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  1. Great news!! I can't wait to catch a ride on it in a few weeks. Such a wonderful family woodie and the best choice for a new coaster IMO for Great Escape. I hope other parks will notice and do the same.
  2. I actually enjoy the Vekoma SLC's! They do give a wild ride and we all know it.
  3. Well, years ago there were rumors that Seaworld and Disney had made offers to the owner to purchase the park but it was just not for sale. It would make so much sense and be probably very lucrative for a big chain to buy the park. It's in such a hot tourist spot and the land of the park is like 3 times larger than Canada's Wonderland. So much space for huge roller coasters! It would be a shame to see the place being demolished and have condos and houses built on it, because that is also a lucrative possibility.
  4. Probably next year we will see the rides back in operation and most of the animals gone.
  5. They will fix it up this year and it will be running good for many years after. SC is such an awesome coaster and very unique. It was still an expansive coaster and it's a good thing they are addressing the issues.
  6. I've been to the park a few times over the span of 20 years and always enjoyed it. It's a beautiful park and they have some unique coasters, especially the classic Arrow Viper. It one of the best Arrows still in service (size, look, pacing). This is the coaster I want them to keep forever so I hope they take good care of it. Arrow is not in business anymore and Viper is a custom model so getting track pieces fabricated is a little harder. Glad to see Boomerang is getting proper care but I find it weird that they had to replace a piece of track so soon. The Boomerang at La Ronde is one of the oldest Boomerangs and I think it still has its original track pieces. Also glad Predator is getting track work, it really needed it! Superman, or ride of steel should I say, Intamin's first hyper is always good and not like the others. Moto Coaster is a blast, and Tantrum was a wonderful addition. So DL is a good park IMO with good staff. You add the waterpark and the campground next to it, my kids and I have always had a great time there and wanted to go back.
  7. https://www.niagarafallsreview.ca/news/niagara-region/marineland-denies-claims-of-layoffs-closure/article_1bed6fca-13c6-5203-b8b1-8ff9bb32dbd2.html
  8. It must have had cracks because I know that a lot of older Vekoma Boomerangs still have all their original tracks.
  9. Good thing it is getting more new track. That coaster was so brutal a few years ago when I rode it.
  10. I rode the Skyflyer once. The year it opened waaaaaay back in 96!
  11. Oh that is no good. I am wondering what the future holds for the rollercoasters and the rides.
  12. Lovely park! I visited it about 10 years ago. I love the Morgan train with flanged wheels on the Jack Rabbit. It tracks very well.
  13. The Condor at La Ronde was installed in 1990. I don't know if they are removing it or just doing maintenance on it.
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