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  1. Would love to see a roll down that hill a la Storm Chaser / Medusa... which someone immediately before me clearly said, but I was in such a hurry to be super-insightful that I didn't finish reading that post. So, now here I sit, editing my post to call out my stupidity and clearly unable to find a way to delete it. Dang.
  2. All they did was imply that it is coming out of the 2018 CapEx budget. So let's assume that this little easter egg is CP trying to covertly confirm. Obviously work has started already, so RMC is being paid, which means that money from 2018 CapEx is accessible. But does the RMC project constitute the entirety of that budget? Or are they borrowing from 2018 to do more in 2017 and have smaller additions in 2018 using the remainder of that money? No clue. But hardly a confirmation...
  3. They've got a marketing campaign going for the waterpark addition. Right now, it seems that campaign goal is driving season pass sales and securing bookings for next season. As long as that plan is working as desired, why would they spend more money? Right now, we're quite handily marketing this thing for them - building buzz, clamoring for info, telling friends, "They're doing something, but I'm not positive what it is...". We are free viral marketing. The day the webcam moved, can't you see Tony or someone sitting in the office just slowly panning it back and forth, hoping someone will be tuned in at just the right time to screen-grab and share it? Because I can. They certainly didn't have to move the cam. But they did. And now we have a new tidbit. And we speculate and buzz about it in all of our enthusiast circles. And that's your conspiracy theory for the day. Jay
  4. It was confirmed in the Facebook comments made during the feed that they were restoring it... but they did not indicate whether or not that was the official 2017 addition.
  5. All I can think of when I see that sled is the Hollywood masterpiece "The Running Man" with Ahnold.
  6. I came into the thread to say Space Mountain at WDW, but that Beast at night post a few up from me has me confused emotionally. But one of those two, for sure.
  7. Today does seem to be a bad day for common sense... but a pretty good day for PC-based rollercoaster software. Definitely agree on the intern creating the coasters, though looking back, I don't think any of the pre-packaged rides/screenshot rides have ever been "good", let alone realistic throughout the RCT series.
  8. I definitely see one of the most requested features - off the grid placements. Or at least the illusion of them. I like that the graphics aren't super-realism-4K-blow-your-mind-and-your-wallet-on-computer-upgrades, rather they simply seem cleaned up from RCT3, texture and color-wise. Much appreciated. Now the hunt for more screenshots begins... Much like a decade or two ago Looking forward to it, but will happily "kill time" with NL2 and TPS as well.
  9. RCT4 has a name and a date. Early 2015. Press release is here: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/08/12/rollercoaster-tycoon-world-announced-for-early-2015-release Video: Interesting?
  10. Sorry to interrupt a thread I'm not usually in, but I may have a chance to be in this park tomorrow afternoon/evening. Just looking for any gotcha's or things to be aware of at this park vs. other Six Flags properties/other parks. Goals would be TNTG, Titan, Shockwave, and Judge Roy. Anything else is bonus. Arrival time is likely between 5 and 7pm - in town for work, but not sure when our shoot wraps exactly. I'm assuming a Tuesday night in mid/late summer will work in our favor a bit. Thanks for any insight anyone has. Jay
  11. I would love to know if anything in this 150'ish pages has actually been right. Obviously we'll know in 36 hours, but I'm still curious. More along the lines of, within the offices of HW, were folks laughing at our inane foolishness, or nail-biting at our ability to be super smart? Or getting some great ideas for 2017...
  12. It ain't no Mack, it's a Peterbilt for dang sake! (too much 'Cars' with my kids? maybe...)
  13. The amount of references to waves, the ocean, and "staying upright" make me think there is some sort of Flow Rider addition coming as part of this announcement. Is it the major piece? Of course not. Would it fit into Splashin' Safari? I think so - it's really one of the only things they're missing. (And in true Holiday World style, this would be the end all, be all of Flow Riders, with four stations radiating out from a center point ) Only 40 some days left...
  14. Am I the only one with a small tear of sadness at a newspaper headline with such horrid grammar as "This Goliath huge"? "Is huge"? And what about "Huge" with a capital "H"? Nice write up, though...
  15. I think I may have confused either you or myself with my question ... Mostly, I was getting at the idea that if I buy a single ticket to a (typical) single park, all of the rides/attractions at that single park are available to me, save for the upcharge experiences that are common and accepted. Now Universal is introducing a scenario that says, "When you buy a single park ticket, all of the attractions are available to you... except this one. This one is only available if you buy a slightly more expensive ticket." Not trying to condemn the idea, because from a business standpoint it's not bad. Just thought it was interesting.
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