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  1. Dark City 8/10 This was a pretty good movie, it had some unique moments in it. I'm thinking of seeing "The Wild" but I don't think I will. Seeing the stories of it's downfall before comming out was not good signs and now seeing reviews of it make me want to say "I knew it" and "ouch"
  2. I have to give you major props for doing such a thing to Wal Mart! It's like I said, Wal*Mart is the center of all evil!
  3. Rode it in 2004 in the very last row and didn't find it rough at all, just a little bumpy in the bunny hops but the rest was just fine.
  4. I love this game, it's just so wacky and fun!
  5. Very nice PTR. I wonder, did you actually go on the Vekoma madhouse? I've heard some good things about it and wondered what it was like.
  6. First off, I LOVE your avatar MJHammer1. I have that t shirt. Now onto B&M. I would have to see more reviews for Patriot before saying it's better then the newer ones. Black Mamba does look very good. For SheiKra, I agree with CoasterFanatic. Take a ride on Hulk or Dragons after that and you will be surprised. Hulk has a great beginning while Fire Dragon has a intense 1-2-3 punch no new B&M invert can top. (Immelmann,airtime hill and being whipped into the 2nd Immelmann)
  7. 1.niiicolaaah (Anyone that makes a good joke out of AE is quite fine by me!) 2.Luxo2 (There is just something about that pic that cracks me up) 3. KFCcomcepts9.
  8. I've been playing DDR for a few years. I can do a couple of heavy songs and a few challenge songs. I was shocked getting a B on Tsugaru "Apple Mix"
  9. Looks like you all had a great time, Cobra does look like a fun coaster. BTW, if you are going to Chessington soon. I'm sorry to say the Bubbleworks Imperial Leather makeover is not good. They still have the fountains but thats probably to only good part of the ride. The rest is just in your face advertising with a bunch of rubber ducks.
  10. Hmmm...looking at the vid the boat does have some decent speed at the beginning, but the hill before the overbank is the problem. It took away a lot of speed from the boat.
  11. I voted for IOA for several reasons. Even though IOA has 15 rides, they are quite fun and well themed. CP is quite overrated, too many coasters and not enough flats and dark rides. I'd take DD over Raptor any day. CP is not a balanced park IMO, even in their coasters! Where are the woodies? What they have for woodies are quite medicore.
  12. Nice TR! It's a bummer that C.A.T.C.F is not as good as TT. I think people expected too much for it. I've heard rumors that BubbleWorks is now not as good as it was now! So I take it Hex is the best darkride at AT? It sure looks like it.
  13. ^Angry Gumball, I would love to see that vid! Let's see, one time on Dinosaur me and my friends made what we called the "Angry Beavers scream" If you remember Angry Beavers from Nick you might recall that the beavers sometimes made this "Nneeeeeeee" sound. Well me and my friends pulled that sound off during the ride! "Look! The Carnosaurus! NNNEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"
  14. ^I feel it could have been better, but it's not. I know even when they add more drop sequences it still will not be better then MGM's. There are some things they can do to improve the look of the ride. (The lighting) But there are some things I don't think they are going to try and change. (Having seperate load/unload stations)
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