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  1. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Background- Ride on the Northern Lights above the lake, with a vertical drop, and breath taking views of the northern landscape. Design- The layout is heavily inspired by Emperor at SeaWorld San Deigo and Valkyria at Liseberg. I wanted to try and emulate this style of ride and create my own version. I've loved how these coasters are condensed, punchy experiences that leave you wanting more as you fly into the brakes. Designing this has made me realise it's a hard balance to get something that gives that experience without being too short or dragging towar
  2. DOWNLOAD Background Worship the god of coasters and join a new relIgion celebrating Height, Speed and Force. Deity is a new breed of hyper coaster that will give you an religious experience as you soar into the heavens. Design After Orion was announced I wanted to go into doing a Giga style B&M. I loved the design of Fury325 and Leviathan and how much it differed from the traditional hyper coaster, with more of a focus on speed and unorthodox layouts. I used Orion's height (285ft) to do my own version of the layout. It really opened my eyes to how difficult these coasters a
  3. - Background Welcome to Infinity, a new source of power. Following the ISON missions into space, research has introduced to us a new energy source. It's clean and renewable, yet incredibly powerful. You have been invited to experience the raw exhiliration of this out of this world innovation. Infinity Mega Coaster draws speed and energy as if from thin air and will show you boundless thrills that never seem to end. - Design Infinity Mega Coaster takes inspiration from many multi-launches that are taking Europe by storm ( Taron, Helix, Icon and Taiga). I adored how they turned a tra
  4. So this year I decided the place to be for coasters is definately Sweden, so we decided to visit Gothenberg & Stockholm. Not alot of planning happened apart from the flight, but hey ho, we boarded out flights and set off. Day 1 - Liseberg So we arrived in Gothenberg late Tuesday night, we headed straight for our airbnb, thankfully Viktoria had an amazing place and managed to confirm before we arrived (just about). She left us plenty of candles and lots of pictures of herself and her immensly attractive boyfriend, this provided us with some lovely dreams. The next morning we got
  5. Here's the POV for you guys without NL2 a computer thats bit poo.
  6. So I started project back in July (intact further than that, I've had Dive Coaster layouts bumping around for what feels like years). It started with this layout here, that I realised this was a project I wished to finish. But after numerous tweaks and I general idea of theme I finally after about 25 drafts got a first half I enjoyed! I settled on the name ISON, it was a famous comet discovered in 2012 which was said would burn brighter than the moon. I also liked the area of plummeting to the ground with the force of gravity, it all kinda fit, so I started pulling the a
  7. Just between projects I thought I'd revisit the first ride I did using Newton2. It's a ride I'm quite proud of, and there are a few track work details that annoy me, but wanting to revisit the ride I found it didn't import very well, so I'm going back to it to get it back to it's former glory with bit added on. CrazyCoaster will be helping with updating some of the textures later on. So far I've just been lining up the scenery and re-doing all the supports. I'm gonna try input some details I've always wanted on the ride, so watch this space Teaser Screens Original NL1 Ride
  8. DOWNLOAD RLRides & CrazyCoaster Design Presents -Kite Flyer- Background- This ride is inspired by competetive stunt kite flying. Prepare to enter, ride the wind and show us your moves! This is an intense ride experience with high speeds and forces, dives and twists. All entrants but be 1.4meters and not suffer from back or heart problems. All loose articles must be secure. This ride is not suitable for people who are pregnant or suffer from motion sickness or a fear of heights. Design- Inspired by Thunderbird at Holiday World and various other modern B&Ms. I've created
  9. Will be releasing this ride next week on May 5th 2015. It's almost ready to go! I've decided against using an area soundtrack. Been back and forth about what to use but tbh I found it a little annoying with Hawk having to turn my music off to prevent it all clashing, and I wanted Kite Flyer to have quite a heavy soundtrack based on music that's inspired me. So what I may do is release a spotify playlist with the ride so you can get the full vibe..if you wish. Although there is some speakers, they won't be playing music.
  10. Ride the wind & SHOW YOUR MOVES! Quick preview of the ride here, due to release next month. EDIT just noticed I labelled first inversion as an immelman but it's a dive loop, oops.
  11. Still going with Kite Flyer BUNTING Collaborating with CrazyCoaster again with this . Been props for the help here.
  12. RLRides Presents - Reuben's Train Background Come onboard and enjoy Blueridge Valley from an exhilirating train ride. Reuben's Train will take you across the valley and through the woodlands on the other side before diving down to the Blueridge Valley Mines. The line may have some unexpected turns so please brace yourself and keep your arms and legs within the cars for the entire journey. I would recommend giving this a back-seat ride. Elements Station Launch Helix 2nd Launch Figure 8 Air-Time Hill S-Bend Crooked dive MCBR 3rd Launch Helix Double Bunny Hop Carouse
  13. Still hard at work on Kite Flyer but gone back to Minetrain and decided not to scrap it as it's pretty fun. I'll probably look at releasing it this weekend, but for now...
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