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  1. ^ It's funny, both of my friends I rode JDC with complained similarly about both the way you are seated and the restraints, but I didn't find any issues with any of it and was perfectly comfortable the entire ride.
  2. ^ Yes, really. You just got some mid-week luck, I guess. Three weeks ago my sister started looking for a room - any room - for last Thursday-Sunday and literally the only thing she could find for a family of four that wasn't double/triple the normal going rate was a shitty cabin w/o a bathroom 15 minutes off the island on Route 9. Also, I don't think I saw one single vacancy sign when we were out and about on Saturday.
  3. The last two weeks of July into the first two weeks of August are historically the most crowded four weeks of the entire summer season in Wildwood. And this year, I know both through work (real estate, we're licensed in NJ) and through my mother (who worked for North Wildwood Fire Dept and maintains close friendships with both realtors and city employees), practically every potential hotel/house/condo/room available to rent on the island has been booked solid for these four weeks since early spring. I'm honestly not shocked its that kind of busy on a Wednesday night, we're in the peak of peak season this week. I'll be down every weekend for the foreseeable future, yay.
  4. I love when things like this happen because all the enthusiasts who say things like "Six Flags doesn't build B&Ms" or "no parks in the US will ever build Intamins again" have to put their foot in their mouths.
  5. Getting SF to direct deposit you $200 (that you're just going to give back to them in exchange for more beer) is absolutely something you gloat about on TPR.
  6. LOL You're not gonna tell them how much money you made off that shit?
  7. I hope that for 2022, SFA is getting treatment for their concerning case of shaky leg syndrome. That's really all we can ask for.
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