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  1. Awesome coaster! Beautyful! And probably insanely good! Intamin really keeps pushing. They always come up with new designs. Very innovative company and I love it!!!
  2. Really great news!!! It was going to be scrapped and now it will be refurbished and saved! These Schwarzkopf loopers are really unique and awesome and need to be preserved. Thank you Indiana Beach! Can't wait to visit!!!
  3. So far I think it's pretty good as parks stay in business despite the downtime. A lot of them are not doing too good financially but thet all hope for a turnaround in 2021. I believe 2021 will be crucial for parks to stay in business. We all rely on an effective vaccine that could somewhat end or at least calm this pandemic. If 2021 turns out to be much like 2020, unfortunetly we will see several parks closing for good.
  4. So far it seems as they will only replace some spots on the coaster and see how the the coaster and new track sections perform. I believe they are still testing that track system. Time will tell and with the park not sure to re open next season it might take a while before a full conversion! Add to that the money that Six Flags and all other parks in genaral are losing with the pandemic, nobody really knows how things will turn out. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  5. Marineland's new ride is up and testing! It looks awesome!
  6. I am wondering if they will reprofile the whole coaster or just replace the track of Predator with Titan track?!?
  7. Please redo Predatorwith that new steel track from GCI!!! Predator is insanly rough!
  8. Just imagine if Six Flags bought that place with a huge loan!!!!! Wooooowwww!!!!! They could install whatever they want to! No space issue!
  9. Still great to see they are building rides in these difficult times. So far the pandemic isn't letting go.
  10. I mean I am skeptical about a new coaster but hey it's Marinelandand and I think they are capable of surprising us! They have a lot of land and potential.
  11. Is there a possible roller coaster coming to Marineland soon!!!? Lots of land clearing and rumors!!!
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