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  1. I want to see a ground up GCI coaster with titan track. Imagine a park like DL adding a new modern GCI like Mystic Timbers but with less maintenance then a traditional wooden coaster
  2. false. Kentucky Kingdom is better. Both are fun in there own respects. Holiday World I think is the only park I have been to where I preferred the water park to dry park. They have an impressive collection of water coasters. Get a couple laps on Voyage, ride all the others coasters for the credits and then spend the rest at Splashing Safari. Kentucky Kingdom on the other hand has 3 coasters that can be marathoned along with a very impressive collection of flats and lots of alcohol!
  3. Valleyfair has the weakest waterpark in the chain. If they get it on par with the others in the chain you might be more tempted to visit it. I feel like this is gonna finally be the year some of these small parks get love.
  4. I love Nighthawk. The sensation of laying on your back while going through a vertical loop is incredible
  5. Even something like merlin's mayhem only has a 39 inch height limit. Nice new plot of land where the shoot the chute used to be
  6. first off that coaster is trash lol. Secondly I believe you have to be 42 inches for that ride? They really need something around 36
  7. This park is missing a young kids coaster. A chance big dipper like joker's fun house coaster would work. Otherwise if they can get a good deal on a new skyline P'Sghetti Bowl coaster (assuming it only has a 36 inch height requirement)
  8. I have read rumors of a boy breaking his leg on Ice Breaker during the media preview and that is why the height limit was pushed up
  9. I think Dragon Spire looks more fun the folks are giving it credit for. With I305 being an hour away I am sure complicates building a traditional giga. Wasn't this park also rumored to get an indoor wave breaker style coaster inside of dark castle?
  10. Peta is stupid. Seaworld rescues and rehabs so many hurt or injured animals
  11. We have test paint. I'm really hoping it's not the same paint scheme as valleyfairs. I liked the blue and yellow
  12. This pic was on their website. Gotta love when parks upgrade to the new trains! I am going to assume its going to be the usual 10 cars and not just the 4 shown
  13. I keep seeing a rumor that the whole crossroads section is going to get gutted and rethemed. A bunch of new rides including a disco, NebulaZ and chance freestyle. New quick food options, a new bar and moving afterburns entrance into this area. I have heard it from a few outlets but I am sourcing a park fans image since it looks very legit
  14. Anyone think they will ruin Nemesis with new Vest restraint trains?
  15. I want to see st patricks day land. A Leprechaun themed coaster would be legit.
  16. Being further away from parks like MIA and VF now they will have an excuse why they forget about them lol
  17. We just stayed at the Great Wolf in Traverse City Mi a couple days ago. Nice little place. I would put it on the same caliber as the one in Concord NC but not as nice as Zehnder's, Gold Rush, and Avalanche Bay in Michigan. I would say equal to Soaring Eagle in Mt Pleasant
  18. is SLEIPNIR a moose on the loose type attraction?
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