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  1. I visited the park once in 1999 while they were testing Stealth, the Vekoma flying dutchman coaster prototype!
  2. Visit the park ASAP. I really don't think they will make it 11 years! Chances are next year they could start selling some stuff. With the hot real estate market right now I think the park will shut down relatively fast. And I doubt Gold Striker will be relocated, parts from it will most likely be salvaged (chain lift mechanism, motor, trains etc...) and some wood.
  3. From what I heard the Blue Streak is still laying in pieces on the ground!!
  4. On their website it says tickets will be available soon so I guess we'll find out if the whole park (water slides and amusement rides) open all at once. I hope so!
  5. The owner was such in a hurry to take it down! I guess he was tired and wanted to stop the enthusiasts following his every move. Now that the coaster is gone, (or down should I say!!), it gives him peace as a lot of people just don't care anymore. It is sad because Blue Streak was a good coaster.
  6. Predator was so roughs so it's a good thing they started retracking it. And the Titan track should not only improve the ride quality but also reduce maintenance. If it proves to be true we will see a lot of wood coasters get this treatment wheather from GCI or RMC.
  7. Yes I think this summer it will be mostly a water park.
  8. Any news on the rides being refurbished at Niagara Amusement Park and Splash World!? We don't hear much about it exceptthey are opening on Memorial weekend. I guess the shuttle loop coaster is not ready or not even up yet! I hope Silver Comet will be open on opening day.
  9. Just like I have always said the pandemic is what killed it for good. The park was making progress slowly but could not afford any bump. The pandemic was the bump they definetly not need.
  10. I got to agree with a bunch of you guys. He was the only one to bid. Got the park for quite a good price. Had he been willing to talk the truth about his intentions maybe the general public would not hate him as much and would understand better. I think if it wasn't for the pandemic the park, and Blue Streak, would still be around and operating, but for how long!? CLP and most of its rides were not in perfect shape. I loved that place because it was so unique and mostly because of the Blue Streak. Now that it's gone I don't think the park will remain. They will probably build houses or condos.
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