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  1. I'm looking at making park reservations this weekend and I have a couple questions about the process. I have the SEAS platinum pass from SWSA FWIW. Visiting 2 days between July 5-8. 1. I'm assuming I can only have a single reservation at a time, correct? Can I reserve my second day while I am in the park on day 1 or do I have to wait until the next day/park close? 2. What crowd capacity is the park currently operating on and do locals think it could be increased by my trip?
  2. A 10 year old boy was shot by my sister's house on Friday afternoon. Around 20 shots were fired, a couple of them went into my sister's house, near where she was sitting on her couch. Last I heard, the boy was still in critical conditon. Sources: Article Video where my sister's interviewed.
  3. Definitely some intriguing news. Glad to see someone pick this ride up and I'll definitely make some time for it the next time I'm in the Dallas area.
  4. I was listening to "A Whole New World" from Aladdin earlier and I misheard the line "Tell me Princess, now when did you last let your HEART decide" as "Tell me Princess, now when did you last let your FART decide?" And now I need to write the rest of that parody.
  5. "Within You" by David Bowie. I'm currently watching Labyrinth.
  6. Because BMI says that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is obese. I dare anyone to call a guy who could bench-press a tank obese. But congratulations on your journey!
  7. Thought I'd come in and post a couple reviews of movies I saw recently, ranked in descending order according to how much I enjoyed them: Nobody: A great little action movie starring Bob Odenkirk that almost felt like a John Wick parody/knockoff. It was exactly what I wanted from the film--a great time in terms of action and laughs. Godzilla Vs. Kong: Anything involving the film's various Kaiju was some great spectacle and decent cinema. Everything dealing with humans was absolute crap. I kind of expected that going in, but it was still disappointing. I also thought that the final bat
  8. ^Most of what I have right now can be divided into two groups: Comic/Graphic novel related or Disney. When I go looking now, it's kind of what speaks to me. I will go after select figures in certain poses/outfits in a wave. Like there's a half dozen Kong figures for Godzilla vs Kong--I'm specifically wanting the Kong with the axe. Or when I saw a Hot Topic exclusive version of Elsa in her Into the Unknown dress which I passed on because I already had an Elsa. And there are a couple store-exclusive figures I've purchased on clearance not because I wanted them, but to put in storage and maybe re
  9. The short answer is 71. I have: 29 on display in box 24 in storage in box 7 pocket pop keychains in box 1 pocket pop keychain out of the box (box got crushed in a move) 4 Funkoverse game pieces out of box The Hot Topic exclusive Infinity Gauntlet out of the box (before I really started collecting, but it comes in a dome) 4 Alice in Wonderland pops on pre-order A Waldo pop that I like to hide around the house.
  10. A number of Funko Pops to add to my collection. About $70 in total across three purchases.
  11. I went into my kitchen 3 times within a half hour. To turn on the oven, to put a pizza into the oven, and to pull the pizza out of the oven. The whole time, my cat is sleeping on a chair in the adjacent room. The only time she wanted to cuddle was when I went to grab my pizza from the oven.
  12. Great reports like this remind me of how awesome this park is and how little time I actually got to spend at the park in November. I need to go back.
  13. Just scheduled an appointment to get the vaccine on Wednesday! I'm most likely getting Moderna due to when my 2nd appointment is.
  14. ^Thank you for reminding me that this existed. I love the music from the original animated film and I am also hoping that it can be revived and brought across the pond. I NEED to see the Plagues done live.
  15. I believe Snyder still hasn't seen the theatrical cut of the film. This film is 100% Snyder's vision. I was amused how much Snyder footage was in the theatrical cut but with a different CGI skin. And thank God the mustache is gone. If anything feels reactionary, it would be the animated film Justice League Dark: Apokolips War--which supposedly followed the plot of Snyder's vision for Justice Leagues 2 and 3. That film tied up its own continuity while being eerily similar to leaked plot points of Snyder's plans. It was released during the height of the #releasethesnydercut campaign.
  16. I also watched the Snyder cut twice in the past two days. I also re-watched the theatrical cut for comparison's sake. While Snyder is obviously the better film, I still see some merit in Josstice League. Neither film is perfect. I thought Snyder cut had some pacing issues and didn't really explain everything that it needed to. Some scenes just ended without reason to while others did drag on for a beat longer than they should have. I can't help but wonder what the film would have looked like if Snyder was involved beginning to end with the theatrical cut. I also saw The Courier in
  17. Yaphet Kotto, 81, unrevealed cause of death. An actor most known for his roles in Alien and as the main antagonist in the Bond Film Live and Let Die. And although the film was absolute shit, I'll also bring up that he survived through Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare as I just rewatched the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series this past weekend.
  18. I got my car washed on Friday since the weather was nice. It snowed today. It was nice while it lasted.
  19. Sounds like you need to shop smart, shop S-Mart and get yourself a boomstick. Fun report and it really made me look forward to my visit later this year. Here's hoping Pantheon is open by July.
  20. Journey 12: Six Flags Fiesta Texas AKA Flash Pass to Dare Devil Dive Way back in February 2020, I had plans to spend a week in the San Antonio area in mid-July. During which time I'd go to Six Flags, SeaWorld, ZDT's, and maybe the Alamo. With additional plans to spend 2 weeks in Orlando in late November. And then the year 2020 thought it would be a good idea to take a massive shit all over my plans, and then because it was so disgusted and repulsed by the sight and smell of its own shit, proceeded to vomit all over said shit. I initially delayed my Texas plans to a mid-Oc
  21. You know that saying "Not all heroes wear capes?" If it was up to Edna Mode, none would.
  22. A couple quick reviews of movies I saw recently: News of the World: a Tom Hanks film is always enjoyable and I found it a little humorous wherein the first piece of news discussed in the film was about a small viral outbreak. The Little Things: I found it boring with little to say and overly derivative of Se7en. Jared Leto's performance seemed almost like he was a little disinterested with the role. Raya and the Last Dragon: Disney animation's latest is another beautiful film with some absolutely stellar fight choreography. Chaos Walking: Saw it on the strength of the cast
  23. Six Flags has set up an on-line merch store which includes nanocoasters and coaster cutouts.
  24. Immediately, I think of going to HersheyPark as a scared little kid and missing out on Storm Runner and Great Bear. As many times as I've been to Wisconsin Dells, I never got on the S&S woodie in the area and coincidentally, haven't been back to the area since it went SBNO. More recently, I skipped ZDTs on a recent trip to San Antonio due to assumed timing/crowds. I thought SeaWorld would be slammed like SFFT was the day before. SeaWorld was absolutely dead. And of course, there are all the times I've visited a park the year before they added a new coaster and haven't been b
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