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  1. Due to some severe weather in my area tonight (including but not limited to: hail, thunderstorms, tornado watches/warnings), parts of my workplace lost power. Some light fixtures went full strobe. But the big thing that got knocked out was the air compressor. Since we couldn't get it back up, and about 95% of the machines use the compressor, everyone left 4 hours early tonight.
  2. Apparently, the sound of me blowing my nose sounds like a dinosaur straight out of Jurassic Park. Or so a coworker told me.
  3. My sister was none too pleased that her cat decided to cuddle me.
  4. I work the evening/night shift, so I can't get fast food breakfast usually. Traveling through MCO on an early flight today, I was excited to get a croissanwich from Burger King. BK stops serving breakfast at 10am. I got up to the counter at 10:02.
  5. How many of those promises were made post Covid? That nullified many promises across several industries. How many times did SEAS push back the opening of their (non Texas Stingray) 2020 coasters?
  6. If I see waits like those this weekend, I'm almost going to be upset about getting express passes free while staying at Hard Rock Hotel. Excited to finally get on Velocicoaster. Be good to get on some thrilling rides after a few days at Disney.
  7. Expedition Everest--Animal Kingdom. Got placed in the front row from single rider line.
  8. A slice of pepperoni from Pizza Ponte at Disney Springs.
  9. In trying to clean the fridge out a bit before vacation, I present this monstrosity. I believe it has 4 layers of cheese, two layers of bacon bits, and some pepperoni.
  10. Yeah, I heard your story in the SWSA thread. At least your group pic that day looked like pity orgasms. I did my best to copy Paige's face in the original pic. Ask your husband what he thinks and report back.
  11. ^Yeah, they're definitely made at home. Take half of a toasted English Muffin, top as you please, bake for at least 10 minutes at 350F (I think mine were in the oven for at least 20 minutes). The idea allows each member to make their ideal pizzas because no one likes their pizza the exact same way.
  12. A quartet of homemade personal pizzas.
  13. An ad on the radio was talking about how the snow is finally melting and that summer is on the way...as I'm driving in near whiteout conditions.
  14. I hit 100,000 miles on my car tonight. Pulled over, put the car in park with hazard lights on to take the picture.
  15. In honor of National Pet Day (at least in the USA):
  16. This park keeps looking very interesting. Excited to visit in August.
  17. I was able to catch Everything Everywhere All at Once this weekend. It's the kind of film where you have no idea what just happened, but you loved every second of it. Such as when two rocks are having a (subtitled) conversation about existentialism. And one of them has googly eyes. If you have the opportunity--SEE IT!
  18. So my sister's in a production of Steel Magnolias as Shelby. During the Christmas scene, most of the cast was wearing Christmas-style sweaters. Except the character Ouiser. So after the show, I went up to her actress and asked if they considered putting her in a Sweater during the scene or if they worried about it coming undone. She had never heard Weezer's Sweater Song before. So this is for you, Christina Zimpfer,
  19. I've heard tell of it happening at the Joker kiddy coaster at SFOG. It also happened to me on only one of my dozen rides on SFOT's Batman.
  20. Here's hoping for a late April soft opening. And if not, I'm likely going back in November/December anyways.
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