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  1. Looking great. Friends of ours job relocated them to Iowa only an hour or so away so we plan on attending this park next summer assuming its ready
  2. I kick my self everyday for not finding the time to stop here on our Kennywood Waldameer trip
  3. We came close to meeting at Mt Olympus last year. I am hoping we can meet at a park one of these years!
  4. And sadly if the park wouldn't have chained the gate closed stupid teenagers would prly break there way in
  5. These river rapid rides ran like 20 something years without issues and now I feel like its a yearly thing
  6. Great report and pictures Ironwolfman. This is my number 1 bucket list park. Im glad you had a great time!!!
  7. We visited a newer little park in northern Michigan. It is home to the worlds only jumping flume of its type . You actually get a nice pop of air when you leave the track The first half of the park is nicely themed and shaded The newest sections of the park have no trees lol The park has a lot of refurbished retro rides. Everything looked in great shape They had a rare roll o plane! Neat little park. Its part of a big complex called Cedar Valley. It has a massive glampground with 2 gold course's as well. I also whored my self out on a tiny coaster at a park called arzo in alpena.
  8. Id love to Cedar Fair or Six Flags purchase some in bulk and disperse among the smaller parks in there chain
  9. I still can not believe the train was able to leave the final brake run with the other train still in the station. Eltororyan needs to show those workers how a block section works lol
  10. Sorry for the double post. I heard a rumor that this weekend Shivering Timbers bumped in the station leaving damage on both trains and the track in the station. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  11. Looks a lot smoother! Thanks for posting another great video
  12. Very good detailed report! Thank you for taking the time
  13. It would be nuts to see this park get the first 4D, Single rail and Axis
  14. It would be a fun to see Worlds of Fun become a six flags park for 10 years and SFSTL become a cedar fair park for 10 years and see which ones benefits more
  15. When I flew to denver a few years back and checked out the park both Halfpipe and Sidewidner were closed sadly. I also checked out lakeside and they had a bunch closed there as well
  16. I know this isn't Castles N Coasters but looks like a new proposed park in AZ https://www.abc15.com/entertainment/events/mattel-adventure-park-joins-arizona-crystal-lagoons-project-coaster-go-karts-planned
  17. I finally checked out the new camp snoopy. Looks very good. All 7 coasters were running. They were short staffed like every other park but the employees generally seemed very happy. The new snoopy area looks very good and fits in well!
  18. Mystic Timbers Orion Diamondback Bat Invertigo Racer Back Lot Stunt Coaster Flight of Fear Banshee Beast Adventure Express
  19. Been a very interesting start to the amusement year lol
  20. I heard it was closed opening weekend. Sounds like the parks opening weekend went as badly as every other cedar fair park. I am going Sunday to check out the new camp snoopy and get a ride of Timbers and check out Thunderhawks new paint scheme
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