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  1. It's a little thing compared to Jersey Devil Coaster, but it is awesome that they can finally run Ka and Zumanjaro at the same time. What a cool visual.
  2. Ok, that’s hilarious. Saw the rumor on another site and immediately navigated over here. I was thinking, what the hell reason would they close that coaster? The more you know!
  3. ^I'm a fan of Mantis/Rougarou but I understand why it's not universally loved. It's one of the more intense coasters in the park, and something about the layout still intimidates. While I am stuck at work in North Carolina, at least I can enjoy the web cams and hope people are having fun on SV and Millennium.
  4. Neat concepts. I would love Intamin to finally nail a modern water coaster/flume project. Perilous Plunge was absolutely insane when I rode it back in mid 2000s at Knott's. Obviously we know the saga of Pilgrims Plunge at Holiday World and Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point, and the Energylandia Speed Water Coaster shoot-the-chutes and its clones aren't exactly well liked. Has anyone ridden the American Dream shuttle here? The new concept looks like an expanded version of that.
  5. I would at another Six Flags park but SFGadv is pretty good about using all the trains. Nitro always runs three, Bizarro usually runs three in the summer, Ka only runs two or three of four because of the way they use the single station now.
  6. This lift-stop "catastrophe" was featured on our local news in Burlington, North Carolina. Why? Jesus people are dramatic. Add that to my GP friends freaking out that they just rode a pendulum ride at Kings Dominion "exactly like the one that collapsed in Egypt" and you can see why people are needlessly scared of thrill rides. Random question, can Batwing run more than one train at this point?
  7. This looks amazing. And some of the more recent footage makes the pacing look CRAZY. Big year for S&S!
  8. Looks awesome. Great to see S&S having such a great year in the US.
  9. ^Lightning Racer is not, that’s a fantastic ride. Wildcat is a little wilder.
  10. The Web cam is not completely clear due to the sun in Charlotte but I'm enjoying watching Copperhead Strike while working. Three train operation, great dispatch times. It just stopped on the second launch but within 5 minutes it was launching back home and a new train full of guests dispatched.
  11. It won’t be a flyer. Unless the new regime goes against what Dick Kinzel once said, they won’t install a flyer. I can’t find the article but it was something about a flyer being too gimmicky. He also said they wouldn’t install an Intamin woodie. But, times and management have changed. I think a huge CGI is most likely. Possibly a launched Infinity if Hangtime proves reliable and popular, which it appears to be. Or a Mack, after Copperhead Strike proves a good investment.
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