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  1. The ride with a joystick is a chance uni coaster. They are easily one of my favorite flats. I rode the one at mall of America and I couldn't stop laughing
  2. I just rode it for the first time Saturday. My first ride was under whelming. My second ride later in the day was a better seat, felt faster and seemed to be better paced. The speed hill really makes the ride. I would take rides like Fury and Mako over Orion but Orion is still very fun and very rerideable
  3. A zierer Starshape seems like a pretty big deal. Not common around here at all.
  4. So we finally got to Kings Island. Everytime we planned on going in the past something would come up that would prevent us from going. We went Saturday the 24th. Thank goddess for fast lane! It was also our first experience with funpix. We have avoided parks this summer that required masks but with how chilly it was the mask was actually nice to keep the cold air off my face. We started the day off with Banshee. I have never met a B&M invert that I did not love..... Until this ride. The vest got tighter and tighter throughout the ride. I have been on all 5 coasters in America
  5. Im sure Disney is a huge tax generator. Let the park and hotel tax dollars not show up for a year and see who needs who more. Florida was smart and realized Orlando lives off the Amusement industry
  6. They should sue. Cali needs a wake up call. I was hoping they were going to follow Florida's lead
  7. S&S seems to be having a decent year this year. Glad to see them chugging along!
  8. Wow amazing and detailed report coneyislandcris! Looks great . If I can manage to talk the wife into Nick Universe we will have to check this place out as well!
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