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  1. [fbvideonew][/fbvideonew] ALso just a friendly tip to get and load the Presto card at least a few days in advance. These things have so many glitches you want to make sure they're working before being in a situation where the reader thinks the card is empty and you've got no change to board the bus.
  2. 1. There are a bunch around the park, but can't say how expensive it is compared to cheap rates. 2. There are public transit options, particularly in the summer. YRT (York Regional Transit), TTC (Toronto Transit Commission), and the GO (Government of Ontario) all serve a make=shift transit loop at the park. 3. Use this searchable calendar to see how busy the park is on any given date. Of course it can't predict the future but it gives you a good idea of how busy the park has been in the past on whatever days you're considering. (https://queue-times.com/parks/58/calendar/2019/12) If you're
  3. Thanks for the photos. I've been curious about how it shaped up. My family wants to go.
  4. Double check the fine print of those FL+ tickets... if they are the same as mine (I bought them during a flash sale last summer) then they expired after labour day weekend. I went to use mine on Saturday that is when it was pointed out. They said the only thing they can do is refund it and then charge me the current cost of the pass $89ish. Luckily I had my family's season passes with me and none of them go on adult rides so I cashed in one of their FL+ due to my renewing our cards.
  5. You bought those from the flash sale last summer like I did. I used one but have one left and am going by myself to the park tomorrow to use it because I can't go the following weekend. Was hoping to go with someone but oh well.
  6. I understand what you mean. I bought a few FL+ tickets during a flash sale last summer/fall. They were half price and could buy four. I bought two. I also renewed all 5 family member season passes giving us FL+ tickets for each person but my kids are 4, 6, and 10, and my wife doesn't go on big rides so 4 go to waste. I learned though the you can give them to guests who you take with you, so that's what I did.
  7. I was never a fan of it to begin with. Never saw the appeal in it. That's just me though. I've also ear this event at other Cedar Fair parks are free, not an extra $30 plus dollars... not sure if that's true though.
  8. So I just read in the National Post that Six Flags has approached Cedar Fairs with a cash and stock offer to buy the chain. Nothing has been officially acknowledged. My question is lets say this becomes reality, what do you think it means to CW? How do you think CW will be treated compared to SF other properties... cause when I think of SF and Canada I think about how shoddy La Ronde is. CF has treated CW with good care in my opinion.
  9. I thought they were going to open some of the coasters where you can see what I at least thought was base heaters attached to the track in the stations of rides like Leviathan and Yukon Striker.
  10. They're probably trying to rev up interest in the Winterfest. I saw it and rolled my eyes... but it did look rather festive.
  11. Ah thanks for the explanation. I found the order lookup feature of the payment portal on the site but unfortunately I can't seem to make use of it because I don't have my order ID number. That would be contained in the email order confirmation which is what I can't find.
  12. Sorry, maybe I'm too tired... I'm not sure what you're suggesting...
  13. I got a bit of a dilemma... After I renewed my seasons pass for this year there was a promo where you can buy some FL+ tickets for half cost. I bought a few. I used one already but for the life of me I can't find the email or printed ticket so I can use the second one. I'm supposed to go with a friend tomorrow. Can the park find it somehow if I check in with customer service? Does anyone remember if that flash sale of FL+ passes was only for seasons pass holders or for anyone?
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