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  1. For those of you who have gone to the park and ridden Taron, about how long was the wait time? How long were the wait times for the other main attractions as well? I am going on Friday and cannot wait.
  2. I had my first visit to SFNE yesterday (and also my first visit to a Six Flags park...) and was pleasantly surprised. To start, it was Fright Fest, but my family and our exchange student are not ones to be scared, so we were out of the park by 6pm. We also only went on four of the coasters and none of the flat rides, but of the rides we did do, they were all much better than I had anticipated. Thunderbolt was a really classic ride that did not feel old at all. I was surprised at how smooth it was for a wooden coaster of it's age. There weren't many forces on it, but it was still fun no
  3. Already hard at work on the next one. Serial Killer. Coming Soon.
  4. I was going to say that not much could really drive me back to SeaWorld since I have not been since 2011; however, this actually looks really well done, and very fun! I am loving the color scheme, the cool modern art-deco style zero car, and the layout itself is really pleasing. That bunny hop before the MCBR looks promising! Cannot wait to see how SeaWorld pulls this one off because it looks ah-may-zing.
  5. I have been trying to record in 1080 HD quality, but for some reason NL2 always gives me an "ERROR" with the statement that my screen size is too small to record in that quality. I have done it before, so why can I not do it now? Any advice on how to get that great high quality footage that I so desperately desire? Thanks!
  6. Thank you! I set out to just design a B+M Giga coaster, but it turned out much larger than I had anticipated. Overall, I like it, but it does seem to go on forever.
  7. SteelHeart "Bred of steel, heart that's real." SteelHeart, the first-ever Giga coaster from KG, is a massive 7,745 ft. undertaking. Climbing 350 ft. with a 365 ft., 99 mph drop into a ravine, SteelHeart would be the tallest, fastest, and longest Giga coaster in the world if ever constructed. Pulling +4.5G at it's horseshoe turn and -1.15G on the first airtime hill, a ride of steel may be common, but with a heart and intensity like this one, nothing can compare. Inspired by Giga coasters such as Leviathan, Fury 325, and Millennium Force, SteelHeart is a melange of multiple well-known G
  8. ^ That doesn't even look real. I can't imagine how massive this must look in person either. I love the logo on the front of the barn!
  9. I second all of the people who have reacted the same way the VIP peep did at the end of the video. I would have preferred a revamped version of RCT3 even with it's gridlocked design over this. It looks, dare I say, tacky and undeveloped? Not convinced at all.
  10. I always love watching your projects come to fruition. I'm OBSESSED with the color scheme, and the layout looks great as well. Patiently waiting to see the finished product.
  11. SWIFT || No Limits 2 || A Wing Coaster by KG 4,540 ft. long 157 ft. tall +4G -0.5G 62 mph Lift hill, wing-over drop, elevated flat spin, egg turnaround, zero-g roll, dive loop, inclined loop, 90 degree banked turn, mid-course brake run, downward helix, flat spin, turnaround, transition, zero-g flat spin finale.
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