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  1. Clearly you hangout with Cedar Point fanboys. I haven't heard anyone say Gatekeeper is better than X-Flight. Kind of excited about this addition, but to be honest, the layout doesn't look all that exciting. Even with the Dive loop/immelman whatchamahoosie. Granted we know nothing about the rest of the ride....so pontificating about how awesome, or not awesome it will be is silly.
  2. I think you need to read the Game Forum posting rules....STAT.
  3. He also worked at Magic Mountain before coming to SFGAm, so you might have seen him at WCB, Erik. Very nice guy.
  4. I'd say it's a cross between yellow and green. It must be the color scheme for the trains!!!!
  5. I noticed he was wearing a neon shirt. I think people read way too much into things.
  6. So you're basing this one month testing in IL on CA regulations? In any case, it looks great. Glad to see this park back up and running.
  7. While in Florida I enjoyed many Sweetwater IPAs.
  8. ^ I'm not familiar with iMac's but I'd venture to guess it's still a directory problem. Some of the zip files contain another folder within the folder. The one in the zip is the one you need to move, most likely.
  9. ^ It got locked because you didn't follow the posting rules here. Multiple times. In any case, this is a nice start....for a parking lot. For the life of me, I never understand why people post updates of parking lot construction.
  10. Victory Summer Love, last night. Which immediately makes me want to break out into singing Grease's song of the same name.....and I hate that movie/musical.
  11. Great report, Adam! Now I'm thinking this might be a good side trip for our visit to Orlando in August.
  12. ^ The POV video made Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard column yesterday afternoon too.
  13. I've yet to see anyone provide any evidence that the trims were added later. We've asked numerous people at SFGAm at TPR events, Media Days, and construction tours about them, and they all say to a T that they've always been there, and that the trims are actuated by the trains weight, and always have been. The heavier the train is, the more the trims activate. The lighter, the less likely they'll turn on. We've discussed them ad nauseum in this thread soooo many times.
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