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  1. They'd have to beat boost mode on Tornado at Bakken. Which I don't think anyone* would have a problem with. *Except whiny thoosies who bemoan that it's "no longer a launch."
  2. They'd say similar if Boss got RMC'd. "They just painted the rails," is a common one I've seen from other RMC announcements.
  3. When those licensing deals happened could be a big factor. It takes a lot of time to design and create these attractions. Every IP used this year is one that existed prior to 2022. M3GAN was a breakout hit this year and thus all licensing deals were completed by that point. Also, if it was a house, you'd need about 14-18 people to play M3GAN. The character has the body of a 12 year old and an uncanny valley face. Or if it was a scare zone, the character would be mobbed constantly with people trying to take pictures with them. And again, appearance of a 12 year old girl. The film was also marketed for a younger demographic--one the park may not want at the event.
  4. I've heard that rumor when the rumor was a Mack Power Splash. The MPS is larger than the Intamin Ultra Surf in such a way that would necessitate the removal of Joker. Odds are that's where the rumor came from.
  5. Nopuko Air Coaster at Lost Island. Pretty, but a steaming pile of shit. Rest of the park is great, though. Somehow, this was my first SLC.
  6. Tomorrow, August 10th, is Snoopy's birthday. Dorney is also announcing their new project tomorrow. Wouldn't surprise me if we got the announcement tomorrow here as well.
  7. That ride is 40 years old. It's headed to the scrap heap. But that plot would make a good place for a Planet Snoopy expansion. Maybe for the 2024 season.
  8. Ride's circuit is not yet complete. No signs of work in the area. Look like it's a "for next year" sort of thing.
  9. Just got done with 2 days at the park and wanted to share some thoughts. Of note: I was previously at the park in 2006. Wildcat was closed both days. The only sign of life it showed was I maybe heard some work going on. The park was advertising a limited time run of lights out night rides for a small handful of rides-wildcat included- that started tonight. Laff Track was a neat idea, but flawed execution. I think the park could've added more theming to the standard model spinner. Why the hell has no one really bought another vertical lift coaster from Intamin? Love Fahrenheit. I'd heard the "Thigh Crush" jokes before and thought they were a tad hyperbolic. But now I realize that if you don't come off the ride without bruises, you probably didn't ride Skyrush. No wonder the park wanted a nice, floaty B&M. I wasn't able to ride Stormrunner back in 06, but I made up for it this trip. Nothing quite like an accelerator launch from Intamin. And I quiver to think about how the flying snake dive is on Ride to Happiness compared to the original here. The park could use more flat rides. An S&S Screaming Swing and a Starflyer immediately come to mind. Small thing, but I loved how many easy places the park had where I could fill up my water bottle with ice and cold water.
  10. Goddammit. I'm at the park Sunday and Monday. Hopefully it's back open Monday.
  11. Today I found out that the last 2 days of work I put in were for naught as I messed up royally. I spent today and will go all day tomorrow fixing my mistake. This job is already nearly 2 weeks late and will take about another week to finish. And I have 6 days off after tomorrow.
  12. So I've got my first visit to the park coming up next week. I have my all day wristband paid for. I'm planning my food route around the park. I know Flying Turns is a good ride to hit early. I know the park is free to enter, but how early can I park and get my wristband? Haunted Mansion isn't included in the wristband, but can I purchase tickets for it anywhere or just at the attraction?
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