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  1. I've recently seen new adverts on TV and felt a lot to be desired. Maybe I'm getting old, maybe TV/budget restriction have burdened the fun. Also cross continents we do not get to see other advertisements. So if you have a favourite, or least favourite, then feel freeto comment and add the below: My personal favourite from the UK from over 20 years ago:
  2. Again, by this logic, we may as well shut down all zoos and aquariums worldwide because captivity is evil and inhumane, and just educate future generations with TV and YouTube. Idiocracy here we come! I'm pretty sure anybody who visits SeaWorld or a zoo and sees an animal understands full well that, while they may be seeing a real giraffe, elephant, killer whale, etc... these captive specimens are not indicative of their counterparts in the wild. That's not the issue. The issue is even though we know the animals in the zoo don't behave like wild animals, for good reason, there's still a
  3. Still after reading the above, I believe SeaWorld are doing the right thing. Times have changed and there should be no substitute to seeing animals in the wild. I visited SeaWorld twice, around a decade ago, and I was amazed by the displays. However we all know this was entertainment, not real wildlife (yes im sure some of my entrance fee helped wildlife projects; please see the hypocrisy of this. Even the fact that I was willing to pay and my current opinion is also counted). I'm sure some people reading this blog have had the chance to see whales in the wild and this hands down is fa
  4. This will be an amazing ride. Certainly top 10 at CP! But does the simplistic layout and transitions leave a little left wanting? I know (i'm British) Oblivion etc is far far less complicated. But I think my favourite rides where when I couldn't quite remember what came next. Maybe now I'm even checking up on this site has made riding roller coasters less fun. Too each their own I guess as I'm sure knowing the exact speed/angle/g-force is what gets the juices flowing for others.
  5. Haven't been to this park in years. I always felt that the zoo elements were just a much of a draw as the rides. Does anyone else get far too irate when the wheels, for the hot wheel car in this case, do not line up with the coaster track? Grrrrrrrr, waggles fist angrily.
  6. It's called black-pudding. And it's marvellous. At least the majority of us Brits know when to stop eating?!
  7. Tough one. Might be the first time a coaster enthusiastic has gone on a date.
  8. Nice question. For me I prefer flat rides as coasters have never really lived up to all the hype; or very rarely do. So, those who have ridden both; Oblivion or Shiekra/Griffon? I know there's a huge height difference (and angle difference) but I felt the build up to Oblivion made is the better drop. The better drop not the better ride. Anyone agree/disagree? Source: ThemeParkReview
  9. Why does every thread have to go back to B&Ms and their forces? So tiresome. Firstly what someone finds forceful IS subjective and it completely depends on what selection of rides they've ridden. Maybe even what other thrill activities they've done; bungee, skydiving, track racing etc. And secondly, if people want to be scientific then I'm 100% sure I could find a site saying that a B&M post 2004 pulls more Gs than a B&M pre 2004. I would also be very skeptical of sites posting "Gs" as it depends on the weather/which train/which seat; so pretty worthless really. I'd per
  10. An interesting question but lame is sadly very subjective. A particular individual a few pages back suggest Nemesis came to mind. I couldn't disagree more. Regarding the force through the rest of the ride and the height restrictions in place, I would argue that the run down into the corkscrew (that throws up and over like no other invert IMO) is absolutely remarkable - anything but lame. If you expected the no 1 first drop in the world then your research was sadly lame. The first drop has never disappointed me in anyway unlike many other B&Ms. Space Mountain Mission 2 gets my
  11. DISCLAMIER* This accident is tragic and the victims and consequences need to be properly resolved. AT screwed up and must pay the consequences. I hate the US suing culture but this is a horrible drop in standards. I feel sorry for AT but they have to deal with it and thus far they have and I respect them for it. But the new name for the Smiler; The Amputator...... Please go nuts saying how in appropriate that is. I wish Leah the best BTW.
  12. It's hard to take the themeing away from a ride as many coasters would not be anything like the same if a heavily themed coaster was without its themeing. Slightly different angle but I read that Disney's Tower of Terror comes in at $150 million. A great ride but seems a little steep to me!
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