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  1. Speaking of construction, the lift hill is starting to go up. (This will open Memorial Day wknd, at the earliest. )
  2. Nice one, thanks to AJ, Robb and everyone else involved with this! This year was super easy as I only had four park visits in all of 2020, resulting in only one new credit, tho I did bump a few other things around. Top 25:
  3. ^ It's pretty gross that he's left the video up as is after they responded how they did. But he's getting clicks, so...
  4. OK then answer me this: How exactly would people that are going to possibly ride that coaster in the future even know what happened since there is absolutely no story about it to begin with? Being honest about a major derailment? How are they being dishonest? How are they hiding this? The f*cking train was 200 feet above the strip for all of Vegas to see. Major derailment? You've got to be joking. No one died, it was not major, there is no story. Enjoy your time here, judging by your posts, I'm sure it will be short lived.
  5. Nope. It's the perfect fit. Sounds about right. I was kinda playing into the folks who love to say things like "X park chain doesn't work with Z manufacturer anymore because they don't like each other" or some bulls4*t.
  6. So I guess this means Six Flags is working with Intamin again...
  7. LOL. I'm sure coming out with a statement as to why your new coaster trains derailed on the lift hill will definitely cause the masses to flock back to Vegas. Do you guys think about what you post before you post it? lmfao There's no news story, therefore no reason for a statement. Only enthusiasts want to know what happened, and we'll likely never know for sure and rumors will swirl forever. Either the Premier train had an issue navigating the course causing that much stress on the wheel assembly (doubtful but not impossible) or the wheel assembly in question was not installed corre
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