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  1. ^ I reluctantly posted that as I knew someone would point it out. But, HP overall was pretty good with employees and guests wearing mask properly and social distancing. Definitely better than Six Flags, that's for sure.
  2. In spite of it being one of my absolute favorite parks, I usually only make the trip out to Hershey once a year. However, thanks to my 2020 plans going right into the crapper I'm working with what I've got nearby so after my visit with my buddy last month, we got a group of pals who haven't seen each each other in forever to meet up for a day of fun at The Sweetest Place on Earth once again the past weekend. I'm not doing a full on report but I figured I'd mess around with the new forum and throw up some photos we captured on Sunday and share a few thoughts about this awesome park. If you
  3. You should be more concerned with whether or not you're getting a flash pass as crowds on weekends this month have been a shitshow and the Sunday before Halloween should be no different. Good luck with that. And what Chris said, all of those have been operating outside of the usual breakdowns.
  4. A phenomenal lap on Great Bear at Hersheypark in the Dark last night. That thing is a glorious beast.
  5. Locals/regulars! Where is the best place in the park to find magnets these days? I'd imagine the big new giant exit gift shop but I want coaster magnets not Hershey/chocolate magnets (OK if I can find a Kit Kat magnet I might buy it). We were there back in early Sept and I didn't see magnets anywhere, admittedly I wasn't looking that hard. But we're going back soon and I need new magnets!
  6. They're operating at half capacity, so about 25k if they're sold out, which they've done the last two Saturdays.
  7. Thanks Robb (and Elissa) for all the work you guys put into us having this place to hang. I know I don't post like I used to but I was going through full on crack-addict withdraw the last week or so lmao. Also: I LOVE ALL THE EMOJIS!!
  8. Double post, schmubble post. For those who have ridden, how would you rank Candymonium in the parks coaster line-up? After getting a few laps in a few weeks back, I enjoyed it immensely but would absolutely rank it behind Skyrush and Storm Runner, maybe even Fahrenheit as we had one of the best rides I've ever had on it during this last visit. Great Bear and Lightning Racer were running incredibly as well, though I think I'd probably take a spin on Candy before either of those. It's a nice addition, looks great with the new entrance and its perfect for all the pussies who can't handle Sky
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