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  1. Too early planning questions: I'm planning on flying into town on July 4 and making base in Williamsburg at a luxury suite I can get for cheaper than dirt with a view of BGW. How bad of an idea is it to commute to Kings Dominion the times I would visit? How has this week been pre-covid at both parks? In general: is it cheaper/easier to rent a car from RIC or ORF? Everything is still in Flux so I can change plans if needed.
  2. Kings Island is one of those parks I've always wanted to get to because of how deep their lineup looks. Hopefully for Haunt 2022 I'll make my way out there. So does Bill Murray.
  3. Not necessarily the last item I bought, but it's the last thing I acquired as it arrived this morning. Now if only I can find the Disneyland 65th version, too.
  4. August Burns Red's cover of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball.
  5. Good news and bad news. I'm up 4 pounds (to 201) from the beginning of December. While I'd like to believe it's muscle from the strength training I've been doing, it's more likely from a combination of laying on my ass for two weeks while I had COVID/all the holiday snacks I've eaten. But I'm down 9 pounds since the start of 2020 (When I weighed 210). And some people have told me I look like I've dropped 50 pounds in the past 2 years, though I doubt I ever got up that high.
  6. Had to start the new year with a bang. Bacon under the patty, a little extra shredded cheese melted on top, an egg, and another bit of bacon to top it all off.
  7. It's finally the end of 2020. I propose a toast. Let's raise our cups; let's raise em high! We'll toast its death and watch it die. Good fuggin riddance to ya and may your dick get caught in the door on the way out.
  8. To me, WW84 felt a lot like Iron Man 2. Both films were overstuffed with more than the story really knew what to do with to give any of them a proper resolution. It lacked a proper focus and felt like there was some more studio interference this time around which led to massive plot holes and leaps in logic (such as exactly why/how Chris Pine is back and the ramifications of such). It also weakened Diana's character by making her a starry-eyed waif who was forever crying over a dead guy. Gag me. And as a fan of the Cheetah character, I was disappointed with how poorly the character w
  9. One of my brother's go-to exclamations is "Cheese and Crackers." So for the past week, I've had a wrapped present in the fridge for him. Inside: a box of Ritz crackers and a chunk of mild cheddar cheese. I wish I'd gotten his reaction on video.
  10. I know Spielberg's directing a new adaptation of West Side Story, but having him involved in Wicked too would be amazing as well.
  11. ^While I don't think I contracted it until later that week while I was in Branson, it was still probably for the best. Stay healthy, both of you. So now I should be mostly fine until I can get the vaccine.
  12. Both me and my mother had COVID a couple weeks ago. While that in and of itself is rant-worthy; while I was quarantining, I had some Halloween Dove Chocolate. And since I had COVID, I couldn't taste the damn thing. We have both recovered and I am back at work, BTW.
  13. How is that tower able to do that? The S&S towers I operated couldn't even do that in maintenance mode. And since I haven't said it yet; me in the fart room:
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