signed up for Twitter and have no desire to. I use 3 social media platforms... Instagram, Facebook and WeChat
  7. How do I find the operating calendar? Also the link to the onsite hotels.
  8. Does anyone know the web address of this park? Looking for a new park to visit when I go back to China in January and this park looks like it might be worth the visit.
  9. For me there is 4 I'm looking forward to in 2016, first and foremost would be Storm Rider at Kentucky Kingdom. After riding Medusa Steel Coaster in Mexico and it becoming my favorite RMC hybrid I see a lot of the same with Storm Rider plus that inverting first drop is simply AMAZING. I think next would be Lightning Rod at Dollywood, it looks like a great layout that will use the surrounding terrain to its advantage. With Tatsu at Magic Mountain being in my top 5 steel coasters I am really excited about Flying Dinasaur at Universal Studios Japan, taller longer and faster than Tatsu has me reall
  10. How in the world are you not a fan of Twisted Colossus? What is not to like about it? Don't get me wrong, it is a good coaster but of the 5 conversions they have performed I have it ranked fourth. I didn't find the trick track at the beginning all that spectacular and just as the coaster gains any momentum you are already at the second lift hill but I fault the original structure and not RMC for that. Plus the day I was there I hardly ever saw it racing (yet I blame Six Flags ride ops more than anything) so the high five element is not as exciting if you aren't really... you know... h
  11. Screamin' Swing is an upcharge attraction, I visit Knotts every couple of months and I have only seen it running with people on it a handful of times (although I am there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I can't speak for it on the Weekends) so I am guessing it is a money losing attraction. Including it as general admission seems unfeasible since it is only an 8 seat model of the ride the wait at times could be crazy long if was included.
  12. I'm really hoping for RMC topper track and keep the layout as it is because it is a great layout plus new RMC trains (I am not really a fan of Magic Mountains' Twisted Colossus redo but I absolutely love the trains, very comfortable). My bigger wish is this makeover is so successful that they do the same for Mean Streak and return that coaster back to when it first opened.
  13. No I didn't perform a reinstall but I did run a virus scan using Malwarebytes and it did find 870 "threats". Once I removed them all I have had no issues with the program. Apparently downloading from Steam I caught a bunch of viruses, wish I had purchased a hard copy of the program.
  14. I haven't read through all 64 pages of this post so if this has been answered already I apologize. I just purchased RCT 3 a few weeks ago off of Steam and I don't know if it's because of their servers or because I am using Windows 8.1 but the game keeps freezing to the point where I need to do a hard reset on my laptop to unfreeze the computer. Anyone have any ideas why this is always happening?
  15. Glad you enjoyed the trip report. I never realized how much I really did until I created this TR. I definitely had a blast in Japan and China.
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