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  1. I love Kentucky Kingdom. Its not the best park around but somehow we manage to have more fun at this park then any other. Last time we visited this park is was a beautiful sunny day, and sadly the next day was Holiday World and it was down pouring and cold the whole visit. Lighting Run is easily in my top 5 favorite coasters. This little coaster packs a punch!!!!!
  2. For some reason I thought this was also going to be called time traveler
  3. I meant it as more of a complement as to how deep the line up is and not as an insult. A park like Carowinds has 5 good coasters, some family coasters and some filler. Kings Island has around 8 or 9 good coasters, some family and not much filler
  4. Although I find they dont have a super amazing world beating coaster, I find a huge majority of their coasters are very solid. This park is much less top heavy then say a Carowinds
  5. I am very torn between Mystic Timbers or Orion as my favorite in the park. I would prly lean towards Mystic Timbers. I did my first trip to this park this summer and I was impressed by it. Very solid line up of coasters.
  6. I love to be driving down the freeway when I pass a semi with coaster track on it lol
  7. Nice report. I really hope this park gets the Gravity Group shuttle coaster! A new age Euro Fighter or Spinner could also work here
  8. Trying to plan my summer amusement park trips. I am hoping to stop at this park on my way to Florida in April. I have a 3 year old that is obsessed with dinosaurs. Does this park still have a dino walk through? I saw nothing of it on their website Edit: Contacted the park and it was removed
  9. I rode both sides for the first time this year and given the age of the ride I thought it was pretty smooth. Way smoother then the beast that killed us
  10. My avatar is me holding a Shivering Timbers IPA at the Lakeside beer garden at MIA
  11. Six Flags website is no help right now. Do regulars of this park know if that park is usually open in Feb?
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