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  1. Ooooh that's fun. I need to know if it actually spins tho. I'd like to use it to launch chicken tenders across the room at Karens and/or smelly enthusiasts.
  2. Why would they have just done all this work for it to open next year? What reasoning would there be? Humor me. Off topic a bit but has anyone else noticed the park is suddenly, actively engaging with commenters on all the socials (the way parks like Hershey have been managing their socials for years)? Wild times. It really is pretty impressive how Six Flags keeps managing to step it up from every angle during this craziness while Cedar Fair parks are over here sending me emails like We'Ll bE OpeNing AgAIn In EiGhT yEar$!!! GeT ReAdy!!!!
  3. Way to walk around vlogging with your masks off all day. Also, some constructive criticism: the music in your vlogs absolutely blows.
  4. Yeah, I dunno. I don't even plan to go to Great Adv right away when Jersey Devil opens and that's an hour away. We did that one time with Twisted Timbers, but I did that reluctantly. It was kind of chilly/overcast and everyone who was there was there for that so we did I305 and Volcano and hung out with friends and got FL+ anyway riding TT a bunch so it worked out. But these like 3/4/6+ hour waits for something... efffff that. It's a brand new ride, it's not going anywhere. I'll ride it when you psychos are through with it. Basically.
  5. I'll never understand the idea of having to ride something on opening day. I just... don't get it.
  6. It would probably help if we knew how tall your friend is, as someone who is 350 and short is going to have a different experience than someone who is 350 and tall. I'm 6'2 250ish and Trailblazer was one of the tightest squeezes for me at the park last year. I fit but it was very uncomfortable. Fahrenheit did indeed have its belts shortened last year resulting in my very first ever walk of shame. I dunno, I feel like the rest of the rides here were pretty restrictive for me on both of my visits last year. Great Bear has big boy seats but even those didn't give me a ton of room, but did al
  7. Better get those credits while you can, kids. https://www.glossy.co/fashion/six-months-since-re-opening-american-dreams-troubles-are-mounting
  8. Near-perfect weather on a holiday weekend early in the season when the park is always severely understaffed and the experience was sub-par? I for one am shocked.
  9. PSA: multiple people are reporting that El Toro has in fact opened for the season.
  10. ^ Hope your plan is to go next week then because they're not open on April weekdays otherwise... https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/plan-your-visit/park-operating-schedule If its busy, sure. Unfortunately for you, no one here is a fortune teller and therefore cannot confirm if it would be a good buy. Are you considering buying it in advance? Because if you do, and the park turns out to be quiet then no, it would not be a good buy.
  11. Yeah because why would they have done this during the last 4.5 months while the ride was closed?
  12. It was gorgeous on Saturday therefore the park was (apparently) mobbed. It poured on and off yesterday so no clue how things turned out. Notable things re: Saturday: El Toro never opened, most food places were closed and ones that were opened had very long lines, the park had the audacity to change Nitro's station music, people are still smoking weed on the sky ride. I think that about covers it.
  13. It looks great in the clips, with some really nice speed, especially for early tests. I'm sooooo hype for this ride, even more so than Jersey Devil which is an hour from me. I'm sure that will be great, but this just looks like a top 5'er for me. It ticks all my boxes, and that its at BGW is the cherry on top.
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