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  1. Hi - it's me again. Took the little guy yesterday. Park was EMPTY which was nice. Actually had 2 walk-on rides on Daredevil Dive. I'd forgotten how much fun that ride is, as the line is usually miserable so I skip it. I finally got to ride Catwoman Whip, which was okay. Not as good as the Wheelie was, but maybe that's because I'm old. I'm really grateful that my kid is a daredevil, and will ride anything he can....but he decided Blue Hawk / Ninja is his favorite ride there. The new trains and track work make it tolerable and okay for a ride every once in a while.....but a mini-marathon on it almost killed me. I remember being a kid and being able to ride the roughest rides around with no problem. I sometimes feel like a kid on the inside, but my body is reminding me today that I am certainly one no longer.
  2. ^Don't know if you've posted elsewhere, but what kind of car did you get??
  3. Went to the park yesterday. As it was super cold (for Georgia) this weekend, the water rides were all closed. Got my little guy on Twisted Cyclone and Ninja / Blue Hawk for the first time. I didn't know he knew that many cuss words He really liked them. Park looked good, most rides were open, but with one train operations which slowed things down. Food service was very very slow as usual, so that was the only real downside to the day. We managed to ride Twisted Cyclone, Blue Hawk, Justice League and the Sky Screamer as well as getting food. We would have done more, but the 6 year old has the attention span of a gnat so we spent a lot of time wandering around and looking at the geese (he's kind of obsessed.) I still don't understand how we can be somewhere with roller coasters and rides, and my kid will want to play on the playground It is a mystery
  4. Yeah Bert - luckily there is a lot that he can do and enjoy. I've spent more time on the Antique Cars in the last year and a half than I spent on them in the last 30 years!
  5. So - with the Mask thing being updated....does anyone have any thoughts/predictions on how long the place will be a S*&tshow for? Went last Sunday (when masks were still being required,) and it was MUCh busier than usual for a Sunday. I'm assuming that now that the anti-mask brigade folks will get back to the park that it will be a madhouse for a while. I'm fine when I go on my own, but I'm usually there with my 5 year old great nephew, which is a completely different experience when it comes to lines, etc. He's a good kid, but when lines get over 1/2 hour he starts to get restless and grumpy. That's why I usually take him on Sundays. Thoughts? David
  6. ^I got an "almost" night ride on Voyage several years ago and it left me wanting more. That's the main reason I'm thinking of doing this event next year! Is the Santa Claus In still the only hotel in the area??
  7. Can someone here give me a basic overview of how Hollywood Nights works? I'm tentatively planning on going next year and really have no idea where to begin. Isn't it usually late spring?
  8. I've actually had a couple of fantastic visits this month. Went last Sunday and this Sunday - very low crowds and very little frustration. Staff seemed overall very helpful and energetic as well. Was hoping some of the Holiday lights would be turned on last night, but they aren't yet. Also, haven't ridden the Mine Train in the dark in about 35 years (a three year old will change your ride priority list,) and that was a TON of fun.
  9. Those trees lit up in the woods were really very lovely! Everything looks great (as I would expect from them.) Thanks for braving the cold and sharing these Chuck.
  10. Awesome report as always! I absolutely LOVE going to fairs, but have never been to one overseas. A German Fair is most certainly on my bucket list to do before I'm to old to do it any more!
  11. ^The new trains/restraints really make a huge difference on Ninja Hawk. It still has some of the jerky transitions, but they don't give you a sucker punch to the jaw any more. It would be cook if SFStL would do this on your Ninja - but then it would be yet ANOTHER year where you guys don't get a good new addition.
  12. Zach - awesome report as always! Congratulations on the baby!! I'm excited for you guys.
  13. WOW! This looks simply amazing! What does the "extreme" haunted house entail? It seems like they were all pretty extreme to me!
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