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  1. I've never been to either park so I have no dog in this fight but I picked flumes and booze because duh. I also want to go to Knotts more than any other park in Cali.
  2. If they do some GCI steel retrack bullsh!t and don't RMC this POS I swear to god I will flip the entire park over.
  3. Oh glorious day... photos have surfaced of markings all over Wildcat's footers. It's happening, folks. Praise be. (Prob not kosher to share the photos here so fire up that google, kids)
  4. As long as you realize you're "thinking" about this the way an enthusiast would, not how a business would.
  5. BuT ThEy ShOuLd BuILd A nEw RoLLiE CoAsTiE!!!.!.!! ItS WhAt tHe ThOoSiEs WaNt!!,,!!
  6. ^^ How exactly did he make false promises and string enthusiasts along? Serious question, I haven't been really following this.
  7. That roll is great because its legit upside-down ejector air. I think it f*cks most people up as it actually feels like its trying dump you into the water. If you stand by it (or just watch some off-ride footage) every single train is filled with people screaming in terror/elation as it rips through that element. With just the lapbar, I'm sure its horrifying for some people lol. Happy to hear the ride lived up to the hype for you.
  8. What I posted there is actually this thing we call a screenshot. That post is essentially a screen capture of a Facebook post the park made and unfortunately we're not quite at the point of being able to click on links embedded into an image, so in order for you to actually go to that link there you'd have to type those exact characters into your web browser which in theory should take you to the post on Knoebels website. Best of luck!
  9. Didn't see this coming... https://www.cnn.com/2022/04/25/us/icon-park-amusement-park-death-family-lawsuit/index.html
  10. Apparently two of Orion's trains bumped this evening. Anyone have any more info?
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