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  1. He didn't go into detail. He said RMC and Intamin proposed a single rail and Chance had a GTX. But Vekoma ended up winning out
  2. I would like to see Ed Hart or Gene Staples get there hands on this park
  3. A lot of friends of ours who used to go to Orlando, Tampa, Myrtle Beach have been going to Gulf Shores lately. Seems like a new hot spot
  4. The owner of Denos was on a podcast and he talked about proposals from RMC, Intamin, and a Chance Hyper GTX. I really hope he posts on here or somewhere what they looked like. A Hyper GTX would have been great on the east coast!
  5. I need to get to Silverwood before all these GIB vanish. I like Boomerangs and Suspended boomerangs so I am sure a larger more intense version will be up my alley
  6. For a small park it had some pretty solid looking flat rides. It was very clean. Workers were holding animals everywhere so guest could pet them. Lots of costume characters and areas to take photos in front of Wild Adventure signs. Sadly we only had about 4 hours at the park. Since its right off of 75 and on our way to Florida we will stop again in the future. Hopefully we see Steel Cheetah or something like that. I was bummed seeing Cheetah sbno
  7. We did a quick trip to fun spot and old Town. I got the new credit. Ironically next we went to wild adventures. Its an easy drive from where we stay in Orlando. Unfortunately it was our first visit today and we only had 4 hours since a bad thunderstorm rolled in. Park was way nicer then I anticipated. Twisted Typhoon was my 150! I have a 2 and 4 year old and there were so many things for them to do. I can see why coaster enthusiasts don't like the park but for a young family it really works well. Great kids activities, animals and rides. Typhoon and Boomerang were fun. Swamp thing gave good vi
  8. We stayed at the Rodeway Inn on Phillips Ln. It was a no frills hotel but was right next to the park and had some good views of the park from the parking lot
  9. When I rode both sides of racer last year (middle car and middle of train) I found both sides to be pretty smooth considering its age
  10. When we did Over Texas we stayed at a hotel across the street from Judge Roy Scream. The place also had good views and Texas shaped waffle makers lol
  11. I love love love the G's Tian's first helix makes. Glues my arms down. Very fun park. You had some very nice photos taken from the top of the oil derrick. Thanks for another nice write up
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