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  1. I'm debating whether or not to stop reading awesome Kings Island reports such as this as I'm planning my first trip for Haunt 2022. But your misfortunes (vomit lady on plane, vomit kid on Racer) are too amusing to skip, dammit!
  2. Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion a little over a week ago in light rain. Wow, that stings.
  3. Way too early planning a trip out to the park on Saturday September 25. Primary concern is new credits since last visit in 2009. All questions assume pre-Covid standards. Does Fright Fest usually start by this time? No dates currently set, but auditions are scheduled for FF. Is FF a separate-ticket event? Read: do they kick out the day guests and re-open an hour later for FF? Are any major coasters excluded during the event? Which Flash Pass level is recommended? I'm assuming Platinum.
  4. Richard Donner, 91, died on July 5. Unreleased cause of death. Known for directing The Omen, Superman, The Goonies, and the Lethal Weapon franchise.
  5. Apollo's Chariot at BGW while the park's firework show was going on.
  6. Finally got a picture of my Happy Death Day killer cosplay on my birthday.
  7. I realized we haven't had a Ju(i)cy Lucy in this thread yet. For those unaware, this burger is a Minneapolis creation that puts cheese on the INSIDE of the burger patty. The exterior of the one I had tonight. And since I forgot to take a cross-section when I first got it like a total idiot, here it is nearly gone, the interior cheese still visible.
  8. I bought a car with a 72 month lease in October 2019. Due to COVID, my federal student loans were placed in forbearance. I used the money that would have gone into my student loans towards my car payments. I submitted the last payment today. On my birthday.
  9. I'm getting ready for my first visit to the park next week and I think my biggest question at this point is: Twisted Timber's loose article policy. AKA, if I have a phone/keys/wallet in a zippered pocket, will I still need to get a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo? Will I be able to sit on/attach a hat to my belt?
  10. It might not be the most recent, but I love it enough to share. 13 horror-themed Funko pocket POP! figures.
  11. I've found this to be an old argument used mostly by anti-maskers to avoid wearing masks at parks. Bottom line: if you wear your mask correctly, it'll stay on your face. Also speaking from experience of 4 days at parks in November with masks.
  12. I have reservations for Monday, July 5th and Wednesday, July 7th for the park. Since the 5th is when most people get off for the 4th, I'm obviously planning on unlimited quick queue for that day. So the question is: if I buy in advance and for whatever reason, the park ends up being absolutely dead/lines are non-existent; will I be able to get a refund? Alternatively, how likely is it to sell out in park day of? And since I'm here, what is recommended for late-night bites in the area after park close? Or should I just plan on food at my lodgings?
  13. Yay! Celtic Fyre is returning in time for my visit! Hopefully all rides will be open on weekdays by then as well. Not holding out too much hope for Pantheon, though.
  14. Regarding Valleyfair's Larson model, and I'm speaking from experience as I have operated the attraction, don't know if it's even possible to snap the cables to the point where we didn't train the new ops on what to do if cables were snapped.
  15. Samuel E. Wright, 74, of prostate cancer. Known for his work with Disney including voicing Sebastian in The Little Mermaid and originating the role of Mufasa in the Lion King on Broadway.
  16. ^Gotcha. Currently, I have 2 cosplays, 2-3 of my original characters, or just a handful of accessories from a couple different IPs.
  17. ^Dammit. My sister loves Schitt's Creek and her birthday is in a couple weeks. And I already bought her present.
  18. Yay cons! Hopefully I'll get to my first this year (if I don't count Renaissance festivals). Are you planning any cosplays this year, Bert?
  19. Last week, I went to go see Spiral: From the Book of Saw. I had a ticket for the 8:30 showing (read: the trailers start at 8:30). But 20 minutes later, there's still a still image of the Chevrolet logo onscreen and the audio is playing bad country music. So the manager walks in says they've been having playback issues and we are being upgraded to the 9:30 showing on the complex's premium screen with free admission tickets for the next time. As for the movie itself, I wasn't all that impressed with the traps/gore. There was a twist you could see a mile coming. And as a Saw movie, it suffered from a lack of John Kramer's (Tobin Bell) philosophy and presence. Even 4-8 were centered around Kramer's philosophy after the character died--Hoffman can still go die in a brazen bull, though. And with the free ticket I got, I saw Wrath of Man this week. I just couldn't buy into the plotting or structure of the film. This would be easier to excuse if the action was better but it was mediocre at best. And the twist felt unearned to the point of "we need a twist to get to the climax so here you go" kind of feeling.
  20. What's the Pop! I've been looking for? It's been Agatha all along.
  21. Charlie Clouser's "Hello Zepp" from the Saw soundtrack. A great theme for the Saw series and just a great piece of instrumental music overall.
  22. It's definitely an interesting merchandising gimmick with the web shooters, but Especially since they seem like they're exclusive to the park.
  23. It has been two weeks since I received the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. I am now fully vaccinated.
  24. Fat the Whuck? When I worked for Cedar Fair, the uniform itself was free, but accessories (hats, jackets, etc.) we had to pay for.
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