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  1. What I am saying is that the reason a lot of people go there is for Blue Streak ;).
  2. CLP without Blue Streak would not be very enticing. I am very confident it will run again.
  3. I guess they will look at Blue Streak next year. And hopefully they bring it back to life, which I am confident they will since CLP would not be the same without it.
  4. Any news from CLP!? Has the structural evaluation of the Blue Streak been performed by an engineer yet?
  5. Good news! I heard good things about that coaster. And it's a custom model!
  6. Totally agree!! False hope. Plus the parks and rides are deteriorating. It's starting to look like SF New Olrleans!
  7. Thanks! It seems to be far from done. I hope it reopens but if not, I hope Marineland across the river ends up relocating the Silver Comet. It is such a great ride and would be such a great addition to their line up of rides.
  8. It looks like the new owner will revitalize the whole park and refurbish the beloved rides such as Blue Streak. Quite frankly it is needed in order to keep the park and the rides (especially Blue Streak) open for years to come and with the pandemic that seems to be far from over, this year is the perfect time to do so. Next year we will have a nice CLP with a new facelift and uptaded rides and buildings:)
  9. Hopefully ALL parks can open this season! And hopefully they will be enjoyable!!
  10. Wow this is really good news! Very happy! And I love Hellcat! Very intense woodie!
  11. I just hope they park will live again and not just be a project that gets scrapped. I don't know why but I am skeptical about the reopening of the park and Blue Streak.
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