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  1. Am I the only one that would love to see Cedar Point get a really solid GCI/GG wooden coaster in the next couple of years instead of something steel? Mystic Timbers, Leviathan, etc. but maybe a bit longer and taller since it's Cedar Point? If they could integrate it into the boardwalk area, even better.
  2. HersheyPark now arguably has the best ride line-up in the country. I mean an RMC conversion, solid dueling woody, classic woody, excellent invert, classic Schwarzy, great Boomerang, operating Intamin hydraulic launch, Intamin megalooper, Intmain insane mega, great B&M mega, S&S towers, indoor spinner, dark rides, family rides. F**k. That's like the dream park I would make in Roller Coaster Tycoon.
  3. It wouldn't shock me; T3 was Ed Hart's baby. That was a big deal to install that roller coaster back in 1995. Why they went with KumbaK trains in 2015 instead of Vekoma I'm not sure, probably money. That said, these historically have held up pretty well. Have we seen an SLC removed due to end of life and not just park closure?
  4. Random question since I've not ridden much from S&S lately. I loved Hypersonic back in the day, but have yet to ride a Freespin, new launched coaster or Steel Curtain. What are the issues with Steel Curtain? It seems to be down a lot according to this thread and other sources I have seen, as well as only on one train when open. I like to think traditional chain-lift loopers are pretty reliable, but this doesn't seem to be the case here.
  5. I think it still has three. There's a recent picture of folks in the maintenance bay with all three and they all have new colors.
  6. Wildcat closes July 31 per official Facebook. Check the comments….
  7. Did not expect this announcement. Awesome to see Six Flags spending that kind of cash again.
  8. Yikes, I hope the controls and electrical components for Kandaa, Pulsar and others are not completely fried. What a mess it'll be to clean regardless.
  9. Talon absolutely kicks butt. It may not be quite as good as Montu or Raptor, but it is forceful, glass smooth and re-rideable. Hydra is fine but not nearly as good. I remember waiting in line for a second ride during the opening season and talking with some other guests about how it did not touch Talon. It has some weird track bends and even had a small rattle opening season. The drop is good in the back row and the JoJo roll is interesting. Steel Force is always quite good, especially when it warms up. As long as you're not expecting Intamin air.
  10. It's a little thing compared to Jersey Devil Coaster, but it is awesome that they can finally run Ka and Zumanjaro at the same time. What a cool visual.
  11. Ok, that’s hilarious. Saw the rumor on another site and immediately navigated over here. I was thinking, what the hell reason would they close that coaster? The more you know!
  12. ^I'm a fan of Mantis/Rougarou but I understand why it's not universally loved. It's one of the more intense coasters in the park, and something about the layout still intimidates. While I am stuck at work in North Carolina, at least I can enjoy the web cams and hope people are having fun on SV and Millennium.
  13. Neat concepts. I would love Intamin to finally nail a modern water coaster/flume project. Perilous Plunge was absolutely insane when I rode it back in mid 2000s at Knott's. Obviously we know the saga of Pilgrims Plunge at Holiday World and Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point, and the Energylandia Speed Water Coaster shoot-the-chutes and its clones aren't exactly well liked. Has anyone ridden the American Dream shuttle here? The new concept looks like an expanded version of that.
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