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  1. Rumors are Jokers Fun house coaster would get the ax. That would be sad. It is a great family coaster
  2. Water ride for Atlanta heat. Plus its a launch and spinning coaster. Seems like a perfect fit
  3. I believe LSM's use less power then LIMs on Wicked Twister?
  4. Chance falling stars are easily one of my favorite rides. Chance really needs to redesign it and bring it back
  5. Thanks for posting. Suprised the Zyklon isnt open yet. I thought they could get those errected and running in a couple days
  6. those creepy things remind me of the creatures on willys wonderland
  7. humming birds freak me out. Like a big bumblebee attacking wanting eye juices
  8. Isnt Dragonflyer only 39 inches and Merlins Mayhem is 39 inches. Those would be direct comparison to the B&M junior invert. Big Bear seems like a competitor to this and that is only 39 inches. So if this a family B&M launched coaster it better not be 48 inches lol
  9. I wonder if that section of track will get replaced as well
  10. what is the height limit on the junior inverts that B&M has made?
  11. I dont think LR's lift is any faster then say Skyrushes
  12. I feel like people in the hobbie are more on discord and facebook then forums
  13. The new trains on Zinger are nice. Also great seeing a cedar fair park have a new train without seat belts. The T bar did seem to tighten throughout the ride
  14. I got to visit Worlds Of Fun for the first time. Park was larger and nicer then I was expecting. First I wanna say the landscaping is nice at this park. The park does not have a bad coaster in its line up. Patriot is solid. Timberwolf was running decent for a dinn. Spinning dragons was fun. Prowler is amazing and not talked about. We night time ert and that ride was running great in the dark. I got one ride on Zinger and it was fun. The 2nd half twisties were good and even a little snappy for a mini gci. Mamba was amazing. No trims and the mid course didn't hit. Those return airtime hills hurt the best way. Incredible ride. I would recommend this park
  15. Id be mad if I won a raffle for first public train and hundreds of people got to ride on a soft open before me
  16. My guess is family boomerang. I would be more excited for a STC though!!!
  17. going for my first time Saturday the 17th. Hopefully I can snag a ride. Those transitions look great
  18. swfan1988 I am not a fan of the vest restraints either. I am glad you had a good trip!
  19. So we took the SS Badger car ferry from Michigan to Wisconsin. We headed up to Bay Beach in Green Bay. Zippin Pippin is a great little ride. For a coaster that is only around 70 feet it sure packs a punch. It was one train ops on a very busy Saturday. Locals told me they have 2 trains. I am assuming the 2nd was still in off season maintenance. The park had a great selection of kids rides and family rides. Their train ride takes you through the graveyard of chance rides past. You can see remnants of the old SeaDragon and Falling Star. Ticket prices were dirt cheap. Most rides only costing 25 or 50 cents. Even Zippin Pippin was only a dollar. I would have liked more than one ride on it but the line was an hour long. The operations were a little slow. They would walk the train. They would then check seat belts. Lar bars release and lock and the attendants would do a third pass. Made the whole process slow. Food was also very inexpensive. Park lacks a smaller family coaster or kiddy coaster. Next day we headed over to Marshal to visit little Amerricka. I love little janky parks so I was excited for this one. To my suprise the park was very clean and in very good shape. I have a 2, 4 and 6 year old and this park is perfect for those ages. My first ride was the swiss toboggan. I am only 5 foot 9 and had zero issues with the cage. Ending bunny hills have a nice couple little pops of air. Next my 30 inch tall daughter got to ride her first coaster in the Little dipper. She loved it and the operator gave us multiple laps since she was giggling so much. This park has a huge collection of classic flat rides. Most of the rides are 42 inches and under. A lot do not even have a height limit if with an adult. After the kids rode some various flats I was able to snag a ride on Mad Mouse. Still no lines.I had high hopes. It did not touch Wild Chipmunk as my favorite old school mouse. I love the no seat belts and no lap bar style rides. I walked across the midway to Meteor. This was a fun little junior coaster. Amazingly smooth little ride. The double down had a nice pop of floater. The highlight of the park for most people will be the train ride. It is around 30 minutes long. It takes you through farms, woods, past animals, around the campground, through tunnels and past an old west town. Long story short it is a vey long train ride. Food at this park was very inexpensive. Merch though left a lot to be desired. We like to collect park picture frames and magnets and they had neither. Just a couple shirts and visors. I would recommend Bay Beach and Little Amerricka any day for familes with younger kids or thoosies wanting to boost that credit count! We also stopped back at Great America on the way home. I wont get into a write up on this park since it is heavily talked about. Great park. Deep ride and coaster collection . Kidszopolis area is looking rough though
  20. I have been reading lots of hate on this ride. I think it looks great. People seem to forget its a family coaster
  21. I would assume capacity wise it would make the most sense to launch backwards then forwards over the top hat. Having a long launch forwards just to go backwards again just to launch forwards again on that long launch track would take some time
  22. I remember when we visited the park I found it strange walking through a trailer park trying to find the park. They can make a nice new parking lot and entrance and expand the park!
  23. Didn't they remove the old tube slide tower and water coaster recently?
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