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  1. ^I got an "almost" night ride on Voyage several years ago and it left me wanting more. That's the main reason I'm thinking of doing this event next year! Is the Santa Claus In still the only hotel in the area??
  2. Can someone here give me a basic overview of how Hollywood Nights works? I'm tentatively planning on going next year and really have no idea where to begin. Isn't it usually late spring?
  3. I've actually had a couple of fantastic visits this month. Went last Sunday and this Sunday - very low crowds and very little frustration. Staff seemed overall very helpful and energetic as well. Was hoping some of the Holiday lights would be turned on last night, but they aren't yet. Also, haven't ridden the Mine Train in the dark in about 35 years (a three year old will change your ride priority list,) and that was a TON of fun.
  4. Those trees lit up in the woods were really very lovely! Everything looks great (as I would expect from them.) Thanks for braving the cold and sharing these Chuck.
  5. Awesome report as always! I absolutely LOVE going to fairs, but have never been to one overseas. A German Fair is most certainly on my bucket list to do before I'm to old to do it any more!
  6. ^The new trains/restraints really make a huge difference on Ninja Hawk. It still has some of the jerky transitions, but they don't give you a sucker punch to the jaw any more. It would be cook if SFStL would do this on your Ninja - but then it would be yet ANOTHER year where you guys don't get a good new addition.
  7. Zach - awesome report as always! Congratulations on the baby!! I'm excited for you guys.
  8. WOW! This looks simply amazing! What does the "extreme" haunted house entail? It seems like they were all pretty extreme to me!
  9. Great report as always Chuck - I absolutely must make it to Sweden and Grona Lund someday.
  10. Great report as always Chuck - I absolutely must make it to Sweden and Grona Lund someday.
  11. Not gonna lie - I was happy to see that you had posted another report! Thanks, it was great as always. I really, really need to get to Fiesta Texas some day.
  12. Had some "me time" at the park this week. One of my favorite rides anywhere
  13. You should definitely be able to do SFoG in one day. Even on fairly crowded days only Daredevil Dive and Superman get irritatingly long lines due to awful capacity/dispatches. Note: their Kiddy is actually pretty good, but only has one train. If that is something you guys want to get - I'd do it earlier rather than later as its line can get pretty long. I know this because having a 3 1/2 year old as ones constant companion can mean I spend longer in line for the kiddy than I would for Twisted Cyclone or Goliath
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