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  1. Nobody but pussies who have to make a fake account to do so. I got your number though. I feel like you missed a career as an announcer for baseball games.
  2. Are you putting on a funny voice or do you actually talk like that?
  3. https://6abc.com/phantom-fall-fest-allegheny-county-west-mifflin-police-pennsylvania-amusement-park/12308853/
  4. So uhhhhh this photo is making the rounds this morning. Anyone got any info? Fire? It doesn't look burned/charred. Collapse? Structurally compromised? RMC? Hit by a small aircraft? Eaten by a large animal?
  5. The park is offering trails for no additional cost on Friday nights through Fright Fest.
  6. I don't think anyone actually knows why the Mitch Hawker poll stopped but I'd bet a chubby chunk of change that ol' Mitch just had it with insufferably enthusiasts.
  7. Great report. What a difference a week makes? I was there on the 17th and got a dozen+ rides on Goliath throughout the day, all over both trains - front, middle, back, wherever, and thought it was running like a dream - much better than my visits in 2016 and 2018. Super smooth and ludicrously fast. No rattle at all that I noticed. People always rave over SFOG's Goliath as the best B&M hyper but I think after these rides I finally got it. Actual texts to @coasterbill raving about it:
  8. I expected the article to say it happened in the parking lot, not in the Musik Express queue. What in the actual f*ck? I haven't been to this park in years, but do they not have metal detectors at the gate?
  9. The park has released a statement that they intend to reopen the ride after repairs and inspections, in time for the 2023 season. Let's please stop with the "CEO doesnt want to spend money" / "chain is broke" / "the future of this ride is in doubt" nonsense, please and thanks. https://patch.com/new-jersey/brick/2023-el-toro-reopening-planned-six-flags-great-adventure
  10. Are you really making the claim that the park knew the ride was structurally compromised yet ran it with riders anyway? We're really doing that? Please, PLEASE let us know how you are so sure about that. I'm not talking about what you THINK happened behind the scenes, I want to know how YOU KNOW that is what happened. And before anyone comes at me thinking I'm rushing to Six Flags and/or Intamins defense for anything at all related to this - I'm just allergic to bullshit and the people who spew it.
  11. This board used to be filled with people who didn't post absolute bullshit on here as if its fact. Termites? You have google, son. Maybe just search for something. If you recall correctly? You are "pretty sure" you heard that in "several places"? You wanna cough up any kind of source to back that up? Anything? Yes, Colossus was shut down for 3 years to have its track replaced, but there is literally nothing online about the track being infested with termites. Come the fuck on.
  12. Was at the park on Saturday for the day before spending the rest of the weekend with my sister who lives in Athens (currently posting from Chicken and Beer at the ATL airport). Was there from a little before noon until a little after 9pm and had a great day. Great weather and super light crowds until 6pm/FF but even then the coaster lines were totally manageable. I rode Cyclone and Goliath at least a dozen times each through the day, both were running impeccably (save for Cyclones trains making weird noises earlier in the day and both trains having rows roped off). I basically spent 7-9pm reriding Cyclone as many times as possible, as the wait was mostly halfway down the station stairs or I was just jumping in empty seats on the same train. Haven’t ridden an RMC besides Jersey Devil since I visited Cedar Point in 2019 and forgot how absurd the airtime can be. Shit! Had a great lunch and drinks at JBs and also managed rides on Mindbender (the new trains are a little tight for me but the ride is still great), Pandemonium, Dar Devil Dive, Blue Hawk and that was basically it. a TL;DR: Had an awesome day Saturday. Got drunk and rode Goliath and Cyclone a million times.
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