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  1. I did half a day at VF and half a day NU. Park is small. When I went High roller, excalibur and Cosmic coaster were closed. With those open I could see it being a full day park
  2. I am gonna guess Merlin bought a less expensive package deal. They also have the tiny family wing going to legoland
  3. Both parks along with MOA are owned by the same company
  4. Going to swo for the first time in like 6 years. Excited for Icebreaker. I know a long shot but would love to ride a soft open the bouncy stand up
  5. The larson loop is being moved or removed for the kid flash. Does any park in the six flags chain besides the 2 parks that removed them (SFNE and SFGAD) not have one? I can not picture it being relocated to Magic Mountain.
  6. I wonder if a company like RMC or S&S could take off Ninja's old arrow tracks and replace with a similar layout but new and improved tracking
  7. Ninja is one of the worst coasters I have ever ridden. That ninja karate chopped me in the neck
  8. I am visiting little amerricka for the first time this summer. There website shows they have a parachute ride?
  9. Kinda surprised both sides don't each have names. Like Batman and Robin the Chiller
  10. Much needed attraction! All parks need coasters for kids under 42 inches!!!!!
  11. Were driving down to Florida April 1st. If timing works out on the way down or up I will have to stop and ride this!
  12. I heard they double check restraints now where as last year it was a single check
  13. Now the real question is who is responsible. The person who designed the helicopter, person who built it or the guy that installed it
  14. I would do SeaWorld. When I did Seaworld in early may a few years ago everything was a walk on
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