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  1. Im sure Disney is a huge tax generator. Let the park and hotel tax dollars not show up for a year and see who needs who more. Florida was smart and realized Orlando lives off the Amusement industry
  2. They should sue. Cali needs a wake up call. I was hoping they were going to follow Florida's lead
  3. S&S seems to be having a decent year this year. Glad to see them chugging along!
  4. Wow amazing and detailed report coneyislandcris! Looks great . If I can manage to talk the wife into Nick Universe we will have to check this place out as well!
  5. Doesn't Copperhead Strike have some of this same theming?
  6. You could try dramamine. I can ride rides and coasters all day. But If I am on a boat on beautiful lake Michigan I get sicker then a dog. So I take dramamine to not get sea sickness. Try that while riding with your kid and see if that helps!
  7. So glad to see this site back up and running! I am doing my first trip to Kings Island and I purchased a flash pass! Every time I have planned a trip to this park it always fell through. Fingers crossed!
  8. I think with LSM's at the top of the top hat you can always have the train crest at a perfect desired speed?
  9. Build a second one. That way when one brakes down there is always another one to ride
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