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  1. I've always been very surprised Six Flags hasn't done anything. I mean, the movies are done by Warner Bros., and Six Flags has the rights to several Warner Bros. properties already (not sure of the extent of the contract). Though I realize that a studio having the rights for a movie and having the rights for theme park attractions are totally different animals. Anyway, somebody needs to get cracking while the property is hot. This level of interest can't last forever.
  2. Me and my fiancee take off our sandals anyway, even if they have backs on 'em and are legal. Bare feet on an invert or a floorless is awesome.
  3. Why waste the name kilimanjaro on a kiddie area? I mean, that would be a fantastic name for a coaster. Though I guess it would sorta be similar to Disney's mountain-themed coaster deal. And it might not fit too well with names like "SheiKra", "Montu" and "Kumba". So nevermind.
  4. What's Mt. Olympus' acreage? It seemed to me to be one of the smallest parks I'd been to. Funny that somebody would have the opposite opinion. I did not thoroughly explore the water park area though. Which seemed to be a lot bigger than I expected.
  5. Speaking of parody, the only news article google news shows on the event in the past 3 days is this. Unless I'm not using relevant enough search terms.
  6. I think parks go with B&Ms because the public tends to like them. But nobody should confuse the public liking something with brand recognition. The name "B&M" isn't painted proudly on every ride the same way "Kelloggs" is on every box of corn flakes. And do you think most parkgoers have watched those Discovery Channel specials with enough interest that they automatically know the names of the major coaster manufacturers and would recognize their products when they saw 'em? I doubt it. Hell, when I first got enthused about coasters, I didn't know a B&M from any other ride. That sort of thing takes awareness and interest, which I doubt you would find in many park patrons. Seriously, somebody take a clipboard to a park entry gate and hand out lists of coaster manufacturers with the question, "do these names mean anything to you?" at the top. I bet my statistic pans out.
  7. Well Animal Kingdom's had the ride for 8 years now... People visiting for the first time wouldn't know the difference, but plenty who've already been to AK do.
  8. Not to the GP. The parks are close. Most people who visit IoA have been to Disney. And no matter how much better IoA's version might be, it'd still be considered a rip-off.
  9. I really do get what you're saying, but I think the difference between these groups and Disney is that these groups are being attacked from the outside. Disney is being misrepresented by their own employees and that just shouldn't happen. It's much easier to blow it off when it's not your own company causing your company to look bad, since your company did nothing wrong. Like all the pictures floating around the internet of Disney character 'porn'. Those pictures aren't made by Disney and everyone is [or should be] aware of that. People are going to take the video more seriously because Disney hired these people to represent their company. Honestly, if people believe that Kazakhstan is exactly how it's represented by Borat, then they probably need a little help separating fantasy and reality. I understand your argument, but I'm not sure it makes quite as big a difference as one might think. Given even footing, yes. A group made to look bad from within will look worse to the public than a group made to look bad from outside. But there are plenty of other factors to consider, the biggest being public awareness. I'll use the excellent example of France which was provided to me earlier. The Ali G show is on HBO, so relatively few people have seen Borat or his depiction of Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, you have people poking fun at France on how many cable news channels, stand up comedy routines, or sophomore history classes? France-ignorance is everywhere, and Kazakhstan-ignorance is a relatively isolated phenomenon. Similarly, even though this video shows actual employees, pointing the finger at Disney has yet to catch like influenza. And even if it does, France-ignorance will certainly be more pervasive still (in fact, this would certainly contribute to it). Anyway, that's a somewhat sloppy example. But the point is, there are plenty of factors to consider outside of who it is making the company look bad. And judging people as a whole, yes. Many do need a little help separating fantasy and reality. I'm 100% with you until the last line. And that depends on how far this goes in the news. So far, I think their silent "we've dealt with it" is probably sufficient so long as public awareness remains where it is. Very few potential Disney vacationers would have any idea what you meant by "Mouse orgy" if you stopped 'em and asked today. If that changes sufficiently, further explanation is a must. But if not (and it hasn't in 24 hours), then I think their actions so far are enough. They don't want to raise a public awareness that barely exists at present.
  10. You are just such the "expert" on this aren't you? Seriously, your posts on this subject have really annoyed me because you absolutely have NO IDEA what you're talking about. But yet you're so SURE that you do.... --Robb "I hate it when people talk out of their asses." Alvey Just a prediction, nothing more. Why does this get to you so much? My opinion is not so drastically different from your own. First your problem was because I defended those who found it funny. Next you seemed to equate finding humor in it, or thinking it an inevitable side-effect of Disney's (I admit, understandable) rules as condoning their actions. Then there was apparently some problem with me believing (and justifying my beliefs throroughly) that Disney will have no problem shaking this from their image. And finally you have a problem with a general prediction about where the media will take it from here. You've hounded me at every turn. You've made rash generalizations about people in my age group. You've attempted to discredit my knowledge about intellectual property rights (which I actually have quite a bit of experience with, despite being just a stupid 22 year old). What's your problem? Can't people have different opinions around here? Mine isn't even that radical. I'm just as happy as you that the situation has been "dealt with" by Disney execs. I find the behavior just as inexcusable in the long run. I think the video's hillarious, but I'd still fire the whole lot of 'em were I calling the shots. And I have little sympathy for Disney because I know they can handle this. They have so much experience defending their image it's not even funny. Sigh... To add something new here, I'm a little amazed at some of the posts here. We mentioned how this could escalate out of control in the media and potentially turn people off to Disney (a quick google news search shows it has yet to do so). There was some thought that parents might see this behavior and generalize it to all park employees and make the mistake of thinking their children were in the hands of child molesters or something. The media is terrific at spinning, and such a belief would not be surprising of the average 24-hour news channel viewer. But I'm a little surprised to see that idea floating around here. Presumably, anyone posting in these forums is in possession of facts the general public does not posess. This was an isolated incident at a park relatively few of the forumgoers here attend regularly. Those people are in all likelihood no longer employed with Disney, and I'm sure the parks will be clamping down on their rules with backstage behavior and cameras. Unless y'all are incredibly naive and were unaware that there were people in these suits, I have no idea why this would affect the "Disney Magic" for you all. Seriously, I'd like to know why a presumably intelligent theme park expert would let something like this affect their view of the parks. Would anyone care to shed some insight? Finally, an aside. Since so many here are bent out of shape about image tarnishing, I think it's only fair to defend the country of France against similar "rash generalizations" (since nobody else seems to have bothered). In my experience in Europe, French people were no more likely to "do some weird things" than the people of any other country I visited. Unless by "weird things" you mean manufacturing perfume or selling crepes.
  11. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20061013/wr_nm/disney_dc It's been dealt with. Swept under the rug. I think odds are good it'll stay there. Today's amusing internet meme. Nothing more.
  12. I can't feel to sorry for Disney about this. Sorry. Disney's team of lawyers is excellent. The likelihood of this tarnishing their image in the long run is practically nil. As long as we're caught up in image tarnishing, why not feel bad for the groups out there who can't defend themselves so easily? Hell, look at Kazakhstan. A country seemingly picked at random to poke fun at by Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen). Now the country is the mental representation of the "backward middle east" to how many people in the west? There's not a hell of a lot they can do about it. They're pretty much damned if they sue, damned if they don't. Or let's go even broader. Why not? How can legal action defend the mentally retarded for their "name" being "tarnished" repeatedly by the immature in need of insults? What about the homosexual community, for exactly the same reasons? Disney's had the greater part of the twentieth century to build up its image. It's stronger than Stephen Colbert's testicles. Something as petty as this isn't going to knock it down. Should they have to go after it in the first place? Probably not. But there are plenty of groups out there we should be concerning ourselves with who are well ahead of the list than the Walt Disney Company.
  13. I was not condoning it. I have repeatedly stated that firing these people would be just dandy with me. Give your witchhunt a break. But with 60 years of hiring people in costumes, certainly footage of bad behavior was inevitable at some point. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.
  14. These employees were hired by the park and presumably were aware of all the rules. They chose to break them anyway. An example will almost assuredly be made of them. Future employees will theoretically be at least a little more aware of the consequences of their actions. But really, this sort of thing is inevitable. People will act like this, no matter how carefully you screen employees. And with a policy like Disney has with its characters, stuff like this was bound to come out sooner or later. At least what we have here is relatively innocuous. It could have been much worse.
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