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  1. I hope they upgrade the Predator with that new track this year. It needs it badly!
  2. Yes I will do that this Spring! With photos and videos of it in action!
  3. So far no dates for reopening parks in California, New York, Illinois and Michigan
  4. I was actually at the park 2 days after John passed. Several old employees were saying that John was a good man and boss to work for and that he loved his park so much. I was told that they had been getting offers from Sea World and Disney to purchase the park. But the park just isn't for sale.
  5. I think it was John Holer's dream to build a park from scratch. Since he passed in 2018 the family keeps it as he would have wished. More money doesn't mean much when you have so much. That park is like their home. I think the family has great plans for the future and is not shy on investing a lot into the park.
  6. What I think is that the owners have a lot of money so they could probably do and build pretty much they want. And on top of that they have a lot of land! I would love to see them give Vekoma a contract for their first hyper!
  7. The coaster they most need is probably a good family wooden coaster from any firm. A hypercoaster would also be a good fit. It could probably be visible from the falls.
  8. WOW!!!!! This is great news! Marineland is huge and has so much potential. When it first opened it was going to be developped into a huge park with plenty of attractions. Sadly it did not grow as intended. But they have so much room to build pretty much anything! I really hope they install a quite big rollercoaster. Some nice wooden coaster or a hypercoaster, or both! Marineland is a very large park, nice and clean. It totally deserves a huge expansion and it is a staple in Niagara Falls.
  9. I can't wait for some park to order a hypercoaster from Vekoma. I think the hypercoaster is the next coaster they should start producing. They have great technology now and they are ready. They would make awesome hypercoasters.
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