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  1. Rumors are Jokers Fun house coaster would get the ax. That would be sad. It is a great family coaster
  2. Water ride for Atlanta heat. Plus its a launch and spinning coaster. Seems like a perfect fit
  3. Chance falling stars are easily one of my favorite rides. Chance really needs to redesign it and bring it back
  4. Thanks for posting. Suprised the Zyklon isnt open yet. I thought they could get those errected and running in a couple days
  5. those creepy things remind me of the creatures on willys wonderland
  6. humming birds freak me out. Like a big bumblebee attacking wanting eye juices
  7. Isnt Dragonflyer only 39 inches and Merlins Mayhem is 39 inches. Those would be direct comparison to the B&M junior invert. Big Bear seems like a competitor to this and that is only 39 inches. So if this a family B&M launched coaster it better not be 48 inches lol
  8. I wonder if that section of track will get replaced as well
  9. what is the height limit on the junior inverts that B&M has made?
  10. I dont think LR's lift is any faster then say Skyrushes
  11. I feel like people in the hobbie are more on discord and facebook then forums
  12. The new trains on Zinger are nice. Also great seeing a cedar fair park have a new train without seat belts. The T bar did seem to tighten throughout the ride
  13. I got to visit Worlds Of Fun for the first time. Park was larger and nicer then I was expecting. First I wanna say the landscaping is nice at this park. The park does not have a bad coaster in its line up. Patriot is solid. Timberwolf was running decent for a dinn. Spinning dragons was fun. Prowler is amazing and not talked about. We night time ert and that ride was running great in the dark. I got one ride on Zinger and it was fun. The 2nd half twisties were good and even a little snappy for a mini gci. Mamba was amazing. No trims and the mid course didn't hit. Those return airtime hills hurt the best way. Incredible ride. I would recommend this park
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