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  1. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Background- Ride on the Northern Lights above the lake, with a vertical drop, and breath taking views of the northern landscape. Design- The layout is heavily inspired by Emperor at SeaWorld San Deigo and Valkyria at Liseberg. I wanted to try and emulate this style of ride and create my own version. I've loved how these coasters are condensed, punchy experiences that leave you wanting more as you fly into the brakes. Designing this has made me realise it's a hard balance to get something that gives that experience without being too short or dragging towards the end. The track was designed using FVD++. Elements- Vertical Drop (with holding brake) Immelman Loop Horseshoe Overbank Zero-G Roll Airtime Hill Side-ways Dive Notes- Music is from His Dark Materials Soundtrack by Lorne Balfe Cars are altered from TheCodeMaster's custom dive trains Hope you Enjoy and rate if you can. DOWNLOAD HERE Some screens
  2. DOWNLOAD Background Worship the god of coasters and join a new relIgion celebrating Height, Speed and Force. Deity is a new breed of hyper coaster that will give you an religious experience as you soar into the heavens. Design After Orion was announced I wanted to go into doing a Giga style B&M. I loved the design of Fury325 and Leviathan and how much it differed from the traditional hyper coaster, with more of a focus on speed and unorthodox layouts. I used Orion's height (285ft) to do my own version of the layout. It really opened my eyes to how difficult these coasters are to design, balancing a realistic track length with the speed and keeping the footprint tight was such a tal ask, and it perhaps was the longest I've ever spent on a layout, dispite it's supposed simplicity. The track length lies behind the monster of Fury325 but is longer than Orion and Leviathan. The theme came about when I was writing down the words I wanted this layout to have, beautiful and graceful yet powerful and intimidating, they all matched this idea of a great god. But also these large coasters are so rare, us enthusiasts almost make a pilgrimage to see them in person. Parkscape Design helped me realise this vision by designing the station and ride area, and he did such a great job, This may be the worlds first hyper-station (200ft tall). Elements 285ft Drop Speed Hill Orion Turn Air-Time Hill S-Bend Banked Speed Hill Mini-ampersand Air-time Hill Twisted Airtime Hill Thanks Jay (Parkscape Design) is the reason this ride exists, I almost gave up but he really showed his skills here and I'm forever thankful for his incredible work. Ride Area Music is done by Dario Forzato, Bob Bradley & Thomas Balmforth from Audio Network. Storage doors - 97 Degrees Track Rework Freefall (Steam) Cliackable Door Scenery - Bestdanis Park Pack Coaster Accessories - Plantoris Ultimate Attachement Tools - Bestdani Foliage - nSeven Updated Trees - Thecodemaster Enjoy!
  3. - Background Welcome to Infinity, a new source of power. Following the ISON missions into space, research has introduced to us a new energy source. It's clean and renewable, yet incredibly powerful. You have been invited to experience the raw exhiliration of this out of this world innovation. Infinity Mega Coaster draws speed and energy as if from thin air and will show you boundless thrills that never seem to end. - Design Infinity Mega Coaster takes inspiration from many multi-launches that are taking Europe by storm ( Taron, Helix, Icon and Taiga). I adored how they turned a traditional coaster layout completely on it's head as you can save the intensity for a crazy fast finale rather than having to work with the lowest speed of the ride. This ride intertwines in the way The Smiler does, going back and forth through the layout to keep the track within a tight footprint with the second half circling the first, I wanted to keep that concept with this ride to make a real tangle of track you could watch all day. The name originates from the shape of an Ouroboros (or figure 8), as I love this shape in a layout, it's such a traditional coaster shape to a point where the german and dutch word for a coaster means the same thing. I wanted to twist that shape and you'll notice it appearing from various angles across the layout depending on where you stand. If you want to see more about the layout design process please SEE HERE Elements Launch 1 Twist'n'Dive Air-time Hill Dive Loop* Ouroboros Turn (Figure 8) Air-Time Hill Zero-G Roll* Launch 2 Top Hat Vertical Loop* Outward Banked Hill Immelman* Speed Roll* Bunny Hop Finale Helix *TOTAL INVERSIONS = 5 Thank You Massive thanks to Andre (CrazyCoaster) for once again saving this ride from getting binned, by breathing the life it needed from my initial concepts. We've been doing this since we were kids, but as we both now are hitting ours 30s, I really hope to keep this going. All 3d modelling credit goes to him <3 Anyway! I hope everyone enjoys the work that has gone into this ride. As time goes on, projects like this get harder and harder, so I hope you can take the time to let me know what you think. Welcome to Infinity! DOWNLOAD HERE [youtu_be]https://youtu.be/n60-6nIeU4A[/youtu_be]
  4. So this year I decided the place to be for coasters is definately Sweden, so we decided to visit Gothenberg & Stockholm. Not alot of planning happened apart from the flight, but hey ho, we boarded out flights and set off. Day 1 - Liseberg So we arrived in Gothenberg late Tuesday night, we headed straight for our airbnb, thankfully Viktoria had an amazing place and managed to confirm before we arrived (just about). She left us plenty of candles and lots of pictures of herself and her immensly attractive boyfriend, this provided us with some lovely dreams. The next morning we got up and swanned straight down to Liseberg, which was situated right by our apartment. It's abit of an odd entrance really from what I'm used to as it piles straight out into the street. This was also the point where we realised the swedes are all incredibly beautiful and tanned (who'da thought). Anyway, images... As you can see the place was PACKED, we strolled around abit realising that today will be a day of queuing. We minced in and saw Helix's first corner straight away. It's incredible how it's settled into it's surroundings when its only a few years old. The first view of Helix, it looks quite sweet and untheatening here... untill you walk abit further After a mooch and noticing the queues would all be atleast an hour we decided to start on Balder Opinion on Balder - I've never ever experienced air-time like it!! It's definitely an intense ride and I can't praise Intamin enough for making such a relentless long ride in such a tight imprint. I'm sure plenty has already said about this coaster as it's pinned as one of the best wooden coasters in the world. It wasn't quite my cup of tea though, as much as I enjoyed the thing, I prefer a little more variation. Here's Kir & I battling the air-time. So we left satisfied and the park was filling up even more, so we walked around abit (the weather was scortching) and after getting in a good view of Helix's immense layout we decided it was time to brave that queue. The queue is crazy! It had all the ingredients to be tacky, but somehow Liseberg have created a really fun compact labyrinth. You struggled to figure out where you're going next and the IMAScore music is just perfect, it sets the tone beautifully, despite the theme being a little..confusing. (is it themed to mathematics?) Opinion of Helix - I will start by saying, this clearly steals my top spot. I may not be as well travelled as other enthusiasts, but I've rarely come into a breakrun clapping and shouting involunarily. I will break the ride down though, as it's progression is it's high points So the first element, a little tame, a little forgettable, but enjoyable. Then you pick up speed and hit the first launch, it's relatively weak, but fun all the same. The second inversion makes for a great starting point, it reminds me of Nemesis' first inversion as you suddenly see the rides layout upsidedown high up in the air. Then you hit the first air-time hill, it's fair powerful and it drops alot more than you expect if you've not seen the layout before. It's at this point both me and Kir started reeling off the "wows". The pretzel is powerful and provides a great view, this is when you realise this coaster is a little relentless. The air-time hill following is pure ejector and the pull out into the zero-g provides alot of force. Then a perfectly paced zero-g and again more positives. Then you litterally SNAP into a helix, which again pummels more positive force before a small corner into the second launch. Next second, you're miles up in the air-upside down, looking out on gothenberg and the screaming swing way below you (awesome feeling) before you fly right back to the pathways. Now the next element we have dubbed "The hill", it's the most intense part of the ride, god knows how it hasn't flung the fearless children of sweden to their deaths. The view, the force, it's perfect. Obviously after this the ride has a small breather before the finale role, which actually felt awesome (not usually a fan of these) and it's over. I've never been speechless in a break run, but I just didn't realise what had happened! It's not as tame as people had told me, the thing has some real force, and air-time that matches if not succeed Balder's After that crazy queue and ride tbh, I'm not sure what we did, the park was getting busier by the minute and we just accepted that we'd be queuing for everything, you can see here how crazy even the pathways got I do know we decided to do Kanonen & Lisebergbanan. Kanonen looked disgusting but on the front row actually rode pretty well! a nice mix of elements, just a little ugly. And it wasn't worth the good 2 hour queue we did, plenty of pokemon were caught though. Lisebergbanan was immense, a great faily ride with some surprising force and a decent length, with great views of the rides. Considering we did 11am - 11pm, we didn't actually get in many rides. But the atmosphere was amazing, and their new area was pleasant. Talking of atmosphere though, I HATE drop towers (because they scare me) but I managed to do it. The view was amazing and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be, infact it was pretty pleasant. So Liseberg, it's an incredible place! You can tell there's alot of love for it from it's owners and the guests. I probably wouldn't advise going when we went as there was noway of avoiding queues, Helix still had a decent 90 minute queue at 10pm. The whole place looks amazing, and it had a great atmosphere. I also love the way the actual hill is the main feature of the park and half the rides take full advantage of it, some absolutely brilliant design. Anyway, after a looong day, we went back to Viktoria's and started planning our next day, a trip to Stockholm.
  5. Here's the POV for you guys without NL2 a computer thats bit poo.
  6. So I started project back in July (intact further than that, I've had Dive Coaster layouts bumping around for what feels like years). It started with this layout here, that I realised this was a project I wished to finish. But after numerous tweaks and I general idea of theme I finally after about 25 drafts got a first half I enjoyed! I settled on the name ISON, it was a famous comet discovered in 2012 which was said would burn brighter than the moon. I also liked the area of plummeting to the ground with the force of gravity, it all kinda fit, so I started pulling the aesthetics together. After trying and trying to get a final half that felt B&My (to the point, aesthetic and punchy) I ended up with this layout I liked, with some interaction with the brake run. So from here I decided I would teach myself how to use Sketchup. This is my first time creating objects for a ride, so it's a little geometric, but it suits the theme. The building was inspired by the VAB in NASA. So I started on getting the terrain in and some paths. But learning how tedious fence design is was a painful process. I tried a few "art pieces" ... yeah it didn't stay. Supporting around clearances here. Here's a video from this stage of development This is the view of the 3ds work. It was tedious learning everything from scratch but I started getting the hang of it for the queue line. The rest is just the details So yesterday, I completed the ride with the help of Dave Ainsworth. Welcome to ISON Background Feel the force of gravity as it plummets you to the ground in a 90 degree drop straight down and harness it's power as you swoop, dive and orbit through space. Named after the famous comet discovered in 2012, it's your mission to follow it's path in an experience you'll never forget. Design This B&M Dive Coaster is inspired by all the large scale models, including Griffon, SheiKra and Valravn. I've aimed to stay true to B&Ms style of layout design and shaping but with a slightly extended length. The theme and building was inspired by many space voyage films I've seen recently, with the main building taking notes from NASA's VAB. Elements Acsent (lift hill) Top Corner Hold Brake Vertical Drop Immelman Orbit Turn Dive Loop MCBR Second Dive (return mission) Overbank Zero-G Roll Final Bend Brakes Notes: Technically this is designed to have the new style 8-Seat Trains. May I suggest back row left seat I do advise walking through the queue for the full ride experience. Massive Thank you to the following for helping me out and testing, Dave Ainsworth (for all the audio, scripts, testing and advice, this ride wouldn’t exist without you), Andre Northan (Sketchup Guru), Matt King (tester guy and general support). The Flux Rockpack and nSeven’s trees. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD
  7. Just between projects I thought I'd revisit the first ride I did using Newton2. It's a ride I'm quite proud of, and there are a few track work details that annoy me, but wanting to revisit the ride I found it didn't import very well, so I'm going back to it to get it back to it's former glory with bit added on. CrazyCoaster will be helping with updating some of the textures later on. So far I've just been lining up the scenery and re-doing all the supports. I'm gonna try input some details I've always wanted on the ride, so watch this space Teaser Screens Original NL1 Ride NL2 Update
  8. DOWNLOAD RLRides & CrazyCoaster Design Presents -Kite Flyer- Background- This ride is inspired by competetive stunt kite flying. Prepare to enter, ride the wind and show us your moves! This is an intense ride experience with high speeds and forces, dives and twists. All entrants but be 1.4meters and not suffer from back or heart problems. All loose articles must be secure. This ride is not suitable for people who are pregnant or suffer from motion sickness or a fear of heights. Design- Inspired by Thunderbird at Holiday World and various other modern B&Ms. I've created this ride to capture the gracefulness, intensity and openness of B&M's most recent additions. Prepare to take on the 70mph launch, 3 large scale inversions and intense corners and twists. I wanted to create a ride experience that was not only fun and intense to ride but also great to watch so it sits well in the skyline. Elements- 70mph launch Dive Loop Stall Dive Vertical Loop Ground Hugging Turn Zero-G Roll Air-time Hill Helix Butterfly Turn Bunny Hops Final Brakes Notes- MASSIVE Thanks to Andre (CrazyCoaster) who created the station and plaza. He's one a great job and captured exactly what this ride experience is about. Enjoy . Here's a fabulous POV video for all you guys without NL2 or pants computers.
  9. Will be releasing this ride next week on May 5th 2015. It's almost ready to go! I've decided against using an area soundtrack. Been back and forth about what to use but tbh I found it a little annoying with Hawk having to turn my music off to prevent it all clashing, and I wanted Kite Flyer to have quite a heavy soundtrack based on music that's inspired me. So what I may do is release a spotify playlist with the ride so you can get the full vibe..if you wish. Although there is some speakers, they won't be playing music.
  10. Ride the wind & SHOW YOUR MOVES! Quick preview of the ride here, due to release next month. EDIT just noticed I labelled first inversion as an immelman but it's a dive loop, oops.
  11. Still going with Kite Flyer BUNTING Collaborating with CrazyCoaster again with this . Been props for the help here.
  12. RLRides Presents - Reuben's Train Background Come onboard and enjoy Blueridge Valley from an exhilirating train ride. Reuben's Train will take you across the valley and through the woodlands on the other side before diving down to the Blueridge Valley Mines. The line may have some unexpected turns so please brace yourself and keep your arms and legs within the cars for the entire journey. I would recommend giving this a back-seat ride. Elements Station Launch Helix 2nd Launch Figure 8 Air-Time Hill S-Bend Crooked dive MCBR 3rd Launch Helix Double Bunny Hop Carousel S-Bend Final Brakes Design This ride has many inspirations, combining traditional terrain based minetrains with the modern multi-launch technology. I've tried to create a family friendly non-inverting ride with enough force to excite you but also something you'd want to re-ride, with a focus on how to intergrate it in the scenery. It's abit a labour of love for me creating this environment and the ride, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it. There's no extra frills here, everything in this file comes with NL2 and I wanted to see what I could achieve with that. DOWNLOAD
  13. Still hard at work on Kite Flyer but gone back to Minetrain and decided not to scrap it as it's pretty fun. I'll probably look at releasing it this weekend, but for now...
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